It’s not that often that I agree with Pitchfork, in fact something being touted as Pitchfork endorsed is frequently code to avoid, or treat with appropriate amounts of skepticism for me . However, this fairly brief article ‘Shades of Grey: Anti-Piracy Legislation and Independent Labels’ is just about the first thing that I’ve read that doesn’t rely on hysteria fueled, black&white headline statements, and thus reflects my point of view as an independent label and music maker whose business has basically been severely beaten up over the last few years.
I could go on a lengthy rant here but not today, please do have a read of the article and think about it when you make pronouncements about ‘the music industry’, ‘piracy’, that chump Kim Dotcom etc etc because nothing is ever as simple as it seems, just because everyone’s doing it doesn’t make it alright and acting like a sheep and talking like a parrot just because you can, really does drop you down the evolutionary ladder quick smart.

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