No Stinky Grooves from me tonight…


That’s right.. I’m crook. Hopefully all good for Verona on Friday and next week…apologies..Jim

One thing I was going to be playing tonight (and also on the Morning Mixtape on Esther’s show which I also had to postpone) is this piece of haunting brilliance from Mike Garry and Joe Duddell. Rather than having me needlessly wibble on about it can I suggest that you watch the clip where Mike and Joe elaborate and ruminate on the greatness of Wilson, the unmitigated worthiness of the entire project (all proceeds go to the Christie Charitable Trust which is particularly pertinent given he spent his last days there) and more. You can buy it here in a variety of formats etc, I recommend the extended EP which has the Weatherall remix in vocal and instrumental versions and an acapella and more money going to a good cause. Amongst those on the vid are Steve Coogan, Iggy Pop, Shaun Ryder, Christopher Eccleston, John Cooper Clarke, Philip Glass, Bernard Sumner, Gillian Gilbert, Stephen Morris, Richard Madeley, Julie Hesmondhalgh, Paul Morley, Peter Saville, Miranda Sawyer, Rowetta, Terry Christian, Kloot’s Johnny Bramwell, James guitarist Larry Gott, Andrew Weatherall, Paul Morley The Durutti Column’s Vini Reilly and many more…it’s epic, and rightly so.

Naturally I was going to be running the stonking Weatherall version – Guvnor in full effect!

more here

Please do support this, and see you next week.

New Weatherall alert!!! Man the headphones…


Out right now digitally (including lossless here) and very soon on vinyl and ye olde compact disque (here) Ruled By Passion, Destroyed By Lust is 78 minutes of Andrew Weatherall and Timothy J. Fairplay indulging in 80’s coated, well oiled, robot soul music of the very highest order.
The pair undoubtedly have their own distinctive (and decidedly deadly) vibe but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is part, and a progression, of the continuum with A Pox On The Pioneers and .. if he wasn’t before…. Weatherall sounds like he’s hitting new peaks yet again. Blimey!
Maybe I’ll do a review when I’ve had a few listens or perhaps I’ll just rave and carry on like the dribbling fanboy I undoubtedly am.
There’s a new Weatherall mix here. Haven’t had a chance to listen yet as I’ve been wrapping my lugholes around the Asphodells but no doubt it’s bostin, or at the very least interesting and testing. Yay to all of that.
As the Asphodells picture below shows Weatherall is tres hirsute and quite the distinguished gentleman in the apparel area these days…. However I’ve been going through a few old snaps….


it wasn’t always like that. Check out this pair of cheeseballs !

Weatherall bfm

From when he guested on Stinky Grooves in 199? (and I’m wearing a T-shirt from NZ’s finest record store Ebony Records no less…so that dates it)
More posts and a new stinkmix soon……….

