Four years of StinkInc/ blogging biz

Though I’m not usually all that big on the celebratory claptrap I do think its a touch choice that this blog has been running for four years now. I actually wouldn’t have realised if it hadn’t have been for posting about the wonderful Cassette blog earlier this week and somehow that go me thinking that StinkInc started in November, and after a quick check I clocked that it was this very week, in fact this very day, (now yesterday) that the first proper post popped up.

That first missive promised a lot more Busy Signal and Ramsey Lewis which was/is a bit of a no-brainer, given my tastes and a total fanboy weakness for those two disparate gents. To be fair there’s been a lot of Busy one way and another (especially on the Stinky Grooves playlists), but not nearly enough Ramsey Lewis. That is slowly being rectified with the uploading of thee Stinkmixes and what have you, many of those have a contribution from Chicago’s most crucial Cadet, or failing that some associated biz from his old compardres Young Holt Unlimited. I’m not sure how many of his albums I have on wax but it’s a bunch, and includes every single one that I know of that was released between 1959 and 1974 – the middle chunk of which (from 1965 to around 73) is just priceless beyond compare. If you’ve never delved into the Lewis/YHU etc axis then I strongly suggest you do – if you’ve written him off because of his trad early works, rather lighweight and over celebrated funk excursions or late period cheez…. I understand, sympathise even …but nonetheless strongly suggest you get yours hands on something like Solid Ivory and start getting in where you fit in. There’s no need to pay top dollar for anything other than a couple of his albums, he aint that cool with the cool peoples and I picked up Solid Ivory for less than a tenner at at Ameoba some years ago (even though think I probably have everything on there already..such a sadsack am I). Anyways enough of my anniversarial ambling, here’s a cut from Goin’ Latin, a wicked album from 1966. This one is a slept on classic in my book, up for a week only, enjoy!!


And since there’s a nice symmetry to it here’s a Busy Signal track to go with. Word is that he’ll be out of bing in a couple of weeks and not before time. I’m hoping that this miserable time will fuel a raft of new conscious lyrics from the hands down best artist to have come out of Jamaica in a long long time. This herbsman cut on the Good Formula riddim from I Strong Records is a gas, with long time stinking favourites (and contributors to the stinking specials stack) Hawkeye & General Degree also featuring strongly. Don’t forget Busy’s Reggae Music Again album is very much available and it’s the best dancehall/reggae/Jamaican album of the year..  there I said it, now get to it.


That should do it for now but I’m hoping to upload a very special Stinkmix before the week is out (and once I’ve finished uploading SJD’s scorching new album to bandcamp for tomorrow’s release). Talking of SJD – Wednesday’s private, friends & fam launch for Elastic Wasteland at the wonderful Wine Cellar was a scorcher. Nicest bunch of people you could wish to stick on a slightly suspect sofa, Sean played a blinder – back as a solo dood for the first time since around 2004 I reckon, and just good vibes emanating about this new album, as they should be. More on that album later……. incidentally have to bow the bowler to Public Address who, as Russell pointed out last night, have been going for 10 years this week (which rather knocks the spots off my paltry 48 months and few hundred posts). That’s pretty stunning and very very impressive, and while I’m not even registered or much of a ‘join in’ guy on the commenters and twitterers and them other erers, I do check in on the regular, and it seems to be go from strength to strength.
The fact that there’s a delightful rant about Elastic Wasteland up there right now has nothing to do with my tilting of the titfer, because all that nonsense was written yesterday. Inbetween times I’ve been listening to the righteous new Brainfeeder find My Dry Wet Mess, The Spaceape’s free Xorcism EP, Action Bronson & The Alchemists ridonkulous and also gratis-Miss Rare Chandeliers and a whole heap of old reggae sides….good times!

Stinky Grooves 10.05.11 & a little bitta Busy

Dem Nyam Anything – Busy Signal (Turf Muzik)
Come Home – Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)
Talk To Mi Nuh – Busy Signal (Dutty Rock)
Pree Mi – Cecile (Dutty Rock)
Mi Tuff Like Steel – Mr Vegas (Dutty Rock)
Fire Song – Assassin & I Wayne (Boardhouse)
Long Time Rmx – Gappy Ranks ft Beenie Man (Special Delivery)
Highway – Sizzla (UIM)
Duh Weh U Wah Fi Duh – Vybz Kartel (UIM)
Klappaz Riddim – Special Delivery Crew (UIM)
??? – ???
??? – ???
Murder Down 11 – Scott Detail
Hometown (Mein Shtetele Belz) – Squid Boat Lights (soundcloud)
Benefit (Scratch 22 Rmx) – Homebrew
The Majestic – Dam Native (Heart)
Hole In Your Boat – Scratch 22 (Round Trip Mars)
Midnight Snacks – Young Montana? (Alpha Pup)
Journalist Writer – S.Bacgan (Disposable Music)
La Pita – Banda 20 De Julio De Repelon (Soundway)
Cuando Estes Sobria (Tribilin Sound Rmx) – Deltatron (soundcloud)
Accorde Don – Debruit (Civil Music)
Bad.Day – Young Montana? (Alpha Pup)
So Long, Suckaz – Daniel Savio (free album)
She (Ft Frankie Ocean) – Tyler, The Creator (XL)
Sandwitches (ft Hodgy Beats) – Tyler, The Creator (XL)
Not Entertainment – Bachelorette (Particle Tracks)
Marabi Bell – West Nkosi Nabashokobezi (Gumba Gumba)
Itshe Liwela Esizibani – West Nkosi & His Alto Sax (Gallo-USA)
Sly & Robbie Rocksteady Dub – Sly & Robbie (Black Arrow Attack)
Swahili – Andre Tanker (Soundway)
River Come Down – Andre Tanker (Soundway)
Simmi Dance – The Panthers (Sublime Frequencies)
Aesi Chai Main – Nisar Bazmi (Sublime Frequencies)
Kokoszka Babuni – Paradox (Polskie Nagrania Muza)
Easy Action – The Alps (Mexican Summer)
Beat My Time – The Vietnam War (Round Trip Mars)
Palaces Of Montezuma (Barry Adamson Rmx) – Grinderman (Mute)
The Fridge – Naked On The Vague (Sacred Bones)
Hypersphere (Caribou Edit) – Orchestra Of Spheres (Sound Explorers)
Medicine Man (The DHDFD’s Version) – Scratch 22 (Round Trip Mars)
Princess In A Mercedes Classe S 280 – Andy Moor & Anne James Chaton (Unsounds)
Fountains Of Paradise – Appleblim & October (Schmorgasbord)
Rasta Business – Mighty Threes (April)
Applehead Side A – Applehead (Finders Keepers)

