Rodi Kirk – new EP …it stuns

That right there is the brand new EP from Rodi Kirk who is probably better known as Scratch 22. Having followed the development of this since its inception (more or less) I’m completely biased, but also 100% categorically correct (and scientifically proven) in saying that its brilliant, and it’s quite possible your life isn’t even close to complete until you’ve repaired yourself to the bandcamp locale and shaken a few shekels in Rodi’s direction. Regular listeners/readers/perusers should already be familiar with all of these tracks and accompanying imagery by now, not that that is going to stop me running one or two tonight, if not more. I could describe its myriad peaks and troughs, and  sumptuous detail to you but I’ve just been online reading some reviews of other things and I feel a bit vomity and very much like giving up writing… especially as Rodi is my mate, and I’m heartily sick of people writing gratuitously about their muckers music, or even worse people they think will be their chums on social media after they’ve blown a galaxy’s worth of smoke up their ass. I’m far too bitter and cynical right now to be talking about this music, so go and listen to it and support Rodi’s endeavours, because he’s worth it.

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