Stinkmix 20 – Spikes, Quiffs & Rockets


It’s been a while, and it’s definitely long overdue, but I figured heading into ye olde yuletide season with the possibility of a bit of spare time it might be pertinent to get sticking some Stinkmixes and Stinkbombs up on Mixcloud again. So to kick things off here is #20 – Spikes, Quiffs & Rockets. There’s a little blah below and for a limited time (like a week from today) a link to a download of the whole thing at 320, please do check it out at Mixcloud and maybe even follow me for updates on the next mixes, as I may not post them all up here and it would be choice to get that Mixcloud account rumbling along.

Link to the mix on wetransfer here

Another one of the faves this here one from around 2003/2004. Basically it’s an off beat, off kilter and off early down to the pub meander through the beaty bison and groovy gazelle that like to sup upon the reggaematical oasis (no status quo-asis). Some big DJing out staples on here like Pablo’s dubwise dalliance with the Meter’s Cissy Strut, an overcovered cut that actually benefits from this re-rub and the Digital B lick of Queen Majesty graced by Sizzla before he started squeeking and swearing. There’s a few under-appreciated gems (Sporto Kantes, Revolvo and Fletch I’m looking at you), a little Studio One for the heart and soul and even one of my favouritest Unitone HiFi cuts that we ever made. Hope you enjoy it and don’t be afraid to hail up or share a comment, it really does make it all worthwhile and is much appreciaterated.
Title shout out to Mark & Decima, from a Xmas kard , an intensive and possibly unhealthy interest in Belfast slang may be required to work that one out.

Stinkmix 20 – Spikes, Quiffs & Rockets by Stinky Jim on Mixcloud

Stinky Grooves 12.11.13


Jamaican Fruit of African Roots – Sheila Rickards (bandcamp)
Roots Jamaica Dub – Aggrovators (bandcamp)
The Dub Station – King Tubby and Prince Philip (bandcamp)
Rasta Road (Rough Road Remix) – Chronnix ft Kabka Pyramid & Dre Island (Green Lion)
Brixton Market – Randy Valentine (free)
Grade – Keznamdi (Don Corleon)
Crazy – Shaggy ft Damian Marley & Chioma (Ranch)
Badd Instrumental – Stylo G (3Beat)
Ever Blessed (Max Le Daron Rework) – Vybz Kartel (soundcloud)
Eco – Chancha Via Circuito (Cassette)
El Cafetero (El Buho Remix) – Los Guacharacos de Colombia (soundcloud)
24000 Baci – Kaligola Disco Bazar (Cassette)
C’est pas facile pour les Aigles (Frikstailers Rmx) – Amamdou & Mariam (Because Music)
Ruge la Luna (Chaca Bass) – Reptilian Commander (Cassette)
Qualifiers – Open Mike Eagle (bandcamp)
Manchester – milo, Nocando & Busdriver (bandcamp)
Ecclesiastes – milo (bandcamp)
Monday’s Worst – Black Milk (Fat Beats)
Through The Eyes Of A G – Action Bronson ft. Ab-Soul (Dat Piff)
Midget Cough – Action Bronson (Dat Piff)
Caramel – Connan Mockasin (Phantasy)
we fly with the moon as our guide – christoph el truento (bandcamp)
4u – christoph el truento (bandcamp)
Setter – Bjorn Torske (Smalltown Supersound)
The Circular Path (Asphodells remix) – The Deadstock 33s (Gomma)
Skirmish – Rob Britton (bandcamp)
Fear of Plastic (Pilooski remix) – Canyon Cosmos (Astro Lab)
Mys (Young Marco Remix) – HNNY (Lets Play House US)
Kool FM (Champpion Rmx) – Four Tet (Text)
Red Band Trailer – Clement Meyer (Get The Curse)
Emmaus (prelude)- Bjorn Torske (Smalltown Supersound)
Puds (Morgan Hislop Remix) – Kelpe (Drut)
Reverberation – The Time & Space Machine (Tirk)
Back To Land – The Wooden Shjips (Thrill Jockey)
You Don’t Fade (Instrumental) – Daughn Gibson (Sub Pop)
Manilla Karaoke – Daughn Gibson (Sub Pop)
Mildew Swoosh – Fis (Tri Angle)
Buchla’s Theme – Clement Meyer (Get The Curse)
Under – christoph el truento (bandcamp)
L’amour naissant III – Sebastien Tellier (Record Makers)
Lonely – Javi Redondo (Astro Lab)
Simulrec – Daniel Avery (Phantasy)
Armonica (Darkstar Remix) – Darkstar (Warp)

