Stinky Grooves 10.07.18

Love Will Tear Us Apart – Capitol 1212 ft Earl 16 (Scotch Bonnet)
Panic Attack – Elite Beat (Boomarm Nation)
Slay – Miss Red (Pressure)
God Cipher Devine – LORD TUSK (LORD TUSK bandcamp)
Sports Radio Theme – Elite Beat (Boomarm Nation)
Visiogoth Spirituals – LORD TUSK (LORD TUSK bandcamp)
High Strip (Another Victory) – LORD TUSK (LORD TUSK bandcamp)
Fora Temer (Sonora Post Digital mix) – Ataw Allpa, DJ Nirso, Uaná System (soundcloud)
Nome e Apelido – Dj Foi Mal & Xique-Xique (Voodoohop bandcamp)
La Gordita (Tribilín Sound Remix) – Ataw Allpa & DJ Nirso Ataw Allpa & DJ Nirso (soundcloud)
Baiana (Wolf Mueller’s Drum Drop) – Barbatuques (Optimo Music/Selva Discos)
Ces P’tits Je T’aime – Daniel Forestal et sa Guitare (Strut bandcamp)
Meringue Mondey – Remy Mondey (Strut bandcamp)
H For Hysteria (Tolouse Low Trax Remix) – Benedikt Frey (ESP Institute)
La Camita – Roe Deers (Mange Moi soundcloud)
Fanfatas – Bjørn Torske (Smalltown Supersound bandcamp)
Resoration – The Long Now (Curved Space)
Alone in the dark – LORD TUSK (LORD TUSK bandcamp)
Zomba – Philou Louzolo (Byrd Out)
Slagplum _Rubick V.5 – Brainwaltzera (Further Electronix)
Geplantes Nichtstun – Schilfeule (AKAMUNDRA bandcamp)
Ghost Station – Mehmet Aslan (Fleeting Wax)
NIMB 58 – Toshimaru Nakamura (Room40 bandcamp)
Dyrge – Commodo (Black Acre bandcamp)
Papers – 77:78 (Heavenly)
Hayride to the City – Hamish Kilgour (Ba Da Bing! bandcamp)
Frustrated Operator (Slowdive remix) – A Place To Bury Strangers (Dead Oceans bandcamp)
Lahu Pukarega / Title Music – Mohammed Ilyas (Ovular)
Agricultural Revolution – Kamal Keila (Habibi Funk bandcamp)
Dat Is Horrors – Lancelot Layne (Cree Records)
Dream Dust – LongDistanceDan (Dusted Industries bandcamp)
Dub Hell – Ossia (Blackest Ever Black)
Got to Go – LORD TUSK (LORD TUSK bandcamp)
High Til You Die – Black Zone Myth Chant feat King Kalazar (Black Zone Myth Chant bandcamp)
Dread Nourishment – Magic Drum Orchestra (Tru Thoughts bandcamp)
Rogg’s Life Center (Dub Mix) – Elite Beat (Boomarm Nation)
Tonight – Joey Radio (Joey Radio)
Mighty Bertus – Sly & Robbie & Junior Natural (Taxi Tabou1 bandcamp)
Angela – John T. Gast (Not On Label)

Love Bucket on Friday, pick your time or expect heaving masses…

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