Stinky Grooves 28.08.18

FriendlyWeight – SKRS (Boomarm Nation)
Vex – Nazamba (Pressure bandcamp)
Understand What Black Is (Mala Remix) – The Last Poets (Studio Rockers bandcamp)
DubSqueezeYuh! – SKRS (Boomarm Nation)
Women Voices (Samarana Edit) – Cuentan Y Cantan (soundcloud)
Milonga Azul – Leónidas Ghione (Folcore bandcamp)
Cumbia del ferrocarril (Orihuela M.S.S. JUJUY VERSIÓN ) – Polibio Mayorga (soundcloud)
Lam Seung Bang Fai (Shelter’s Edit) – Sothy (Akuphone bandcamp)
Joiwind – Vakula (Leleka)
Haute – Vakula (Leleka)
Daratan Ceremony – Komodo Kolektif (Höga Nord bandcamp)
Dissolve Into The Night – Bear Bones & Lay Low (Bakk bandcamp)
Goodluck Club – Rouge Mécanique (Rouge Mécanique Musique)
98% – Andy Rantzen (Spinning Plates)
Just a Moment – Trux (Office Recordings bandcamp)
Limit of Paradise (FaltyDL Remix) – 2 Bad Mice (Sneaker Social Club bandcamp)
Almost Transparent Blue – Higamos Hogamos presents Spacerocks (Invisible Inc bandcamp)
Delay Gratification – Pye Corner Audio (Jealous God)
Neuromancer – Terr (Correspondent bandcamp)
Fire Walk – Komodo Kolektif (Invisible Inc bandcamp)
Gleiß K – Die Wilde Jagd (Höga Nord bandcamp)
Mentions – HTRK (Ghostly Intl)
Venado tuerto – Clan Caimán (EM Records bandcamp)
Wild Flights – Secret Circuit (Invisible Inc bandcamp)
Menace – Rouge Mécanique (Rouge Mécanique Musique)
Cliff Has Left the Building – Insecure Men (Fat Possum bandcamp)
Psycho – The Beasts Of Bourbon (Green Records)
Faith, Hope and Charity – Wild Women & The Savages (Höga Nord bandcamp)
Anthemic Aggressor – Oh Sees (Castle Face bandcamp)
Zziggurat Tempesta – Heroin in Tahiti (Boring Machines bandcamp)
T’zeta – Bezawork Asfew (BBC Records)

Just the Love Bucket this week, Friday 7 on and that will do nicely.

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