FFS it’s Fridays innit…Verona…. Good times to be had…attendance compulseroonie..I’m taking names…Magic Roundabout revolves from 5-9 avec moi and 9-1 con El Dub….. ay ay & ay!

Stinky Grooves 01.10.13

yellow circle texture

Leave The Collie – Tony Curtis (Maximum Sound)
Mek It Bun Dub – Russ D ft Aidonia (Tiger Shark)
Firm Meditation Dub – Russ D ft Aidonia (Tiger Shark)
Cyaaan Do We Nothing – Lutan Fyah ft Chronixx (Grillaras Productions)
Pablo Inna de Yard – Addis Pablo (Shamala Production)
Badman Law – Ninja Man (J-Rod)
Sound Fi Get Kuff – Shelly Thunder (Tiger Shark)
Nowadays Clash – Taranchyla (Tiger Shark)
Fi Di Nation – I-Octane (Tiger Shark)
Protect the Youth Lutan Fyah ft Mr Lexx (Grillaras Productions)
Same Way – Busy Signal (Turf Music)
Give Me The Chance – Sadat & Alaa Fifty Cent (bandcamp)
Enjex – Sadat & Alaa Fifty Cent (bandcamp)
Hit Em Up (Chief Boima Highlify remix) – Afrikan Boy (Yam)
Re-Program the Man / Illuminist Garden – Chop (Now Again)
Float On (feat. Charli XCX) – Danny Brown (Fools Gold)
Clean Up – Danny Brown (Fools Gold)
Wonderbread – Danny Brown (Fools Gold)
Dip – Danny Brown (Fools Gold)
The Return – Danny Brown ft Freddi Gibbs (Fools Gold)
Winters Sweet – Oh No (Now Again)
War Dance – Oh No (Now Again)
The Wicked One aka El Malvado – Diego Bernal & Ernest Gonzales (bandcamp)
El Santo Patrón / The Benefactor – Diego Bernal & Ernest Gonzales (bandcamp)
Wrong Apartment (Worms) – Archie Pelago (Sus Records)
The Anointing – Brrd (Blueberry Recordings)
When I Get to the Pearly Gates Saint Peter Will Sing Me This Song – Brrd (Blueberry Recordings)
Freak, Go Home – DARKSIDE (Other People)
Le Domaine Reserve Du Colonel (It’s A Fine Line mix) – Francis Bebey (Born Bad)
A Tiger In The Hall at Versailles – Arp (Smallltown Supersound)
Judy Nylon – Arp (Smallltown Supersound)
Persuasion – Arp (Smallltown Supersound)
The Connected Coast – Warm Digits (bandcamp)
Terminus – Warm Digits (bandcamp)
Snowball (Young Marco Remix) – Mock & Toof (Tiny Sticks)
Sleeper (Tiago Remix) – Mock & Toof (Tiny Sticks)
Bissao (Etienne Jaumet Remix) – Francis Bebey (Born Bad)
Bissao (Pilooski Remix) – Francis Bebey (Born Bad)
Building Blocks – Chop (Now Again)
Daguerrotype – Diego Bernal & Ernest Gonzales (bandcamp)
Thirteen Gold Coins – Diego Bernal & Ernest Gonzales (bandcamp)
More (Blues) – Arp (Smalltown Supersound)

Friday – Verona from 5 til 9 – tunes up the ying yang from yours truly followed by Snr bread run Dubhead manning the mix till 1 – hoo and rah!
No TSG this Sunday we are only doing the 2nd and 4th Sundays this month fwiw…..