Apologies for the somewhat downbeat delivery over the last couple of shows, nothing to do with the quality of the music or my enthusiasm for the show – circumstances beyond my control and normal service will be resumed next week…hopefully. After that I’ll be out of the hot seat for 3 weeks but you’ll be in capable handses.
It’s been a hot Sandringham minute since we dropped much Busy Signal on the show and the blog, and you know he’s the one geezer out of Jamaica who can be relied upon to come up with the goods nine times out of ten(ish). A trio of new tunes from him this week and my favourite has to be Dem Nyam Anything, an anti-oral song with a fair bit of humour and some whistling.. Need I say more ( I didn’t even realize this was a Bruno M-ars(e) monstrosity, shows what i know).. Up for a week, don’t know where you can buy it so enjoy and buy one of his albums or something….


Stinky Grooves 12.05.10 & Busy Virgo in the Stalag 1750

Dun Wid Dem – Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)
Skull Inna Belly – Demarco (Jukeboxx)
Criminal Lawyer – Bugle (Jukeboxx)
Bam Bam – Assasin (Jukeboxx)
Call The Hearse – Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)
High Grade – Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)
Ghetto – Romain Virgo (Jukeboxx)
Mi Homeland – Tarrus Riley (Jukeboxx)
Far East Dub – Penthouse All Stars (Penthouse)
Hold Yuh – Gyptian (VP)
Abrazame – Los Rakas (LosRakasbandcamp)
MIEL – LosRakas (LosRakasbandcamp)
CentroAmerica (Dj Ranks Rmx) – Los Rakas (LosRakasbandcamp)
Bedroom Bully (Mykol Orthodox Rmx) – Shabba Ranks (Cabeza!)
Lots Of Herbs (Mykol Orthodox Rmx) – Junior Kelly (Cabeza!)
Land Of Promise (ft Dennis Brown – Nas & Damian Marley (VP)
Still Splendid – Lotek HiFi
Zions Gate – John John (John John)
Love You To Life (Digital Mystikz Rmx) – Grace Jones (Wall Of Sound)
Shades Of Blue – Guido (Punch Drunk)
Cat In The Window – Guido (Punch Drunk)
I’ll Stay – James Blake (R&S)
MmmHmm – Flying Lotus ft Thundercat (Warp)
Coffee – Swindle (Planet Mu)
Hot!!!! – Turbo Sonidero Futuristico (free at XLR8R)
Turbo + Cumbia = Tumbia – Turbo Sonidero Futuristico (free at XLR8R)
Cumbia Del Sal – Cumbia En Moog (Vampi Soul)
Marado Dios – El Hijo De La Cumbia
Stylo (disqueDJ Guarapero Rmx) – Gorillaz
Let’s Go Trippin’ – Balkan Hot Stepper (BHSsoundcloud)
No Tears To Cry (Leo Zero Rmx) – Paul Weller (Universal)
Blind Alley – Emotions (Fantasy)
Again (Scratch 22 Rmx) – Electric Wire Hustle (Scratch22soundcloud)
Mandy – Ratatat (XL)
Techno Rumba (DJ/rupture & Matt Shadetek Rmx) – Cheif Boima (Dutty Artz)
Forest Of Evil (Dusk) – Demdike Stare (Modern Love)
Ibhithi Wobble Rmx – Doma Tornados (Hipi Duki Muzik)
Dutch Boyz Dancefloor (The Canyons Rmx) – Return To Sender (OTPX)
41 Mojitos Poolside Dub (Canyons Rmx) – Tame Impala (Modular)
Jeffery’s Storm – Tame Impala (Modular)
The High Chaparal – Los Holys (Plustapes)
Tango – Guido (Punch Drunk)
Purple Splazsh – Actress (Honest Jons)
Art & Cash (SBSTRK Rmx) – Modeselektor (Get Physical)
Best intentions and all that, I really did intend to update last weeks utterly knackered post…AND do a little review of the two incredible performances we saw by Mulatu Astatke and Melbourne’s own Black Jesus Experience…but things took over. A much needed tidy up of the Traktor banks and iTunes stereophonic sprawl, actually ended up taking several days of fairly intense, predominantly dull listening, deciding, tagging etc etc. It threw me and it had to be completely sorted by today for the show, so promise to have that Mulatu review up in the next week…promise!
This week have a little nibble on that latest from Shane Brown and the Jukeboxx camp who’ve done over the Stalag in a way that’s kind of hard not to love. What else needs to be said about this timeless, evergreen rhythm…nowt really. With a full complement of predominantly quality vocalists (though I wouldn’t have minded hearing Ward 21’s TNT ladies over this too) this is basic rhythmic arithmetic in the very best way possible. Have a graze at my pick (today at least) of the 3 Busy cuts on there (his name is no joke business), and also check out Romain Virgo who continues to impress. This will all be available on iTunes etc so check it when it hits..




