Stinky Grooves 02.10.18

Forward Down A Channel One – African Youth (Ver Records)
Forward Down a Channel One Version – African Youth (Ver Records)
Shame & Pride – The Mighty Diamonds (Teem)
Up Park Camp – John Holt (Channel 1)
Up Park Camp Version – John Holt (Channel 1)
La Vaca ( DJ Nirso Remix) – Scooby Dub & ABC Team (Cassette blog bandcamp)
Te vas (Qechuaboi Remix) – Scooby Dub & Las 5 Gatas (Cassette blog bandcamp)
Kaamos – Teemu Raudaskoski (Shika Shaka bandcamp)
Metal Man (Tapan Remix) – Die Orangen (Malka Tuti)
Polymarm – Kelpe (Kelpe bandcamp)
Polymarj – Kelpe (Kelpe bandcamp)
Diamonds – Sin Falta (Youth bandcamp)
Made of Steel. Made of Stone – The Field (Kompakt bandcamp)
6:30 – Niagara (Principe Discos bandcamp)
Iridescending – Bass Clef (The Trilogy Tapes)
99.9% (Andrew Weatherall’s 100% Remix) – Craig Bratley (Future Boogie bandcamp)
Changed Minds – DMX Krew (Breakin Records)
Castle Bound – LINNÉA (Unitiworld bandcamp)
Copernicus – Julien Dyne (Soundway bandcamp)
Cordial – DMX Krew (Breakin Records)
Kameo Casette – Château Flight (Versatile bandcamp)
Tea Rooms – Gazelle Twin (Gazelle Twin bandcamp)
Better in My Day – Gazelle Twin (Gazelle Twin bandcamp)
Tilly – Cairo Liberation Front ft Bagdaddy & Rizan Said (Byrd Out)
I, I – Sin Falta (Youth bandcamp)
Deity – Spiritflesh (No Corner bandcamp)
ORANGE SODA – Dean Blunt (WeTransfer)
mythbuilding exercise no.9 – Milo (Milo Raps bandcamp)
Abbots Leigh – Beak> (Invada bandcamp)
Sueños Lucidos (Edit) – Mareaboba (soundcloud)
The Willo – TOY (Heavenly)
The Wanderer – Warm Drag (In The Red)
Danny Nedelko – Idles (Partisan bandcamp)
Wasted Space – The Oscillation (Fuzz Club bandcamp)
Parasite Wreckage Dub – Warm Drag  (In The Red)
It’s A Shame – Delroy Wilson (Well Charge)
Ballistic Affair – Leroy Smart (Island)
Junco Partner – The Clash (CBS)

Ay, ay – Love Bucket on Friday from 7, I shall say no more…

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