Stinky Grooves 29.01.19

Dread Opression – The Mellodies (Soul Jazz)
First Sight Dub – Christoph El Truento (Cosmic Compositions bandcamp)
Fishermans Dub – Christoph El Truento (Cosmic Compositions bandcamp)
Fuck the Rules Dub – XX? (Crevette Records)
María Juanita (Dub) – Señor Chancho (soundcloud)
Ciudad de Agua Feat. Jhon Pituufo Cortés – Biomigrant (Shika Shaka bandcamp)
Sumac – Loris (soundcloud)
Lapacho – Coro Qom Chelaalapi meets Lagartijeando (Big In Japan bandcamp)
La Volta Ros Rarities #2 – Balam (La Volta Ros bandcamp)
Macinare – Boot & Tax (Soul Clap bandcamp)
City Of Atomic Ghost – Black Rain (Blackest Ever Black bandcamp)
Occupy Berlin – Daniel Haaksman ft She’s Drunk & Kalaf (Man Recordings bandcamp)
Finagling – The Maghreban (zootrecords bandcamp)
Rocky & Bullwinkle – The Maghreban (zootrecords bandcamp)
Mirage – Mori Ra (Berceuse Heroique)
The Man From The Future – Krikor (Krikor bandcamp)
Chant One  – Anatolian Weapons (Crevette Records)
Liberty Dub  – Mark Stewart + Maffia (Mute)
I Don’t Really  – Lo Kindre (12th Isle bandcamp)
Evil Empire  – Jay Glass Dubs ft. Ben Vince (Bokeh Versions bandcamp)
Jerusalem [Prototype] – Mark Stewart + Maffia (Mute)
I Hate Your Energy (Giant Swan Remix) – Brayan Valenzuela (0000 bandcamp)
Reckless – Jay Glass Dubs (Bokeh Versions bandcamp)
Anhedonia – Tala Vala (Tala Vala bandcamp)
Mastertron – Tala Vala (Tala Vala bandcamp)
Sala Min Shaaraha A-Thahab (gold streamed down from her hair) – Salah Ben Al Badiya (ShellacHead bandcamp)
Shaloo Alkalam (they removed the words) – Hamed Al Rayah (ShellacHead bandcamp)
Brain Dead – DJ Fett Burger & Stiletti Ana (Freakout Cult)
Wetsuit – Bepotel (Crevette Records)
Peking Tiger – Les Baxter (RevOla)
Mpya Singeri – Jay Mitta (Nyege Nyege Taes bandcamp)
Touareg – Hama (Sahel Sounds bandcamp)
Love Horns – Daniel Haaksman (Man Recordings bandcamp)
Sounder – Lo Kindre (12th Isle bandcamp)
Rasta (Black Devil Disco Dub) – Old Gang Jah (Crevette Records )
The Weight – Mark Stewart + Maffia (Mute)
First Sight Dub – Christoph El Truento (Cosmic Compositions bandcamp)
358 Men – DJ Fett Burger & Stiletti Ana (Freakout Cult)
Y – Max Graef (Tartelet Records bandcamp)

This Friday oi will be at Love Bucket from 7, woo & hoo.

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