Stinky Grooves 09.02.10 a bit of Busy and Aromatherapy at the Ginger Minx

Jah Children – Junior Kelly (Nowtime Sound)
Lots Of Herb – Junior Kelly (Nowtime Sound)
Herbsman Ride Again – Chezidek (Nowtime Sound)
None Of Jah Jah Children – Devano (Nowtime Sound)
Siddung Pon It – Tanya Stephens
Food Fi The Pot 2010 – Busy Signal (Jukeboxx/Penthouse)
I’m So High – Busy Signal (Payday)
The Lord Is Shepherd – Chase Cross (Payday)
Gyaad Dem Riddim – Kevin & David Daseca (Payday)
Jafrican Ting – Busy Signal (CMG)
Can’t Count – Buju Banton (Pure Music)
Under Feet – Teflon (Pure Music)
Care Your Pickney -Captain Barkey (Pure Music)
Jacket – Agent Sasco (TJ)
Can’t Knock Your Gal – Louie Culture (TJ)
G.A.L. – Buju Banton (TJ)
Don’t Need Your Friendship – Bugle (TJ)
Don’t Sign – Queen Ifrica (VP)
Chase The Cumbia Devil – Tupolevsoundcrash
Cumbia Rockers 8 – El Sonidero Quilombo
Tigeraso (Sondero Rmx) – Maluca (Mad Decent)
Ya Me Voy (Chancha Via Circuito Rmx) – Dona Marie
El Hijo de la Diabla (El Pollo Loco Rmx) – La Pollera Colorada
Poppin Corn Guaracha – Spike Devil Disco
Perikitus! – Pernett
Llorando Remix – Pernett
Comanche (Juke Boyz Rmx) – The Revels
Welt Am Draht – Pantha Du Prince (Rough Trade)
Un Dimanche Sans Fin – I Cube (Versatile)
Natty – DVA (Hyperdub)
Chasing The Midnight Moth – Illum Sphere (Fat City)
Quantum Leap – Slugabed (Planet Mu)
Stardustin’ – Gonjasufi (Planet Mu)
Anything Worse – The Gaslamp KIller (Brainfeeder)
New York Is Killing Me – Gil Scott-Heron (XL)
Me And The Devil- Gil Scott-Heron (XL)
Wu Tang Vs The Beatles Intro – Wu Tang Vs The Beatles (Tea Sea)
C.R.E.A.M. – Wu Tang Vs The Beatles (Tea Sea)
C.R.E.A.M. Instro – Wu Tang Vs The Beatles (Tea Sea)
Slang Editorial Instro – Wu Tang Vs The Beatles (Tea Sea)
Treacherous Disciples – Scalper (Like Water)
Noble Savage – Knowa Knowone
And Now – jj (Secretly Canadian)
Snake (Mexicans With Guns Rmx) – Oy (Creaked)
Paradise Circus (Breakage Rmx) – Massive Attack (Virgin)
Naked Mario Cart – RSD (Black Box)
Love For The Heads – Aiton (Abucs)
Shallows – DJ/rupture & Matt Shadetek (The Agriculture)
Forgive – Mala (Deep Medi)
Strengths In Numbers – Matt Shadetek (The Agriculture)

Soooo much goodness to kick off the Ginger Minx’s sponsorship of Stinky Grooves tonight… it was a right bleeding treat. Avoiding the usual ramblage as my eyes are propped up with matchsticks and these morning aren’t getting any easier this week, few words and a couple of tunes.
Busy Signal….him run things!
Loving ‘Jafrican Ting’, can’t think of another artist able to pull this off.
‘Food Fi The Pot’ is timeless treasure
and ‘Im High’ speaks for itself… nuff said..
Three solid punches from Mr Gordon… what more needs to be said. Nae links as Busy’s myspace is all over the blog and lord only knows where you’d find wax of these gemlets..Get to it.





Bank Holiday Business – Lazy Long Weekending


It’s a long weekend treatathon round here at StinkInc acres, with a coupla clips I’ve been meaning to postulate and some mixes and tracks that have been burning a hole in my …err hard drive, I guess.
To kick off, I’ve been meaning to post the competition trouncing clip for James Duncan’s ‘The Cupboard’s Bare’ for a coupla weeks now, my procrastination knows no bounds. Without any assistance vid clip wise we have gone guerilla with his exceedingly excellent ‘Hello-Fi’ album enlisting talented, willing and frankly slightly susceptible folk to come up with eye magic beyond compare. For this track James suggested a step further, and we opened it up competition style and fashion. David O Gifford of Fielding, who came up with this brilliant interpretation, was a unanimous winner for his dusty, stop animation delight.

The best advice with me and Busy Signal is basically… don’t start me. His duff tunes still rate higher than many of his contemps best, and as this video medley amply demonstrates he’s not prepared to limit his talent stylewise. Seven cuts, several of which have featured up hear in the last year, flash past in record time and since the mark of VP is on this perhaps it means a follow up to ‘Loaded’ is imminent. Predictably the VP website reveals a fat load of fuck all, fingers crossed then. Enjoy.

In general I like to keep the nearest thing Stinky Grooves has to a vague rule type thing – if possible, why bother going through the same door as everyone else, when there are so many others to choose from – running on StinkInc. The exception is of course the exceptional, them things that shine so outrageously that to not play, post or draw attention to them would be downright foolish and self-defeating. So like the Busy vid above these next couple of bitses are well present elsewhere around the internets but more than worthy of a prod with the pongy pointer.
Some noise, in fact some riotously uproarious noise needs to be made about Sonido Martines’s ‘Nueva Cumbia Argentina’ compilation for DJ/rupture’s constantly probing Soot label. I first cropped up on this while searching for digital delights at Juno Downloads a few weeks ago, and having been fully primed by the utterly essential 12″ that pre-empted it a few months ago, had no hesitation in snaffling all of the tracks that I hadn’t already got my grubby mitts on, instantaneously. In fact you can find one of those already unleashed on wax, Mr Martines’s own stunning retool of Los Destellos, on ‘Stinkbombs 808 – Heavyweight Honking’, which can still be absorbed and what have you via this post (couple of the DL links are dead but there’s a few still standing).
Hanyways Sonido Martines has had quite an effect on Stinky Grooves over the last wee while, with gear like his incredible Chicha mixtape, and the crazy Cumbia Rebajadas mixtape that required something a little stronger than Robotussin, to fully appreciate. It’s pretty fair to say that if you see his name involved, then you’re in for a quality ride, and you’re going to be unlocking some gear that would probably be impossible to access otherwise. This album has many gems that have wafted their way across the Stinky Grooves airwaves including one of the veritable plethora of standout’s from El Hijo De Cumbia’s ‘Freestyle De Ritmo’ album (also on Soot, purchase without of the best albums of the year period), all four tracks from the aforementioned ‘lady’s on the mic/gents on the mixing board’ teaser 12″, a non-album track from Chancha Via Circuito (ditto on his breathtaking mini-mellow-mal album ‘Rodante’) and some gear that hadn’t reached me yet like DJ Taz’s borderline brilliant/dreadful ‘Danza Macabra’ and finally something from the very very promising Fantasma (we’ve run their Jerry Dammers approved ‘Ghost Town’ cover on SG) that isn’t un-usable 128kbps biz.
Basically it’s a bobby dazzler, a crucial compile an exceptional excess essential item. They’ve accommodatingly made two tracks available for blogger type action and those are presented for you below. Then it is your duty to your own ears and sanity to follow the links, and support these marvelous machinations with some of your pristine pennies or pesos, ching chinging cents or durrty dollars..
Buy from Juno DL, available at plenty of other places too. CD on way I guess.
Mr Martines