Stinky Grooves 20.10.09 & The Weatherall Times pt 1


Get Carter – Jah Wobble (Pressure Sounds)
Rhythm Collision (RSD Rmx) – Ruts DC (Echo Beach)
Natty Goat Rider – Ealzee
Fat Bird Dub – Ealzee
Freedom – Moody Boyz (Studio Rockers)
Kuff Kumbia – Sabo & Cassady (Bersa Discos)
Dime Luna (Kinky Electric Noise Cumbia Nativo Rmx) – Ancineto Molina ft Ghostface
Gota (El Hijo De La Cumbia Rmx) – Sekreto
La 3ra De Los Toquesitos – Sonido Kumbia
Colas-La – Claude Rolcin Et Le West Indian Combo (Soundway)
Oriza – King (Soundway)
Escape From Prism – Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls (Ubiquity)
High Together – Siriusmo (Monkey Town)
Don’t Block The Box – Runaway (Clone)
The Indian – Pollyester (Permanent Vacation)
Through The Strata – Etienne Jaumet (Versatile)
Least Favourite Rapper (Anti-Pop Consortium Rmx) – Busdriver (Epitaph)
Kiss The Ring – Raekwon ft Inspectah Deck (Koch)
KunteKinteTarDiss – Juice Aleem (Big Dada)
Hard Rain (Messengers Rmx) – J.Period & K’naan
Alive (Nightmare) – Kid Cudi (Universal Motown)
Volcano (Four Tet Rmx) – Anti-Pop Consortium (Big Dada)
Fall – Blue Daisy (Black Acre)
Tonewash – Eero Johannes (Planet Mu)
Sister James – Dompteur Mooner (Super Tahoe Edits)
Nights Off – Siriusmo (Monkey Town)
Direct Action – Radical Majik (Rotters Golf Club)
Direct Action (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) – Radical Majik (Rotters Golf Club)
Fail We May, Sail We Must – Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
Fail We May, Dub We Must – Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
Major Heavy -Shafiq Husayn (Plug Research)
Caution Site – Kelpe (DC Recordings)
This Is How We walk On The Moon (Bogdan Edit) – Johanna Billing vs Arthur Russell
The Creeping Tings Of The Earth – Jefferson Belt (Round Trip Mars)
Herb Tree (Remix) – Collie Buddz
Get Carter (Cliff Brumby Rmx) – Jah Wobble (Pressure Sounds)
Creation Dubwise – Itopia (Basic Replay/Wackies)
Whiskey Dub – Jahmiga (Jahtari)
Villa Crespo – Dale Duro (Soot)
Evil Man – Shafiq Husayn (Plug Research)
Come With Me – Jahdan Blakkamoore (Gold Dust)

I’m not entirely sure we have made enough of a fuss about the bountiful amounts of Weatherall that are flowering in abundance right now. Though I didn’t manage to play a track from it this week, the new Fuck Buttons album ‘Tarot Sport’ is a total mindbender, and it’s also something like only the second album (not his own) that he’s produced in the last 14 years or something riddiculous. If I were a doctor I would suggest that you need to visit your local crucial chemist or online supplier of beaty baked goods and get yourself a dose of that right nowest, repeat daily for as long as it takes.
Then there’s the ‘Andrew Weatherall Vs The Boardroom Vol 2’ compilation on the man himself’s Rotters Golf Club label, which includes ‘Brother Johnston’s Travelling Disco Consultancy’ (oh for a huge PA and open eared crowd to lay that on) and several other Slough-stained epistles, as well as some spineful technoid contributions from the various Boardroom banditos.
The really big one is ‘A Pox On The Pioneers’, the first album to appear under his own name, with a fair bit of vocal malarkey and lyrical largesse from Andrew (no longer Andy) himshelf. It’s a change-up, and a far more succesful one than his last vocal forays, for my money. The whole thing has a ring of ‘Sandanista’ era-Clash about it amongst many other flavours, not in a slavish way, in a way that puts a huge grin on my boat when driving around to it. That is a good thing.
I’m not going to wibble on about it too much – it’s a love it or can’t be bothered it with it scenario I reckons, and I’m personally down with anyone releasing a record that pushes out the borderlines on a two decade plus career and which forces folks to make a decision. I won’t lie, the music is so wickedly evocative and heartfelt that I’d dearly love to hear an instrumental version, but that is in no way demeaning the vocal content because I reckon he’s found his right spot amongst it, and some of the lyrics are straight out blinding, none of them are wasted. So with that in mind I’m going to post one of the wordy tracks, my suggestion is give it a few plays and don’t jump to quick conclusions. My other suggestion is buy all of the above and get in touch with your inner Rotter, your cerebral Swordsman and/or your pertinently placed Paradisical Sabre, You know it makes sense.
Keep this frequency open, I’m threatening a bit of inter-show posting, don’t really have the time right now but I’m just going to make it..because it must be done.. blah de blah.
Buy zee album direct or digitalis from Juno , no wax yet – boo hiss
Rottersweb (good podcast up at the mo, check heem)
Sterling Weatherall piece in the uniformly excellent Fact

The tashtacular Andrew looking ready to start a revolution.. an industrial revolution. Hang on… someone already did that.


Think we may have to do posts on them other releases, so consider this a gentle engine starter.

