Stinky Grooves 04.08.15

Gaia (Prince Fatty Dub) – Natty (Vibes And Pressure)
Pula Riddim – Jack Sparrow (Deep Medi)
Phenomenon – Kabaka Pyramid (Digital B)
It Nice – Collie Buddz (Jr. Blender)
Jugglin’ – Wrongtom feat. Ragga Twins (Tru Thoughts)
Love Endure – Wrongtom feat. Desta Zion (Tru Thoughts)
Possessed Rhythm – Stoneleigh Mountain Rockers (Tru Thoughts)
Marijuana Dreams – Collie Buddz (Dynasty Music / 21st Hapilos)
Place Called Earth (Dub Mix) – Exco Levi (Idlers Corner)
Red Hott – Kayla Bliss (XTM. Nation)
Lithium – La Grima feat. Jimetta Rose (Tru Thoughts)
Formula – Demarco ft. Jovi Rockwell (John John)
Good Girl – Mr Vegas (John John)
Jockey – Shaggy (John John)
Pants & Shirt – Bounty Killer (John John)
Tropical Wine – Beenie Man (John John)
Real Man – Beenie Man (John John)
Lenient Wife – Ikaya (John John)
Fragrance – Serani (John John)
Fragrance Riddim – John John (John John)
Horno – Third World Orchestra (bandcamp)
Cumbiambera Tripolar (Señor Chancho Remix) – DJ Nirso (bandcamp)
La linerna del Repele – Romperayo (Discrepant)
El del moño rojo – Romperayo (Discrepant)
dando vueltas en ovni – Romperayo (Discrepant)
Alegria por un zumo de naranja con panela – Romperayo (Discrepant)
Who Run Tingz – Trigga & Chimpo (Girls Music)
MCR – Trigga, Chimpo & Sam Binga (Girls Music)
Meanwhile, Back Home – L’Orange & Kool Keith ft Open Mike Eagle (bandcamp)
Dr. Bipolar – L’Orange & Kool Keith (bandcamp)
Once Upon A Time – Jeremiah Jae (bandcamp)
Paint The Sky Black – Jeremiah Jae (bandcamp)
Eric’s Jam – Kasket (Apollo)
Stars Shine Like Eyes – Pye Corner Audio (Death Waltz)
Ability To Gain Access (Pye Corner Audio Remix) – Not Waving (Emotional Response)
A Chance to Cut Is a Chance to Kill – C Spencer Yeh (Death Waltz)
La Visite (Low Jack Remix) – Etienne Jaumet (Versatile)
Ufordian Motors – Peter Power (soundcloud)
Boundary Regulation – Kuedo (Knives)
Hollywood – Kasket (Apollo)
Public Image – Jah Wobble (30 Hertz)
TC Chook (after) – Bullion (Greco Roman)
Camo – Clap! Clap! (Black Acre)
Off Peak – Offshore (Big Dada)
Is This Insanity? – Martyn ft Sapceape (3024)
Flex (Zomby Rework) – Gwilym Gold (Hymn)
Schölenen – Francis Juno (Mystic & Quantum)
There’s No One – <Kaeb (Invada)

Some wibbling wonderfulness over the airwaves tonight, hope it came out good on the other side. Magic Roundabout on Fried-day, maybe see you there ??

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