Los Destellos … still going
El Hijo De La Cumbia …. the don!
Not the usual DIV embedded malarkey, control click etc
Before we leave the cumbia circuit you simply HAVE to check this free mental mix from Zurita. The geezer got some well deserved shine here for his brave and brilliant nuevo cumbia transpant of Suicide’s ‘Ghost Rider’ so no big rants but his new mix ‘The Great Cumbia Swindle’ is simply stunning. Anyone messing with the acapella of Screechy Dan’s ‘Give It To Me’, one of the many Kenny Dope productions that is grafted into the heart of any and every worthwhile DJ who was dishing out the damage 15 or so years ago, is potentially doodling in the sacred texts in my metaphorical book – but dang if Zurita doesn’t absolutely slay it. The whole mix is an insane chop shop of Sud Amerikan flavour getting a vigorous workout courtesy of everything from Primal Scream to Daddy Freddy and all points inbetween. It ends with a Boredoms track fer chrissakes, this is gold. DO NOT DELAY YOUR DL. (ay?!) Is free.


320 here, 71 Megs you need in your life
It is to my perpetual chagrin, that we never managed to make it to the dance that Heatwave were holding after Sunday’s Carnival exertions. However – DJ gigs the two nights before, jetlag and a most excellent and different day of Carnivalising with the fam, put paid to the kind of energy I’d need to get my senses properly singed by the Heatwave crew. I had hoped to find some more inroads into the appeal or hype of UK Funky at Carnival, but that didn’t really happen and short of pinching Kode 9’s record box (not a bad idea really, he had gear that was intergalactic dark funk(y) genuinely on another level ) I remain a slightly bewildered observer to the whole malarkey. This ‘Funky Bashment’ set (commissioned by the ultra checkworthy XLR8R site) goes straight to the heart of the matter, with the most raggacentric slant you could possibly wish to find. True to form it’s put together blindingly, undoubtedly mixed to buggery but still giving the tracks enough room, a heap of of un-inspiring net DJ folk could learn a lot from Heatwave. Funkywise I remain on the fence at best, naturally there’s some downright charming shit on the mix and a few real standouts, but those happy hardcore-esque riffs and sounds and the un-challenging nature of most of it just doesn’t reach me. Make your own mind up, enough of my wibbling.
Tracklisting etc roight ‘ere guvnor at the excellent Heatwave site
Heatwave mob on smile duty


This was intended as a quick couple ootubes and a shifty song on a quiet Friday night, and I was also intending to big up James Duncan’s first live appearance, with a group rather than a laptop, for company. Well, by now, that was last night, and what a treat it was to hear the songs from ‘Hello-Fi’ resplendent in on-stageness. It began brilliantly, if a touch tentatively, with an intoxicating take on ‘A Obvious’ and concluded with a blissblitzathon ‘…Of Everyone Around You’ rendition, with the band getting well open, dolloping out shards of mesmeric massiveness with scant regard for public safety, and unustainable amounts of jaw-droppery and chin-strokery, from a crowd that really seemed to catch the JD vibes. Top props to James, Sean, Chris, Chelsea and Finn alongside SP Cartier, Nick Rough’un and Paul McK for making that event happen. Watch it grow.
Finally on a straight track tip here’s a couple to keep the wolf from the door and hopefully initiate some power of suggestion type shop-alopping arrangement. I’m (marginally) forgoing the usual lengthy meaningless ramble and links (you can all Google better than me no doubt) in order to not turn this post into a Monday, or worse, affair and to avoid epic postulatory proportions.
The most agreeable entry into the world of Traktor, and the ongoing dilemmas of how much space music takes up, has led me into going through the shelves of CDs and identifying those that demand entry into the NI klub/those that have only one decent track that can be siphoned off and sold/those that will be ulitmate keepers. As a result I can forsee a few joyful re-discoveries popping up on StinkInc, and to begin with here’s a smidgen of indubstrial inspiration from Coil in 1990. I’m so chuffed that I located the CD as my 12″ seems to have disappeared amongst the rabble, this psych-dub bellathon is still so fresh, and has got me looking forward to dragging some more Coil bits out of the CD boxes. As far as I can make out this is no longer available and even the CD goes for a decent price (hmmmm) so it’s up at 192 but if you want a 320 (the production is so good, every single sound is pristine and perfectly placed… you owe it to yourself) drop me a line or hail up in the much neglected comments and we’ll get it sauteed.