Stinkmix 24 – Musky Moments — Free DL —


They come in waves……..  Stinkbombs 808 is still downloadable (and in triple figures) from this post, but it’s back to the original Stinkmix series for some fresh Musky Moments. Once again it’s been split into two files, with a printable PDF cover amongst the mptrees (cover design don-ette Cherry Sprinkles says ‘brown paper is a must!’) I’m particularly chuffed with the way this one went down, and I hope there’s something on  there that floats your proverbial boat and sends you fleeing to the local record shop or internet vendor of choice. Please do let me know if it finds favour, bit of a tracklisting/sloppy sleevenotery/inane ramble below …..enjoy.
Stinkmix 24 – Musky Moments

Opening the score card with insistent horns, a crazy break (masked with nonsense, I’m not Santa Claus) and a trailerload of library swagger is French mood music maestro Roger Roger. If you’re not familiar, yes that is his real name (apparently his composer father had a sense of humour, not unlike the paternal figure in a ‘ A Boy Named Sue’) and as it goes he’s pretty much my favourite library music dude, along with a couple of other fine and fruity gents. Until I started doing the research for this post I never had a clue this was such a highly prized record(I have the Chappel trademark blue artwork version but I couldn’t find a pic of that anywhere)and rated as one of his most collectable, it’s completely understandable because the whole record a veritable scorcher.
Roger Roger understandably also worked under a number of aliases (Cecil Leuter for his electronic excursions, Eric Swan, Roger Davy etc) up until his death in Paris in 1995 at the ripe old age of 84, and some of his work has been re-issued on excellent comps from folks like Barry 7 (Add N To (X)) and Luke Vibert amongst others. Surprisingly I couldn’t find this torturously tremendous track on any re-issues but that might be down to my googular impatience.
Buy if you dare, 150 Euros here
Roger Roger on Discogs



Though he has never really gone off the boil it has to be said that Home Counties hero Mr Weatherall has been on a right regal renaissance over the last couple of years. I’m particularly feeling the nouveau-rockabilly traces running through both these mixes and frankly I’m not surprised. When Andrew (or Andy, as he was then) guested on Stinky Grooves in 1992 (I think) I can remember a big and enthusiastic off-air Jerry Lee Lewis discussion (and the rolling out of my stalking the Killer in Memphis at Bad Bob’s Vapours story) during a set that has very little doof and plenty of yard music vibes. Unfortunately thats one I don’t think I have on cassette.
His gigs on that trip were justifiably legendary with a storming set at The Box that I’m sure is remembered by each and every one of the packed punters, an odd one at the Powerstation when the power went down and we burned a big head spliff at the decks waiting for the juice to return, and a little scorcher down in Welli at the Metro. The subsequent years saw me stopping in at the Sabres office in Soho whenever I was back in the UK (considerably more in those days) and receiving some VIP on the sly treatment for simply being introduced by Andy to the good folks at Fat Cat and other shops. Allsorts of white labels and rare delicacies came my way as a result of Andy’s largesse and introductions, and despite that time being the start of a pretty gnarly period for Andy and Nina they always treated me more than proper.
It’s a crying shame that he has subsequently visited Australia several times but has never made it back to NZ, all we have now is the records.
The XX Teens seem like a loutishly loud bunch from Londinium who were originally known as the Xerox Teens before the photocopier folk got their proverbial knickers in a twist. This mix came out a couple of years ago but I consider Stinkmixes the appropriate place for tunes that have some staying power rather than just a collection of now and next hipster biz. This is fire and brimstone with a bugling bassline and gratuitous yelping, who could ask for more.
VV Brown got a rundown previously on these pages, you can check it with a miniscule mouse movement here. Like the XX Teens I’m not convinced that I will be following her career with eagle eyed eagerness but if the mixes are this good I’ll definitely be keeping an ocular object out.
Buy direct from Mute or from the shops
XX Teenspace
Rotters Golf Club is Weatherall central, good podcast up there right about now

Check Castles In Space or Acid Ted (Everything from Andy to Weatherall they boast…everything?) for Weatherallanalia
XX Teens

Andrew Weatherallabilly
Mz V V Brown
Apparently working on some business with labelmate Burial right now Zomby has become quite the reputable fellow over the last wee while. His double 12″ pack for Hyperdub is straight out exceptional and is the kidn of thing that needs to be bought on faith as a 30 second slice on computer speakers is almost definitely NOT going to do it for you. He chooses to be reasonably mysterious, and rails against being flung in some journalistic genre pool and described as wonky or dubstep or whatever. Fair enough, most of his music truly sounds like no-one else (though this track has a fair bit of El-B/Burial vibes running through it to disprove my point) and rather than any hackneyed terms it just makes me think of a rewarding slog through audio mud with only an airhorn and a full armoury of sonic shards to fight off the darkly demonic forces of musical law and order. Fucking brilliant then!




