Stinky Grooves 04.12.18

Sapiens Sapiens – Rickard Jäverling (Höga Nord bandcamp)
Drowning in Dub – Jay Glass Dubs ÷ GODMOTHER (New Pangea bandcamp)
Higher Than Tempo – Smith & Mighty (Punch Drunk bandcamp)
Global – Suku Ward (Liondub Interantional)
You Can’t Dub Me (The Casual Sexists meet Wrongtom) – The Casual Sexists (The Casual Sexists bandcamp)
GAST VERSION – TNT ROOTS (5 Gate Temple bandcamp)
Nazenèt (Kelman Duran Remix) – Still & Kelman Duran (Pan bandcamp)
Shikorina (Slikback Remix) – Still & Slikback (Pan bandcamp)
Tabaquito Sanador – El Zombi Flash (Pakapi bandcamp)
Escolleras – El Zombi Flash (Pakapi bandcamp)
Deep Concentration (Parris Mix) – Kowton + Parris (Rubadub)
Puro Rosaceaes (KMOS Remix) – Parris (Idle Hands)
Tango – Anthony Naples (Good Morning Tapes bandcamp)
Dem A Burning – Iueke (Editions Gravats bandcamp)
Gatito Ven – Champagne Dub (Faith & Industry bandcamp)
Balafon Jam (Wolf Müller Deep Dub Remix) – Soundspecies (Safe Trip bandcamp)
Crete – Mutant Beat Dance ft Marianna (Rush Hour bandcamp)
Cosmic Serpent – Zongamin (Multi Culti bandcamp)
Bar Theme (Wolf Müller Remix) – Bär (Safe Trip bandcamp)
Champion (Version) – Iueke (Editions Gravats bandcamp)
Walk Away – Baxter Dury, Delilah Holliday, Etienne de Crécy (Heavenly)
Regen1 – DMX Krew (Byrd Out)
BELLY – Joy O (Toss Portal/Hinge Finger bandcamp)
Strange Motives – The Casual Sexists (The Casual Sexists bandcamp)
Iron Veil – Eiko Ishibashi (Drag City bandcamp)
Paris Is Melting – Reckonwrong (Whities bandcamp)
Red Cotton – Shelley Parker (Hessle Audio bandcamp)
Culture of Pain (Bonebrokk’s 128 Soundboy Mix) – Ice_Eyes (Seagrave bandcamp)
Drumming – DJ Lag (Goon Club Allstars bandcamp)
The Gift (Anton mix) – The Limiñanas (Because Music)
Lord of Flashington – The Limiñanas (Because Music)
A Ghost In a Train,Thinking – Eiko Ishibashi (Drag City bandcamp)
The Meaning Of – Ice_Eyes (Seagrave bandcamp)
Constipação do Poco – RS Produções (Principe Discos bandcamp)
Cracked – Demdike Stare (Modern Love)
Serotonin Levels Low – Bruce (Hessle Audio bandcamp)
Masonry Pier – Shelley Parker (Hessle Audio bandcamp)
2-7-4-8-8-2 – Henrik Rylander (Höga Nord bandcamp)

Much a gwan this week. The Conch Pop-Up Record Shack on Saturday promises many grins, spins & wins, 10-4, ca$h only, poster below. Got a whole bunch of new/old gear priced up already, some tough jazz titles, hip hop 12″s and a few reggaematical bits so far, much more to come before Saturday.
I’ll be doing my usual Love Bucketery on Friday, on Saturday it’s Josh On Decks, on Thursday (because dealing with time in a linear way is tres passe) this is happeninging. ing… As part of the first Thursdays on K Road, Love Bucket will be transformed into an immerse party zone with a cacophony of live music, art and performance, and a light installation.
From 6 pm featuring
Mellowtact – bringing the funk with sounds from around the world with deep electronic beats
Live performances from ….
Seb Solo
Especial performance by Oli Ingle
Mincey Quincey
Tina Mairi

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