Expect more odd delights from the past in the weeks and months, to come, in fact expect a fair bit as we are about to hit post #100 and not long after that StinkInc will be 1 whole year old. Usual scenario… you get the presents – I’ll be writing them posts and uploading that hooha. Next up one of the many Japanese DJ’s who I have a lot of time for, DJ Baku. It was a right delight to play alongside him a couple of years back, and like his buddy Kentaro he is a man who is mercifully free of herd like behaviour, choosing to find his own angle. He also doesn’t do the English but managed to express plenty with bows, grins and gestures (especially when presented with little local vegetable matter to see him through his trip…. his eyes were like the Blackpool Illuminations!) Baku’s records are another thing again and alonsgide the heavy-hop d’n’b metalising that laces his DJ sets, there always seems to be out of place, but spot-on, stuff like ‘Satya Dream’ – the track that really sent me from his ‘Dharma Dance’ album. In fact letting that album run, while I’ve been writing and musing and whatnot, has me fiending for his new’un ’12 Japs’ which looks a bit mighty, expect more on that soon. This track is very Sunday arvo really, enjoy, and hinvestigate.
Buy Dharma Dance, it will make your brain delightfully soggy
Good Baku interview here



Turnaround this Friday with Maiden Hong Kong getting amongst it on the decks, flyer and fandangle soon come up here. Don’t mess and don’t miss.

A Monster Main Course – Busy Belly Fat Eyes Skepta Showdown

Alright it must be at least a couple of weeks since the last Busy posting, and any pretense about this not being partially a Mr Signal fanboy site disappeared sometime ago. As usual the man is chucking out tunes at a prodigious rate, and I just wish there was somewhere you could buy high quality downloads all kosher and above board, the JA music industry has really missed the boat there. Hanyways here we have a presumably unofficial remix of Busy’s ‘Up In Her Belly’ which was originally atop a lively cut-up of Sergio Mendes’s ‘Magalenha’. This version still contains traces with the vocal chants, while ramping up the hyper-percussion patterns to make it even more of a soca stormer. In all honesty I’m not sure if it trumps the original, but it’s been the best part of a year since that dropped, and I’m not averse to a refix to give Busy’s splendid vocal track some more legs. Because we’re nice like that I’ll stick the original Sergio soaked version up too. Also a couple of clips from Mr Gordon’s ongoing European tour.
Mr Sergio Mendes – legend.



From the same gig – Stinky grooves favourite ‘Hustling’, the rather dubious ‘Rivers Of Babylon’ and some crucial crowd participation for ‘Jail’.

Can’t resist slamming in this sweet cut from Tanya Stephens riding the perennial ‘Norwegian Wood/Darker Shade Of Black’ rhythm as (presumably) rendered by Fatta & Bulby at the Mixing Lab, under the Fat Eyes umbrella. I’m digging the cut of the rhythm, which heavily references the 80’s Volcano ‘Tu-Sheng Peng’ version, and there’s a few decent vocals – including Luciano and Queen Ifrica’s duet (which finds the former re-emphasising the Frankie Paul memories in his pattern), Anju Kumbz, AJ Brown’s bizarre ‘Classical’ version (doing what it says on the tin, as in more Herbert Von Karajan than King Tubby) and a bunch of vets ranging from Josie Wales, Cutty Ranks and Flourgon through to Terror Fabulous. It’s only four years since Fat Eyes last did over this rhythm, but it is hard to argue with, and as always when Tanya Stephens avoids the fromage – she is excess essential.
The other big recent rhythm from Fat Eyes has been ‘Mento’ is another look back to the fertile 80’s. Again the bulk of the artists might have you wondering what decade (millenium?!) it is but the performances aren’t tired. Major Mackerel drops his squeaking immims on ‘Bad Ras’ while Admiral Bailey prescribes ‘Fire Inna Har Hole’ – maybe the less said about that and Red Dragon’s humourous ‘Inna Di Bush’, the better. Sizzla is the junior of this group and his ‘My Kinda Gal’ doesn’t rep that well for the younger generation overall, I guess the less aggressive, ribald, sense of fun that artists back then were able to muster just isn’t on the menu these days. The butcher Cutty Ranks serves up ‘Hot Girls’, rocking a ‘caliente’ chant and the best flow he’s had on any of his recent 45’s, can’t wait to run this in a dance. There’s always space for The Stopper at StinkInc, and I’ve slung in the megamix too for a sampling of all the vocalisers.
Buy the Mento here , have yet to locate ‘Darker Shade..’ on 45


Listening to grime has predominantly felt arduous of late, the new Wiley didn’t really channel my tunnel, Trim dropped well off the pace (a little like Durrty Goodz disappointing ‘Axiom’ follow up) with the latest ‘Soul Food’, and the plethora of freshmen out there aren’t really fully calling me to attention either. The pick of the current litter, to these ears, has been Skepta and his ‘Microphone Champion’ release. At 18 tracks it’s still too much information, but nothing like the mouth mountain of surplus some of his contemporaries have bestowed upon us. Skepta’s last effort, and debut proper ‘Greatest Hits’, was positively incendiary – I’m not yet convinced that this is quite up there with that, yet. However it does feel solid and varied to the extent that I almost enjoyed the cringing hit ‘Rolex Sweep’ when it popped up, which is well out of character and I did say ‘almost’. While grime is often about as competitive, aggy and bloodthirsty as it gets musically (barring oi! and opera) I seem to have a weakness for the more meditative, wussy grime tracks – ‘Reflecting’ is a prime example. Boy better know indeed.
Buy – locally check Beat Merchants


Skepta & his bro JME on Westwood for any large canine readers

Next, something completely different….

