Stinky Grooves 06.09.11 basicamente

Hear What I Say – Busy Signal (2 Hard)
Roll Dat Again – Busy Signal (Kirkledove)
Borracho – Los Rakas (Soy Raka)
Cueria – Los Rakas (Soy Raka)
Love You To Life Dub – Grace Jones (Wall Of Sound)
Pachanga Cumbiyengue – DJ Pedro Parquer (soundcloud)
Colegiala Dub – Chico Ye (Choles)
Altoperu vs Riko El Pollo (soundcloud)
La Primorosa – Chico Ye (Choles)
Denisth – Grupo 2000 & Grupo 200 (MasTropicas)
Party De San Juan – Sonido Chichadelico (soundcloud)
Flor Tarapotina – Grupo 2000 & Grupo 200 (MasTropicas)
El Mundialito – Grupo 2000 & Grupo 200 (MasTropicas)
Seconds (Syd The Kid Rmx) – Little Dragon (Peacefrog)
Dance Of The Deadbeat – Free The Robots (Alpha Pup)
Is This Power – The Field (Kompakt)
Lemon (The Time & Space Machine Rmx) – Free School (Tirk)
A Weird Day (Instro) – Paul White (One Handed Music)
Bloom (Blawan Rmx) – Radiohead (Ticker Tape)
Syncopy (Blawans Trecther Mechanica)
Mangled Riddim – Walton (Hyperdub)
My Teeth In Your Neck – Lukid (Glum)
Piano Magic – Joakim (Tigersushi)
Caspa & Alice – Tourettes (Round Trip Mars)
World War 3 – Tourettes (Round Trip Mars)
Quarantine – Jay Roacher (Breakin Wreckwordz)
One Of Life’s Pleasures – Paul White ft Danny Brown (One Handed Music)
Run Shit – Paul White ft Marv Won (One Handed Music)
I Am (Preditah Rmx) – Trim (Butterz)
Notice Now – Trim (Butterz)
Rattlesnake – Free The Robots (Alpha Pup)
Prototype B – Free The Robots (Alpha Pup)
Criminal Dub – Grace Jones (Wall Of Sound)
Sunset Dub – Grace Jones (Wall Of Sound)
Class Rhythm – Mafia All Stars (Mafia)
Harvest – King Tubby & Errol Thompson (Heartbeat)
Waiting In The Park & Version – Chantells & King Tubby
Masterpiece – Roots Radics & Steely (DATC)
Skinny – HTRK (Blast First)

Rather than doing a shit job I’m just going to be publishing the playlist and leaving it at that for a few weeks… hopefully things will be more conducive to some positive writing and free time & ting then.. Thanks.. Jim

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