These sage words of traffic safety advice from Mr Saville, from the days before it was the law and and all that, also gift Tom Ford, the owner of the last record shop in Bristol, with a title for his stunning, stand-alone piece of dusbstechno. His name is pronounced Pev-er-list apparently (I asked fellow Bristolian Rob Smith to be sure, as I always wondered, Rob described it as a ‘a brave name’) and his music seems to be pronounced with incrementally massive gasps of awe with every single release. The head honcho of the Punch Drunk label outdoes himself with this one, and furthermore it’s b-side ‘Gather’ pleasantly reminds me of the whole, so called ‘ambient dub’ buzz that we (selectively) loved on Tranquillity Bass back in the day (doff of the chapeau to Kirk there). Had to include a pic of Mr Saville whose Sunday Radio 1 shows instilled a deep love of Ramsey Lewis/Young Holt Trio in me which continues to be a small time obsession to this very day. I hope that with this mix (and this track in particular) I have ‘fixed it’ for you!
Good Peverelist feature at the excellent Fact

I’m not sure if it was having remixes from Skream, Kode 9 et al, or simply a long overdue awakening but the man with the impossible name Geiom finally seems to be getting the hype he richly deserves. Berkane Sol releases have repped Nottingham with excess niceness since day one and have always reflected tastes that step outside of any artifical genre borderlines, mind you Geiom was releasing quality gear long before dubstep was a wobbling its way towards who knows what. Appleblim is just class, though much as I appreciate his recent technoid excursions it’s great to hear him getting his collaborative hands dirty on some business that is dubbed out with depth and deadlyness. The flip of this ‘Flame Tree’ is almost equally as good, purchase is mandatory Rory.
By day (excuse the pun) LD aka Leon Day is the cutting engineer at Transition, a place that arguably has had as much of an influence on dubstep as any of the leading labels. Could this be a typically preposterous, discussion seeking statement from yours truly? Maybe. However, as anyone who mixes their styles up (and still plays bumboclaat vinyl whenever possible) will testify, when you put on a record that has been cut at Transition on the decks, especially before or after something that hasn’t, you’d best be reducing the gain and milding out the EQ’squick sharp because your speakers are about to get the serious, sadistic-personal-trainer-style workout. You know how the first dubstepper of the evening on Stinky Grooves sometimes drops like ten ton of bricks? Blame Leon Day! Like Berlin’s legendary Dubplates & Mastering (tonal translators of Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound, Pole etc), Transition has built an fully deserved, un-paralelled rep for sonic precision and bass weight – it’s something that you can genuinely feel when you’re on the business side of a decent soundsystem, and your chest is snapping while your ears are lost in crisp hi-hat patterns and melodic movements. I, for one, love the fact that so much importance is attached to the sound of dubstep records (as in vinyl), it’s part of an ongoing tradition of course, but while the be-capped boys and handbag dancing girls are baying for bigger, wobblier (and ultimately cheezier) bassline gratification, many of the big names and most interesting up and comers are getting downright Gaudi on their sonic architecture, creating new shapes and pushing the codes.
Before I truly launch off on that one I should return to LD. I’ve linked to two excellent interviews that say it all far better than I ever could below, so there’s plenty of info to be had. From my corner pretty much every tune this guy touches is special, exposed to the very best on a daily basis at Transition, all his cuts seem to have purpose, no filler b-side noodles for Leon. His 12″ on Ringo (Clockwatching/Swing Dat Skirt) never got the shine it really should have, nor did this one which still sounds fresh and unique even though it’s been in my box for a good while. Both of his releases for Hyperdub ( ‘Bad’/2′ Bad’ with Kode 9 and ‘Traumatic Times’/’Woodblock’) are excess essential, but there’s something understated and quite brilliant about the curiously titled ‘Green Ranger’. The bassline seems to burrow its way throughout the tune, the skanks feel militant rather than passive and the detail and interplay is stunning. I’m not sure who’s behind 2nd Drop but they put out some fierce records that seem to have supernatural staying power.
Buy locally Samurai have the handle
Excellent Martin Clark/Pitchfork piece here..must read!
More recent interview at Markle Said Wha?
Alright this is getting riddiculous it’s like a novella per track, fortunately I have had a wee ramble about this track here. It fits with nothing, it fits with everything… genius.
Spared my verbosity once again, here is a little something I prepared earlier.
Buy from Warp themselves
DJ Mujava
Mark Pritchard
Always find this Tory prat when I look for Pritchard pics, breaks up all the good eggs I guess.
This track infuriates me, it’s a re-edit and one I know that I know, and also probably have the original of, but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what it is. If anyone does know, please put me out of my misery and spill the beans. Had a wee rant about the previous RS & C 12″ on Mixed Blood Cuts here and this slice of discoid deviance is no less sturdy. Readily havailable so try it then buy it…

