Selling Stinking Collection at Southbound’s Grand Opening Tomorrow!!


A few less items than this shot of the Record Fair bunch but you get the picture

Yes indeed to celebrate the opening of Southbound’s monstrous new retail palace on Symonds Street tomorrow I will be parking up at shady table at the back, and flicking on some of the records I don’t need anymore but you might. After a very successful and enjoyable stint at the Record Fair at the end of last year these are priced to sell which means the bulk is $2 Jamaican 7″s & $5 12″s and LPs. There are some $15 and $20 albums and even a very few $30 items but they are the exceptional exceptions and most is just aimed at getting it into a good home. Sales will be going through Southbound’s merrily ringing tills so unlike the Record Fair this won’t be cash only, eftpos, and kredit kard are all cool.
Shop opens at 10, Delaney Davidson is going to be serenading the sweaty palmed punters at some point and you know Southbound always do things right so there’ll be good scores and sumptuous friendly vibes like nowhere else.. Door opens at 10, see you then.


Bit of Busy, bit of straight talking

Coupla things… I think yesterday was the first time I’ve made a submission on a Bill, I suspect there will be a bit more of that happening with the way our fragile facade of democracy is being pissed on by the big dogs and hogs of the ruling party. My submission was rushed and short, which was inevitable and no doubt a deliberate effect of the ludicrous amount of time allowed for this bizarre, draconian, downright scary, sped through legislation – but Green MP Catherine Delahunty said it far better than I could – Points and prizes to her, next up I’ll be getting my writing on to my local Labour MPs, enough is enough

By way of contrast this is one of my top 3 Busy Signal tunes of the year and this vid just makes me smile. We need some of that right now….

Rodi Kirk – new EP …it stuns

That right there is the brand new EP from Rodi Kirk who is probably better known as Scratch 22. Having followed the development of this since its inception (more or less) I’m completely biased, but also 100% categorically correct (and scientifically proven) in saying that its brilliant, and it’s quite possible your life isn’t even close to complete until you’ve repaired yourself to the bandcamp locale and shaken a few shekels in Rodi’s direction. Regular listeners/readers/perusers should already be familiar with all of these tracks and accompanying imagery by now, not that that is going to stop me running one or two tonight, if not more. I could describe its myriad peaks and troughs, and  sumptuous detail to you but I’ve just been online reading some reviews of other things and I feel a bit vomity and very much like giving up writing… especially as Rodi is my mate, and I’m heartily sick of people writing gratuitously about their muckers music, or even worse people they think will be their chums on social media after they’ve blown a galaxy’s worth of smoke up their ass. I’m far too bitter and cynical right now to be talking about this music, so go and listen to it and support Rodi’s endeavours, because he’s worth it.

Golden Dawn Stinking Action This Week – Thursday 16th with Johnathan Toubin, & Saturday 18th


As previously threatened I will be spinning some solid hooha at Golden Dawn tomorrow night, but the usual full night of olfactory wave-ology is being split up between Thursday (7-10pm will be me) and Saturday (11pm -2, good for you ). The reason for this is the last minute addition of New York soul DJ Johnathan Toubin (he of Soul Clap/ New York Night Train etc) to the night, he will be rarking things up from 10pm. You can find out more about the fish kissing, strictly 45 playing phenomenon here but I’ve taken the liberty of cutting’n’pasting a chunk below that should give you an idea that this may be one not to miss in a particularly soul sodden week. Tomorrow night I’ll obviously be veering towards the soul side of the street with a few tangents of course, Saturday the gloves are off for an all over selection and of course inbetween there’s Verona on Friday and who knows what will go down there….

Playing to dancers instead of collectors, cutting $5 commoners with $500 rarities with strategic pitching, sequencing, EQ-ing, and transitioning, Mr T distinguished his sets from typical 45 DJs by focusing on juxtaposition of beats and developing a playfully unique selection aesthetic. In the process he also stood in contrast to the hit-players and computer jocks on the other end of culture by playing uncommon supreme music on all-original vinyl. Years of nightly gigging in a variety of settings offered NYNT’s conductor a huge advantage over his peers in that his labor also served as an infinite laboratory regarding the subtleties of how, without spinning obvious material, to make a variety of cultures and subcultures dance together – uniting even the squarest weekend dance floors under the undeniable power of his live improvised mixes of real deal records.