Stinkzip 1 – El Malodoroso


There’s not a great deal that needs to be said about this mix, so for once I won’t. Flung down in January 2010 this is a bunch of nu cumbia and latino digital sounds predominantly pulled from soundcloud. That’s kind of ironic because the money grubbing ass-hats at soundcloud pulled this mix down because one of the tracks ended up on a comp…schmert. Well mixcloud has it now, and there’s plenty more to explore out there from these artists so please do.

Stinkzip 001 – El Malodoroso by Stinky Jim on Mixcloud

Download link is here ………

01 Villa Donde – King Coya
02 La Subienda -Sonidero Cordobestia
03 Sonando – Sonora
04 Danza Danza – Fantasma
05 Palante Mi Gente – Sonido de La Frontera
06 Cumbia Gualicho – Black Mandingo
07 Juego de Shabba – Joelito
08 La 3ra De Los Toquesitos – Sonido Kumbala
09 This is Real Shit (Bootlegumachine Outbreak Shitty Cumbia Rmx) – Unknown
10 Night (Sonido Del Principe Dub) – Coki & Benga
11 Yo Me Llamo Cumbia – Sonidero Cordobestia
12 La Inconformable – The Binary Cumbia Orchestra
13 Del Gusto por Sonido Changorama – Sonido Changorama
14 Lamento en el norte (Todo sigue igual) – Joel & Rebenga
15 Borracho Y Despeinao – Doma Tornados
16 Confort – Sonido Desconcido
17 Humano (Sonora remix) – Lido Pimienta
18 Mueve – Lido Pimienta
19 Aguita – Bazuko Digital
20 Ze Bula (Chancha Vía Circuito remix) – Figura
21 Murda Sound vs. El General (MushUp NiceNoise) – Dj NiceNoise
22 La Cumbia Es Un Tango – El Hijo De La Cumbia

Stinkmix 007 – Easy Way Out


Has been a while between drinks at the Stinkmix saloon but fear not because the drought is breaking – though you might be best to expect occasional showers or a bit of shizzle drizzle rather than a regular deluge for the time being.
Getting things back on the right track here is a firmly focussed set in the loungey/library/exotica/jazz frame from 99/2000. Originally this’un came with a cover shot of a mashed up Jerry Lee Lewis surrounded by cover-less records – a splendid and appropriate image I hope you’ll agree but sadly time has not been kind to that file, the book it came from is in storage etc etc – so brand new cover & corrected tracklist…thanks Cherry Sprinkles!
The selection is predominantly pure op shoppery and delightful digging with a few Dusty Grooves, Real Groovy and elsewhere hunobtainables thrown in for good measure/treasure. Since it’s taken me forever to get even this far into this post I think it may be wise to dispense with the running commentary. There is plenty to note but I’ll leave yous to discover that yourself – though it would be remiss if I didn’t point out the gorgeousness of Mel Torme’s finest moment rubbing up alongside the mighty NZ composer/arranger/musician Oswald Cheesman, the Walk On by version excursion (as is often the case there’s a lot of restraint going on here, I have dozens of Walk On By’s – sadsack that I am), a brace of my favourite John Barry pieces (props going out to Steve Law for putting both of those on a cassette mix from around 83/84 I still treasure and am attempting to rebuild digitally) and loads more. I have to say these loungey excursions really do weather the test of time well in the mixtape stakes – makes me think about sticking another one together sometime – maybe when we have a new locale….


