Stinky Grooves 30.10.18

Who Me (Duppy Gun Remix) – Laps (DFA bandcamp)
Untitled Dub 12 – Dub Surgeon (Ark To Ashes)
Kidney Version – Mosca (Air Texture bandcamp)
Dead Meat Dub – Lee “Scratch” Perry (Upsetter)
Las Llamadas del Tambor (Gulls’ Boomarm Dub) – Silvio Astier (Boomarm Nation bandcamp)
Summer On Mars – Marina P & Stand High Patrol (Stand High)
Red Ants Genesis (Equiknoxx Remix) – Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement (Hospital Productions bandcamp)
Dark Just (Kinlaw Remix) – Sunun (Bokeh Versions bandcamp)
DRK BLNT – Sunun (Bokeh Versions bandcamp)
81b – Joy O (Toss Portal/Hinge Finger bandcamp)
Making Friends With The Invader – Andrew Weatherall (Byrd Out)
Sometimes (Weatherall Dub) – The Sexual Objects (Triassic Tusk bandcamp)
Waves (L.U.C.A. Quirky Version) ROTLA (Edizioni Mondo/Running Back bandcamp)
Hex Alium – Curses (Dischi Autunno bandcamp)
Oasi Nella Giungla – Giuliano Sorgini (Four Flies Records bandcamp)
Do Not Wear My Coat (Inigo Vontier Remix) – John Parsley (Wonder Stories)
Tropifunkammammet – Minimal Afrika (E-Beamz bandcamp)
COYP – Joy O (Toss Portal/Hinge Finger bandcamp)
The Terrible Effect Of Purple Drank – Simo Cell (Brothers From Different Mothers bandcamp)
Taurus – C O N T R A (Lumière Noir bandcamp)
Meek – Bruce (Hessle Audio bandcamp)
Escape The Fate – Simo Cell (Wisdom Teeth bandcamp)
Phaze-Shift – Forest Drive West (Livity Sound bandcamp)
Human Waste – O/H (L.I.E.S. bandcamp)
Technology – Moontribe (Fortuna Records bandcamp)
Devil’s Angel (Killing Eve) – Unloved (Heavenly)
Low Rider – Ty Segall (In The Red)
(I’m Gonna) Cry Myself Blind (The Original Memphis Recordings) – Primal Scream (Sony)
Small Spaces – Micah P. Hinson (Full Time Hobby bandcamp)
Hanoi 4 – Unknown Mortal Orchestra (Jagjaguwar)
Above Us -The KVB (Invada bandcamp)
Pink Freud – Les Big Byrd (PNKSLM bandcamp)
Babash – ROTLA (Edizioni Mondo/Running Back bandcamp)
Serotonin Levels Low – Bruce (Hessle Audio bandcamp)

I will be at Love Bucket on Friday from 7, as I do, as we do, pon the regular. I believe I’m doing Influences at Ante Social on Ponsonby Road on Saturday from 11, though have yet to have that confirmed and seems to be a best kept secret online thus far.

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