Stinky Grooves 31.01.17

IMG_1459 dble bleach stalk lofi

Tradition – Ronnie Davis (Attack)
Dark Dub – General Theory Of Dub (soundcloud)
TK maximus special – General Theory Of Dub (soundcloud)
New Maps – Roger Robinson (Jahtari)
Idi Amin – Dean Fraser & Nambo (D.E.B.)
Swastika – Roger Robinson (Jahtari)
Non stop – Stepart ft Pupajim (OBF)
Dunobizeh (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Tribilin Sound (bandcamp)
9551 (Black Jesus Remix) – Borchi y Su Doble Redoble (soundcloud)
Altiplánica (Tribilin Sound Remix) – El Extravagante (bandcamp)
Quiero Jardines – Lido Pimienta (bandcamp)
Danza de Vision – Nicola Cruz (Multi Culti)
Otome Landscape – Quarta 330 (bandcamp)
Owls – Beige (Evrlst.Inc)
Crowd Nothings – Botany (Western Vinyl)
13 – Mythologen (Höga Nord)
Sufiq Gulf Breeze 1-2 – Muslim Gauze (Staalplaat)
Sundance – Deela (bandcamp)
How Much Are They? – Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit (Island)
Connection – Can (Harvest)
omAr’S deLivERenCe – The Diabloical Liberties (bandcamp)
Dystopian Shopping Mall – Cavern Of Anti-Matter (Duophonic)
Cardiogram (Dollkraut Dub Version) – It’s A Fine Line ft. Olivia de Lanzac (Kill The DJ)
United Identities – Chaos In The CBD (In Dust We Trust)
Cross-Town Fade – Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)
I Just Wanna Be Good – Cate Le Bon (Drag City)
Lo, Hi – Botany (Western Vinyl)
Heeeyyy – Paul White (bandcamp)
Days With My Casiotone – Quarta 330 (bandcamp)
Moonlight Avenue – Ti.Po.tA (free at
Energy Control – El Remolon (soundcloud)
Irridated Dream Mouth – Cavern Of Anti-Matter (Duophonic)
Chema M – Plevna (Future Nuggets)
Digital Lotus Flower – Quarta 330 (Hyperdub)
Haisai – The Durian Brothers (Emotional Response)
Cynical – Beige (Evrlst.Inc)
Tzantza – Nicola Cruz (Multi Culti)
La Race – Paulor (Hippie Dance)
Vibe Killer – Not Waving (Ecstatic)

Sad week with the loss of Ronnie Davis, Nambo and Jaki Liebezeit, I shudder to think…what next? Thursday is the night for Love Bucket and me this week, I’ll be spinning 7-11, can’t wait, back to Friday next week. On Monday Dubhead and myself will be giving it some Waitangi Day/Bob Boeufday brouhaha on Waiheke Island, it’s billed as Waitangi Day Rhythm, Roots & Scuplture, it’s free from 3 till 9.45, check the link. Looks like fun. Have a beezer long weekend and please don’t act the BillEngli$h and ignore what Monday is really about.

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