Signals To Shjips


This began as a relaxed couple of tunes post, before an inability to decide, and a trailerload of procrastination took over….. and hence a meaty, eight song ramble. Up for no more than a week or two max, so don’t delay on the dl and please do follow through with purchase power.
It’s been a malodourous minute since we flung a Busy Signal track at you and we have standards to downkeep so have a chip at the high-energy ‘Step To We’. Brilliant flow as ever and lyrics that reveal no problems for Mr Gordon in the self-esteem stakes, guess that’s the adavantage of all that warm cranium business. Busy’s been on a release crusade of late with a few fromagey question marks (the Phil Collins cover fer fucks sake and that Mothers Day song, NO!) and a veritable armoury of ballistic sureshots. I’m really digging the call and response Afro-soca of ‘Da Style Deh’ and the jaunty, anti-oral ‘Nah Go Dung Deh‘, Heatwave are up on the former so pay them a visit.
The ‘Birthmark’ rhythm comes from Madmen Productions out of T’n’T who are big news in the soca world. They play it fairly straight bashment for this, and while the rhythm might not be super stand-out (how many really are currently though?), it does carry that enveloping, hypnotic buzz that’s an irresistible lure on a well put together uptempo dancehall winer. Couldn’t resist slinging in Bunji Garlin’s sturdy ‘Badman’ too. Alongside Machel Montano he’s right up there amongst the off-islanders in my book, sure his style may be watered-down Warlord but that’s not the end of the world when Rodney Price’s strike rate is still sporadically impressive, but realistically a shadow of its former self. Don’t know where you can cop this rhythm from kosher and above board so sadly no buy links. Insert brrrrrt’s and hotheads from here at will.
Little article on The Mad Men who produced this port-wine-stain power punch

Hothead himself… Busy
Huge tune and my pick of the dancemove action (marginally better than a still image)

What to say about Joker? He knocks em out like a Bristolian Busy Signal, and he doesn’t seem to miss a step. The ‘Do It/Psychedelic Runway’ single on Kapsize is outrageous, and so is this Tectonic treat that comes on a 12″ with Flying Lotus’s substantial ‘Glendale Galleria’. I kind of miss the really busy, messed-up beyond recognition ADD stuff that his first ‘Kapsize EP’ for Earwax indulged in, but when he’s making such a riddiculously good job of sleek, distressed, futuristic machine funk…well it would be churlish to complain. He’s picking up the props all over the shop too, and rightly so.
This is available on DJ Pinch’s second, double CD, juggling of the ‘Tectonic Plates’ and listening to the mix disc as I type… man is it good. It was hard not to fret that this sophomore round wouldn’t be as potent (and pungent) as the premier selection, especially as that was released at a time when the music was in a really exciting, unique, focus-pulling stage. The gear Pinch is pulling out is way deeper than the rash of cookie-cutter wobblers and irritatingly clean, technoid blueprints that litter the weekly release sheets. The mixery is sublime, with only a few tracks getting more than a couple of minutes but in a very un-jerky, immaculately schmoov way. The disc of standalone tracks sounds nae too shabby either, from the one play I’ve managed in a musically overgrown week. Out right about now, no excuses – hands in pockets business…purchaserate!
Buy ponline or is Samurai biz domesticatedly

The 12″

The CD, vell vorthwhile

Undoubtedly the dominant disc amongst the pile at Chez Stench since it touched down a couple of weeks ago the Moderat album is a real grower. First collaborating on a 12″ seven years ago the Teutonic trio of Modeselector dudes ( ) and Apparat (Sascha Ring, gaffer of the superbly monikered Shitkatapult label) have conjured up something really special with this crucial collabo. Ring sings on a a few of the tracks, and I have to confess that until I was able to treat the album as a whole, I wasn’t 100% convinced about that… now I’m well and truly sold. The trademark Modeselector vipers net of bubbling analogue synths and driving Herman German rhythms is in full effect, with definite doffs of the cap to the likes of The Bug and most obviously Burial amongst the varied beatstyles and woodblocky widdims. Alongside Ring on vocal duties is Eased from Berlin dancehall collective Seeed and Paul St Hilaire (Tikiman), both giving it some ragga chat that doesn’t disturb the vibes but doesn’t massively add to them either. With so much tat touted on the interwebs I can’t understand why records like this (and the magnificent last Modeselector album ‘Happy Birthday’) don’t get much, much more shine. This is my small part to redress that and join the discerning blogerators who urge you to investigate this one further. There’s no local distro in NZ for BPitch Control which sucks but it’s a global marketplace and you could do a lot worse than going and getting yourself some. Go on!
Buy direct from BPitch Control or webular



Les Grandes Marches

‘A New Error’, MODERAT Record Release, Visuals: Pfadfindere (phwoar.. looking good)

It’s a bit disappointing that ZZK Sound Vol 2 doesn’t match up to the virtually spotless standards of its predecessor but there’s still a whole heap of well worthwhile tackle on there for the cumbia crazed cut crusader. El Trip Selector had one of the highlights on the first edition and he’s back up on it sophomore style and fashion with ‘Cumbiancherita’. Big up Buenos Airies and henjoy.
Buy from the wonderful Jetset or
Check Conch locally or
Stock up on files from eMusic


Here’s an odd one. Scarily proggy, rear mirror watchers and teepee builders Yellow Moon Band are not my cup of herbally infused char…. that is unless some bright spark hauls in Richard Norris in his Time & Space Machine guise to remix it all away to some place else. It’s actually the Xela (John Twells) mixes on the other side that have been getting tongues a wagging with their Goblinoid ambient touches, and that’s well understandable. However Norris’s bossa nova country prog honk is a little gem in itself, apparently there’s a Time & Space Machine 7″ coming up on Tirk, look out!
Buy direct from Static Caravan or via the evergreen Boomkat


Despite much hyping from The Fader and select other outlets whose opinions I rate, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson didn’t win me over until I’d heard his entire album, a few times. It is, I suppose, the modern dilemma, with access to so much music, so many people shouting in your ear and trying to catch your intention – some gooduns inevitably slip past. You hope to rely on the 2nd line of defence (closer to home than the global-ninnynet) and that fantastic whimsical notion (or outright lie) that the cream will rise to the top (nay it’s usally the scum that does that).
So my initial summation of Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson was annoying name, excess hype and a tad too much wailing Dylan-esque ex-junkie, hobo business for my liking (not that I’m not partial to a heaping helping of that from time to time). Names – you get used to, the hype – is out of the artist’s (anyones?) hands, though there are a few songs that do over-do the agony addict moaning-and -groaning a touch. But it’s a debut, and in most ways it’s a glorious one, I can forgive a bit of self-indulgence when the reward is songs as solid as ‘Boneindian’, ‘The Debtor’, ‘My Good Luck’ and the throughly addictive ‘Buriedfed’. Like our hairy friends below you could fling a fistful of obvious influences at Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson and he’d probably just wear them on his sleeve, and then wipe them on his metaphorical snotty cuff. Still coming to grips with the album to be honest, and it will be interesting to see whether it’s a fleeting fancy, or a genuine long-term contender, but this song is just fire.
Buy from the Say Hey direct or the mega-retailers