Stinkmix 007 – Easy Way Out by Stinky Jim on Mixcloud

Download link here

01 Intro – Charles Wilp
02 Harlem Nocturne – Mel Tormé
03 The Girl from Ipanema – Oswald Cheesman
04 Hurry To Me – Roy Budd
05 Kalahari – Les Baxter
06 Melancholy Serenade – Bob Crewe Generation Orchestra
07 Ando Meil Desligado – Os Mutantes
08 Like Troika – Peter Thomas Sound Orchester
09 Walk On By – Pucho & His Latin Soul Brigade
10 Walk On By – Enoch Light & The Light Brigade
11 Bond Street – Enoch Light & The Light Brigade
12 Moody River – John Barry
13 Diamond Head – Al Caiola & His Islanders
14 Like Waltz – John Barry
15 A Flower & A Butterfly – Pepe Jaramillo
16 Enchantment – Sabu Martinez
17 It Ain’t Necessarily So – Cal Tjader Modern Mambo Orchestra
18 Don’t Rain On My Parade – Arthur Lyman
19 Maria – Lalo Schifrin
20 Moonshot – Sounds Orchestral
21 Space Reflex – Dick Hyman
22 Cosmic Ballad – Jean-Jacques Perrey
23 Teen Tonic – Pierre Henry & Michael Colombier
24 Moog And Me – Dick Hyman
25 Unknown Title – Charles Wilp
26 Un Homme Et Une Femme – Francis Lai
27 Daydream – Gunter Kallmann Choir

Stinkbombs 303 – Shaolin Fisticuffs

stinkbombs 303 sq

Kin ‘ell – having a listen now and there’s some right unmitigated niceness on this’un. From 2004 and 100% vinyl snaffled up on a trip back to the auld country – all London too by the looks. The Bathgate instro I checked in a shop, didn’t rate the vocal, loved the instrumental and bought it expressly to lead off the next mix – it does the job. From here  is a romp round the reggaematical shack with Rodders offsider and soundsystem veteran Ricky Ranking and evergreens Mz Stephens (and yeah that was well old by then but I slept on it initially while it was getting hammered by all & sundry) and Lukie D. Couple of cuts from the Paragons re-form record Return which flies in the face of the current run (and by run I mean runs) of mortgage hungry, reconstituted acts – flogging heritage when it should be hermitage for them. It’s a great record and I was chuffed to find a repress in Sound Of The Universe, the cut that comes later has well reprehensible lyrics but they are so sweetly delivered – well it’s a crucial confusion. More vintage viberosity from my favourite Knowledge song, a guaranteed party starter in a gospel gone style from George & Jackie, before we go all retro-present-futuristic-schtick with the classic 007 rhythm re-licked.

The S.N.F. is the Stiff Nacked Fools and apparently is a bit of a rarity. I didn’t know about that when I found it in the 7″s bin at the glorious old Rough Trade out West, but it’s got the perfect mix of old school respect with new school technique that bands hear should be taking some serious notes from. Couple more favourites from Willie ‘Armagideon Time’ Williams and that slightly sketchy Paragons cut and with a bit of bridge building from the Rt Hon JSt*r it’s into some slengtenging dancehall belters including one of Sizzla’s best of the new millennium and a scorchulator on the Indian tip from YT. I’ve always felt that Cornershop’s Topknot done over by the Sheffield steel of Caveman, was overlooked and listening back – it’s a cracking track and one of M.I.A.’s finest and up there with Cornershop’s numerous highlights. Penultimately – Lady Sov, before it all went horribly horribly wrong. Got the last copy of this from S.O.T.U. and it was getting rinsed hardout from the moment it made it back to Harrow Road, let alone NZ. Finally Tego & The Game, what’s not to love – huuuuuuuuge tune. Cover photo taken in Gerard Street on Chinese New Year 2004 by moi.