In addition to its notorious dance contest, New York Night Train parties have been made even more interesting by including noteable guest DJs, live music, visuals, and performance to the mix. Andrew WK, Black Lips, Dum Dum Girls, King Khan and the BBQ and King Khan and the Shrines, the Oh Sees, Quintron and Ms Pussycat, Charles Bradley, The Gories, Sky Saxon, La La Brooks of the Crystals, Wreckless Eric, Reigning Sound, and dozens and dozens more have played at NYNT parties. In addition to practically every major American 45 DJ of note, the parties have also featured guest DJs from across music: Calvin Johnson (Beat Happening), Danny Kroha and Mick Collins (The Gories), David Johansen (New York Dolls), Genesis P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle), Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers), Ian Svenonius (Make-Up), James Chance (Contortions), Jared Swiley and Cole Alexander (Black Lips), Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedy’s), Jon Spencer (Pussy Galore), Kembra Pfahler (Veloptuous Horror of Karen Black), Kyp Malone (TV on the Radio), Moses Archuleta (Deerhunter), Sean Yseult (White Zombie), Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and many more. Finally, outside of his own parties, Jonathan as a DJ has shared bills with Black Keys, Bon Iver, Dinosaur Jr, Erykah Badu, Faith No More, F*cked Up, Interpol, Jack White, Kool Herc, LCD Soundsystems, MGMT, MIA, Mission of Burma, Odd Future, Rick Ross, Silver Apple, Ty Segall, Vivian Girls, and hundreds of other notablebands and DJs. An eclectic mix to say the least.

Magic Roundabout gets roundyer and aboutlier with Wastemaster infusion

DJ Wastemaster in the area

Tonight at Verona it will not only (strictly metaphorically!) stink and (literally) dub, with myself and Dubhead holding it down as ever but there will be excess (once again its all about the metaphorics) garbage intrusion with DJ Wastemater, His Rt Royal Boaklyness – flying in to be the meat in the sandwich between 8pm & 10pm.
Fire!!!…that’s all.

Sunday Selections at Tyler Street Garage … and now with …flyer!!!!!

TSG Sunday Selections_02

As you can see up above, the Sunday Selections that Dub, myself and top ranking guests have been running up at Tyler Street Garage now has been blessed with a scorching wee flyer. It’s timely too as Dub bought back a veritable slab of top tunage from States, and the opportunity to have a strictly reggaematical sesh every Sunday has had me digitising more of that JA & beyond goodness than ever before – suffice to say it’s fit to blow in a suitably sedate Sunday arvo & hevening style.
As it goes this week I will be running the tunes from 3-6 while Dubhead will step up off the bench for the 6-9 slot, since he’s been off riding the rhythms down in Welli all weekend. Normally we aim on having a three for three juggle between 5 and 7 and that is simply the bestest with much digging deep and gem pullery going on, but solo or in combination there’s an awful lot of exceptionally end of the week reggae going down at TSG on the regular. With no cover, the best view in town, tipples and vittles galore and all manner of the rest on the rooftop it would be just the choicest to see your grinning visages.

Oh yeah Magic Roundabout at Verona as usual tonight – though with Dub on an away fixture I think it is the mighty Manuel Bundy alongside Mr Big Stuff and myself for the afternoon/evening/proper ites&fire night-time malarkey.

SJD – Make Love Ask Questions Later


You oughta know already but for the stragglers, latecomers and head under the rocksers here it is – the new SJD vid, brilliantly done by Edward de Vere.

SJD – ‘Make Love Ask Questions Later’ from Round Trip Mars on Vimeo.

Directed by Edward de Vere
Featuring Martin Moeller & Natalie MacMahon
DOP – Matteo Zoppis
Dolly / Grip – Alessandro Zoppis
Art Directed by Edward de Vere & Jana Barthel
Hair & Makeup by Jana Kalgajeva
Styling by Jana Kalgajeva & Edward de Vere
2nd Camera & Dolly / Grip Assist – Evan Marchman
Produced by Edward de Vere

Ram Jam Rodigan and Wrongtom Reasonings – worth a gander


I’ve never been lucky enough to interview Rodigan, but when asked about inspiration as a DJ it’s his name and John Peel’s that come out instantly… without even a thought. I was bought up on tapes of his shows and then actual listenings on London runs, and have subsequently seen him play and even shook the hand and mumbled thanks at places like Gossips or that pub in Primrose Hill where he used to have Dennis Alcapone on the mic (making for very messy weeknight ramifications). Hanyways below is a decent chunk of interview, about half an hours worth, betwixt the His Rodiganlyness and one of the best of the next Wrongtom – needless to say it’s great and inspiring and all that stuff. Points and prizes, and why not props as well, to FACT TV who have the handle and all that fandangle.