If you’re not familiar with Wooden Shjips already, you may want to step back from the computer when approaching this MP3. With a hefty helping of kraut, definite traces of The Gun Club and The Cramps, let alone The Stooges or Loop, these West Coast wonders are ticking enough boxes to require a clipboard. As much as you can sink the signifiers left, right and centre, the four piece do have a definite sound of their own and the recently unleashed ‘Dos’ on Holy Mountain, shows ample evidence that it’s developing in delicious ways. It’s become a bit of a soundtrack to everything round our way, making it hard to pull out a single song, as the entire package is best swallowed whole, probably with instant repetition.
Buy from Holy Mountain themsleves or halternatively
WoodenShjipweb (…nice site!)


Dropping the Stinkbombs – A brand new Stinkmix for nix

Well… the original idea was to be getting some podcastery action up here, with some of my radio honed, inane mumbling atop the musical malarkey, however a more prudent consideration suggests it would be far better and quicker to fling up the latest Stinkbombs, the first since November ’08. It’s a shade over a 100 MB’s all up, so I’ve split it into two and they are available from a choice of folks via Sharebee below, just follow them links and pick your download receptacle. Pretty much every track is very deliberately tagged with stings and diabolical dialogueical nonsense, so as ever if you want them tunes there’s easy links to buy ’em, please support the artists and labels…. serious biz, nearly all of them are actively available and just a click away!
Also took this opportunity to include a few of Jason Burgess’ cracking JA shots (Barrington, Lady Saw, Roof Intl van etc) from our visitation in 1993 (and a couple from a previous trip of Jason’s), that’s re-energised me on getting some more of these posted, so look out.
Download link Part 1 (Tracks 1-11) (55.16MB) Zip
Download link Part 2 (Tracks 12-23 & cover PDF) (50.48 MB) Zip

1. The General – Jahdan Blakkamoore (Liondub International)

Matt Shadetek and Lion Dub lay down an impossibly heavy, minimal rhythm at a dubstempo while Jahdan drops one of his best vocals yet, it’s fire and frikkin ice business. Enormous things to come methinks from the Jahdan, Dutty Artz camp and related breadrun.
Buy (I copped it local from Samurai)
DuttyArtzspace check their blog on the panel right over there

Jahdan Blakkamoore

The General label

2. Murderation – Unknown/RSD (Love Is The Key)

Big, big, big tune that I slept on when it was initially released, one of those that a 30 second online sample can just sound like ‘meh another blend’. Oh no it’s not, anything but that…. this is exceptional. A copy, pretty literally, fell into my hands, which is well handy as it appears pretty hard to find these days. Best place to start looking would be here, if you want to be relieved of upwards of 25 Euros.
Love the photo of Barrington out the back of Bobby Digital’s, that waistcoat and the decidedly un-macho white Jeep that he was driving at the time with his Lipstick label logo made for quite an ..ahem interesting spectacle!
More Rob Smith here

Rob Smith

Rob Smith

Barrington Levy in the yard at Digital B, Kingston ’93. Courtesy Jason Burgess.

barrington levy in bobby d's yard
Barrington at Sunsplash, Kingston ’93. Courtesy Jason Burgess.

‘Murderation’ is an unadorned white label, this is the original classic.

Murderer label

3. One – Aardvarck (Bloom/White)
Don’t know much about Dutch dude Aardvarck (Mike Kivits) apart from I haven’t really been too down with the little gear I’ve heard of his before this mighty, mysterious, untitled white label ‘Bloom 1’ EP. A bit of further investigation reveals he’s got some interesting gear bubbling, so what do I know? Not much… except this is a killer, very hard to find now and the follow up ‘Bloom 2’ sold out in a week. Heavy!
Buy digital-lee
Aardvarck label
4. Gold Dust – Earl Sixteen (Roots Garden)
5. Herb Dust – Nick Mansseh/Roots Garden Crew (Roots Garden)
Have ranted about these, previously… here, so check that for links, stinks, shits and giggles. This is a little foundation stone breather after the subsonic attackment of the intro trio.
Earl Sixteen & Nick Manasseh
Earl meets Manasseh

6. Vampire – Chezidek (Massive B)
7. What U Fighting For – Burro Banton (Massive B)
A brace of boomshots on Massive B, the NYC label that should be due for some sort of civic recognition for their phenomenal strike rate and staying power, over many years. Mr Konders rarely mis-fires, and this lick of ‘Declaration Of Rights’ is teflon tough and frill free. Chezidek’s ‘Inna Di Road’ album, handled by Bobby for Greensleeves is one of the best reggae/dancehall albums of recent times in my estimation, and ‘Vampire’ is one of the highlights. Burro does what Burro does, admirably, just ramping up the anticipation for his recording session with The Bug to be unleashed upon us.
Buy Chezi from NYC
or Burro from Japan



Chezideks album is still available and it’s beyond fire, like molten or something….