Stinkbombs 303 – Shaolin Fisticuffs by Stinky Jim on Mixcloud

Download ici… fer as long as it lasts

01 Badside (Instrumental) – Bathgate
02 Can’t Trick I – Ricky Ranking
03 It’s A Pity- Tanya Stephens
04 Too Long – Lukie D
05 Do Right My Brothers And Sisters – The Paragons
06 Good Luck My Friends – Knowledge
07 I’ll Take You There – George & Jackie
08 Things & Times – Tony Roots
09 What Happen To The Youths – Zulu
10 Man and Man – Easi B
11 007 Riddim – Players With Potential
12 Boy From The Country – The S.N.F.
13 Why Can’t I Have My Way –  The Paragons
14 Rocking Universally – Willie Williams & Cousin Marshall
15 Thug Fever Dub – JSt*r
16 Sleng Teng Ressurection – Wayne Marshall & Bounty Killer
17 Someone Loves You – Sizzla
18 Bills Fi Pay – Vybz Kartel
19 Duttey Cup – Kid Kurrupt
20 Pop Your Body – Antione Stone, Zumjay & Iceberg Slimm
21 Sex Drive – Zagu Zar
22 Feel The Buzz – YT vs DSD
23 Topknot (Caveman Remix ft M.I.A.) – Cornershop
24 Random (DJ Menta Remix ft Riko) – Lady Sovereign
25 We Don’t Love Them Hoes – Tego Calderon & Game

Stinkmix 16 – Teddy Boy’s Picnic


Right after last weeks veritable epistle let’s keep this short’n’sweet. This looks like a 2001 mix from a quick reference check and it flirts around with a few styles from a loungey/library in to a moodstrumental exit. Inbetween there’s a missing track (grrrrrr), some seriously under-rated biz from the Beta Band Exodus 77 (aka Sean Reveron who only appears to have done this one EP under that name – what a shame , it’s a killer and he went on to do good thing with David Holmes/Free Association, the Rockers clothing label and much more – what a chap! a renaissance chap at that!) then there’s Roots Manuva’s most populist moment rendered in version excursionary vision, a choice spag west beat from Skitz and about the only decent song of Timbaland’s where he appears on the wrong side of the mixing desk. Throw in European Tribe casualties and proper ‘eadz Urbs & Cutex, some epic lovelyness in a mind the gap fashion from the King of Woolwoths and Ian Simmonds (The Sandals/Juryman and other hexcellent projects) and even Simian before they was a Mobile Disco (yes same peeps with extras and a very different MO) and before you know it you’re in the Votelosphere with Dakota Oak and it’s all over Rover….




…………………..enjoy……. bing bong

Stinkmix 16 – Teddy Boy’s Picnic by Stinky Jim on Mixcloud

Download here for the right now

01 Richard Pine & Company – Left Right
02 Walter Wanderley – Protons, Electrons & Neutrons
03 Supsonic – Mach 2/2
04 Piero Piccioni – Puppet On A Chain (Main Theme)
05 ?? ??
06 Terry Cox – Savannah
07 Malcolm Catto – Vibes
08 Beta Band ft Exodus 77 – Won
09 Readymade ft Juice Aleem – Lonely Boy
10 Roots Manuva – Witness (One Hope)
11 Roots Manuva – Witness (Dub)
12 Skitz – Cordless Mics At 20 Paces (Instr)
13 Exodus 77 – Just Time
14 Timbaland & Magoo – Indian Carpet
15 Urbs & Cutex – Up & Down
16 King Of Woolworths – Bakerloo
17 Wise In Time – Slowfall
18 Kings Of Convenience – The Weight Of My Words (Four Tet Remix)
19 Simian – Doo Be
20 Dakota Oak – How Danny’s Sorrowing Friends Defied Convention

Stinkmix 12 – Late Night Snack


A curious conundrum of a curly concoction is this one. From ’99, possibly 2000 when I was flinging out mixtapes like they were going out of fashion. The whole idea with this one was to pick tunes that stood up on their own merits but could also handle the background business, acting as a bed for all manner of foolish spoken word riddiculation to occur. That said there are a couple of vocal cuts, real gooduns too (the timeless Cala Boca Menino and Natural Calamity’s wickedly under-rated cover of And That’s Saying A Lot) because rules are meant to be broken right?!