Chezi LP

The Rt Hon Bobby Konders


Chezi - Vampire
Burro label

8. Bad Man Gon Cry – Lady Saw (Big Yard)

Rattled on about this here.
Still available, Beat Merchants have it for the local yokels.
Or Buy ponline
Lady Saw at Sunsplash ’93 shots c/o Jason Burgess.
lady saw star kingston 93
Bad Man label
9. Hustle – Collie Buddz (Massive B)
Huuuuge tune chopping up Barrington’s timeless ‘Prison Oval Rock’, once again from New York’s finest, Massive B. Everything about Collie Buddz just seems so incredibly wrong, and he looks ultra-irritating… but then he just keeps coming up with fire, the kind of feu that overcomes all obstacles and hinderances. I’m well partial to the flip of this ‘Herb Tree’ which is yet more lyrical license about vegetable matter – boasted, toasted and darkly roasted.
Hustle label
10. Smell Good – Captain Barkey (Roof International)
Couldn’t resist sliding in this olfactory 90’s gem from Barkey, ‘put up yu hands if you know yu smell good!!!’, indeed. Wouldn’t do if the smell bad posse were putting up their hands/arms and other odious appendages now would it! All pungent punning aside this is a killer tune, produced by Courtney Cole, and it very nearly sent the mix off on an unexpected 90’s tangent but I managed to hold back…this time.
Buy re-issue
More photographic funda from Jason Burgess below with the Roof International mobile record shop, guess these are a thing of the past now, too. However Truck Back productions who came up with Erup’s ‘Click Mi Finger’ (and the Dashboard & Gearbox rhythms etc) do all their recording in the back of a container truck in Kingston, so the extra ordinary vehicular vibes live on in JA culture.
roof international van
Barkey Smell label
11. Hussling – Busy Signal (Birch Hill)
12. Tek Back Yard – Beenie Man (Birch Hill)
13. Selassie Love We – Vybz Kartel (Birch Hill)
14. Baddaz Rhythm – Birch Hill Crew (Birch Hill)
Ok it may not be much more than a slight (but skillfully done) embellishment on Dave Kelly’s monstrously mighty Joyride rhythm but who cares? This is stencherific, and then some. Christopher Birch updates with aplomb and Busy, Beenie and Vybz all represent proper and correct in the voicing booth. Things get a little over-ethusiastic with the Kaos pad around these parts… such is life.

Busy getting his Bubbles on, as a paperboy for the day

Vybz looking lairy.
15. Bolivia – El Remolon (ZZK)
16. Aqui Princesa (Marcelo Fabian Rmx) – Princesa (Soot)
17. Calzada Rhythm – Chancha Via Circuito (ZZK)
18. Elsa (Sonido Martines Rmx ft Fefe) Los Destellos (Soot)
This little portion threatened to take over the mix, it’s so good to have an injection of fresh cumbionic vinyl. Basically there’s three indispensable 12″s that anyone with a penchant for nuevo-cumbia hoo-ha should peruse and pursue with great rapdity…they are..
El Remolon’s storming 6 tracker ‘Pibe Cosmo’
El Remolon label
Soot’s all-star magnificent remixery.
Neuva Cumbia Argentaina
The Chancha Via Circuito EP, that goes a treat with his Rodante album
Chancha 12" label
Buy El Remolon
Buy Nueva Cumbia Argentina
Buy Chancha Via Circuito 12″
More wibbling about Chancha Via Circuito here
El Remolon

El Remolon

Marcelo Fabian

Marcelo Fabian

Chancha Via Circuito

Chancha Via Circuito

Los Destellos

Los Destellos 1

Sonido Martines (this fellers mixdiscs are beyond crucial)

Sonido Martines

19. Guajira Sicodelica – Los Destellos (Vampi Soul)

From the superbly named ‘This LP Crashes Hard Drives’, which was put together by the fine people at Vampi Soul, Finders Keepers, Sublime Frequencies, Honest Jons, Numero Group, Jazzman, Daptone, Now Again, Light In The Attic and Timmion… phew. For my money this has got be the best, gregariously genre-free compilation thus far this year, and it’s encased in a meaty gatefold sleeve, as befits a release specifically designed to celebrate Record Store Day.
This cut from the ‘Cumbia Beats Collection’ is Peruvian mellow psych chicha fever, holy hell!
Buy it from Conch or here

Couldn’t resist another Los Destellos shot, they’re giving Barrington a run for his money!
Los Destellos 2
This LP Crashes...

20. Psychedelic Circus – The Time & Space Machine (5D)
Read all about it here.
21. Major Blitzkreig – Higamos Hogamos (DC Recordings)
On the strength of what I’ve heard so far, the self titled Higamos Hogamos album is very much at the top of my shopping list. This single kinda out-Depth Charges, Depth Charge – which is major points and prizes round my gates. That delightful situation is enhanced by the a storming J Saul Kane mix that takes up the whole of the flipside. There’s also a surprisingly superb bonus, a percusso-pressure-cooker from Ed Banger artiste Mickey Moonlight, an alliterated gent I need to investigate further. It’s an embarrassment of riches really, as most DC Recordings 12″s are, I opted for the brief and blistering original version at the last minute when I was whacking this mix together, it’s very very hard to argue with.
Hig Hog
Hig Hog cover
22. Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free – Zombie Zombie (Versatile)
I’m startled, nay shocked, by the fact that I haven’t posted about this mercurial French duo who come on like a modern day Silver Apples tussling it out kraut-fu style with John Carpenter on the soundtrack to a psychedelic, slightly sick, dimly lit, autoroute thriller movie… or something like that. It was their right renking remix for Kelpe last year that motivated chasing their album ‘A Land For Renegades’ up, and it’s subsequently become a real favourite. These decidedly un-mindless, synth and basheria merchants are definitely a pair to keep les yeux on, I reckon.
Buy from Piccadilly on all formats or CD is cheap here
Zombie Zombie
Zombie Zombie - A Land For Renegades
23. 2080 – Subeena (Imminent)
I read an intriguing review about this 12″ from Subeena on Imminent by the venerable John Eden on his Uncarved blog, and didn’t connect that it was the same disc when I ordered it. He was right, it’s an untypical wee gem and from a little synchronous investigatory behaviour it turns out that Subeena is hooked up with the mighty Coco Solid from their linkage at the RBMA in Barcelona. Small world and all that, but it takes a large tune to finish off a little mix and this does the biz.
Subeena EP