The first cut is a bit of a cheat since it’s already a superb, spoken, slice and dice thing.. but give a man a chance to sup a cuppa and lash something together for the start of a long mix won’t you. Early on there’s a whole heap of Reverend Jim from the mean streets of NYC – that album has been gold for me – a find from when Mosgiel used to be the spot for picking up that kind of tackle. The loungey lift off is sent stratospheric with the inclusion of one of my favourite ever pieces of New Zealand music Oswald Cheesman’s Rouseabout from the album Wayleggo. Let alone the fact that it’s a symphony, a symphony I tell you.. about sheep rearing and shearing – which immediately makes it more genuinely befuddling and brilliant than any number of lauded overseas tryhards – it’s just a a scorching piece of music. N.Z.S.O. fully represent, especially the brush drummer who sounds almost timestretched. I have a few Oswald Cheesman recordings and he was the light entertainment don down these ways, before he passed in 1985. I remember trying to find out about him in the 90’s, and aside from some of the greyhairs at Stebbing and the odd – ‘my Dad used to work with him’ type comment – there wasn’t much. Now the internet is alive with data on the original OC and you can find out all about dude, so get familiar. Kiwi Pacific Records bought the gentle boom and it’s still findable in op shops, on the rare occasions I play that way these days.

Moving along – the sofistikated sounds continue with a John Barry favourite (of who knows how many?!) and his almost equally esteemed Gemerman counterpart-hausen Peter Thomas (of Raumpatrol fame) and Joan Dontato’s aforementioned Braz classic. It might seem a surprise to find the poor man’s George Benson, better known as flaccid jazzer Ronny Jordan, on a Stinkmix but this DJ Spinna remix is a particularly plump specimen and an excellent backdrop for a little of the brilliant bawdy humour of the original Red Foxx, who could lay claim to being featured atop more Stinkmixes than most.

UK hip hop instrumental sensei DJ Bombjack is one of the overlooked ones in my book, many of his more celebrated contemporaries are in comparison, overshook… As this laze-strumental shows Bombjack is on point and under-rated. Maintaining the domestic inclination it’s a blat up the motorway for some alphabetized Manchester magic featuring Rae & Christian/Aim and some wonderful words before (US based but Manc released) Tony D emerges from the sonic swamp with a crucial post midnight morsel Welbury Way. Keeping it across the ditch Declaime and Primeridian continue the snoozy sizzle avoiding the soporific by a hairs breadth at max.

We’re into a couple of longer and more involved tales here with accents too …ooh! There are actually a couple of dialoguical threads that run throughout the whole mix and for alert headphone listeners a few trails, tangents and tone tales to be had amongst the spoken verbiage… not that I’d recommend looking too hard… they are that bloody oblique I only remembered ’em just now as I’m playing it through. Space Time Continuum’s remix of Lypid is a beautiful sloucher of a tune that (as with many of the tracks) stood out and demanded inclusion by not standing out too much or demanding anything’s the beauty of a brilliant background…sometimes other tracks are just trying to say too much! This was originally released on Statra, a great label out of New York of just the sort that is very much missed these days.

Introducing the well worn concept of a bit of Nipponese niceness Joe Hisaishi’s Play On The Sands was lifted from a Japanese only mix-CD by Gilles Peterson, pulling tracks from other folks mixes doesn’t sit right, but in this case it was a chance to expose the delightful rotating repetitions of this smouldering scorchulator outside of a frankly hard to get and overly expensive disc (it also gave me a chance to add some heavily effected Tarzan calls and a bit of timestretched George Carlin…as you do).

Next it’s train time with Bungalow dwelling Hermans Daeurfisch and our old mucker Funki Porcini hitching a carriage to Dutchie Jerry Van Royen. There’s some railway related hi-jinx from a French narrator and y’know…more spoken nonsense (‘this cat man, he goes’) and effecty bollocks.

Heading back to the land of the rising 12″ with a brace of Major Force related cuts makes me wonder what the hell are Typhoon Tosh and KUDO are doing these days? I know, note and appreciate some Japanese viewers of this blog in me stats, so if anyone knows, or can illuminate, I will sort out a suitable reward for hard info. And That’s Saying A Lot is a breakbeat classic (ie – not a breaks classic involving Chemical Bros, Ozstraylian munters and tired uptempo beats – but a classic in terms of killer open drums) that was originally recorded by Christine Perfect, better known as a pre-Fleetwood Mac Christine McVie. Unsurprisingly given my strong and abiding revulsion towards almost all of Mk II FM’s dreary output (not so with the excellent Mk I FM), I’m no fan of anything more than the first 10 seconds or so of the original (which incidentally has been sampled by Dan The Automator, 88 Keys, a whole host of others and ahem… yours truly) but this cover is a belter that gets a little spacebound on this occasion. Don’t know too much about Natural Calamity (anyone?!) but the Major Force connect was enough to pique my rekid buying sensors way back and whaddya know – there they are next with the majestic Mugen In The Morning… a poifect synthy slovenly loper. From memory, some of the Carlin coffeespeak ended up as is on the Phase 5 Space Bar album so I guess this was sorted before, or at the very latest, during the extended protractions that were the finishing of that album with the Rt Fantastic Angus McNaughton.

Moving into the concluding trio David Axelrod should need no introduction but back then some of his gear was a lot harder to get… I suspect us more wizened folks will (optimistically) wind up in some sort of bar (or retirement home), hopefully aided by a range of soothing quality chemicals we can only dream of now, talking about “remember when getting your hands on the music was the hard part…arf arf chortle snortle”. Currently the most strenuous part is generally wading through and filtering the endless waves of old, new, undiscovered, re-released, never heard, should have never been heard etc etc etc items without losing sight of the goal, getting sent off on multitudinous tangents or lured in by short shelf life, hype bait….nurse..the screens!

Nearly there – Dooblong Tongdra is so criminally under-rated and sub-celebrated that it’s a crime, a big fucking huge crime of epic proportions… squared and quite possibly cubed! Quite how such a devastatingly talented and original artist can get ignored when shite of the most cynical, offensive and syphilitic mundanity is championed endlessly is beyond me. A pox upon all the overly well adjusted, business planned, social media’d, listener voted, fashionably distressed, sponsor saturated, post dubstep, post whatever – 2013 genre-bilge artists. I want to see Oswald Cheesman and Dooblong Tongdra’s leering mugs on freshly minted currency… or at the very least stamps – or there will be blood… or at least a lot of huffing and puffing.

Finally a fleeting piece of brilliance on 7″ on A-Musik from the incomparable Terre Thaemlitz, that I now have to digitise ASAP as listening again has made me want to end, or start, a night with it somewhere, once more. You won’t find a more interesting and unique DJ/producer/human being than Terre Thaemlitz (to start check here, here, here or here ) and this 7″ is so highly rated round these parts we even have His’n’Hers copies like some sort of metaforical 70’s bathrobe kind of hooha. Don’t sleep on Thaemlitz’s gear as DJ Sprinkles either, it’s as good as it gets.

Damn – long ramble….my apologies. That’s why it’s taken a little overtime to post… easily distracted me. Usual here we go yo what’s the scenario, dl link and tracklist underneath. Next train to leave the station is Stinkmix 16 – Teddy Boys Picnic, will be up soonest.

Stinkmix 12 – Late Night Snack by Stinkyjim on Mixcloud

Download here for the time being old bean

01 Sound Sniper In Sri-Lanka – World Famous
02 Traces – Curd Durca
03 Rouseabout – Oswald Cheesman
04 Human Jungle (Alt Version) – John Barry
05 Girls Asylum – Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra
06 Cala Boca Menino – Joan Donato
07 A Brighter Day (Dj Spinna Remix) – Ronny Jordan
08 Open Mic Session – Dj Bombjack
09 Anything You Want (Aim Instrumental Remix) -Rae & Christian
10 Welbury Way – Tony D
11 Illmindmuzik (Instrumental) – Declaime
12 90 Degrees Longitude – Primeridian
13 Stratospheric (Sapce Time Continuum Remix) – Lypid
14 Play On The Sands – Joe Hisaishi
15 Trip On A Train – Dauerfisch
16 Great Train Robbery – Funki Porcini & Jerry Van Rooyen
17 And That’s Saying A Lot – Natural Calamity
18 Mugen – In The Morning – Major Force
19 The Fly – David Axelrod
20 Virtual Bestiality – Dooblong Tongdra
21 A Musak Program B – Terre Thaemlitz