Cazbee piece taken from Rocking The City


Richard Sen
There are few things finer than scoring a longshot on the basis of a great mix and discovering that’s not even the half of it. In the case of this 12″, it was the Kelpe remix that piqued my interest and had me ticking the box on UK order, and it wasn’t a bad call with it’s bubbling glitchtronics over a mid-90’s NYC flavour break. However the original by moody French geezcon Fedaden and Ghislain Poirier’s fuel-injected remix have been the scene stealers and turntable terrorizers since the 12″ on Nacopajaz touched down. Poirier’s percolatingly percussive present sounds like he’s been spending some time with Mujava’s ‘Township Funk’ and other kwaito krucialities but he’s got his own slant and that works just fine for me. I tend to only like one in every few things I hear from Mnsr Poirier but I do seem to end up really, really liking ’em. This is no exception and there isn’t really a duff rub on the whole 12″…. points and prizes.
Ghislain Poirier
What to say about Depth Charge? The first record in a few years, and thankfully all of the irresistible J Saul Kane signifiers are firmly in place. The theme is self-explanatory, the beats come in a barrage and basically all is good with the world. One of very few artists whose records I have played consistently since Stinky Grooves started 18 or so years ago, JSK rarely disappoints. La Boca excel on the sleeve design tip as ever and I await more robotic rodent tales or similar with bated breath.

Aah we have pontificated in the general direction of Coco Solid and the 12″ this has come from before here. This instrumental is a killer from the many-monikered Extravagangsta, who will be a force in the future without a shadow of pout.
Check the latest Coco Solid video below – ’tis hot stuff, and I suspect a tsunami of next level larrikination will be emerging following the recent overseas shenanigans of the CS crew… can hardly wait.

Ay ay ay, I’m all wrote out, have blahed on Zomby already oop top. This tune is wonderfully sea-sick and positively viscous (as in viscosity, not vicious incorrectly spelt) in an incredibly attractive style and fashion.
Still the most stunning set I’ve seen in a long time, I have heard talk of Flying Lotus being drawn back here for a major festival in 2010. Fingers crossed on that, in the meantime I hope he keeps shuffling over to the region he’s in on this, and the immeasurably essential split 12″ with Joker on Tectonic. The original of this was a masterpiece in its own right, somehow reminiscent of those great early d’n’b 12″s on labels like Celluloid with it’s moody pads and shady atmospheres, and the remix sends it off to another messed-up stratosphere still retaining just enough trace elements. Splendideration.


Flying Lotus

Very appropriately titled this is one of those records that has taken squatters rights in my sevens box for quite some time. How can you not love a track that simultaneously entrances folks keen to shake a leg before discombobulating them and repeating the process till the run-off groove. As ever it was a coin-toss between Mz Gut’s more vocal but no less vibrant and vivacious original mix, and sometime Orb-er and Kompakt artist Thomas Fehlmann’s bouncing tango lick.

7″ no longer available but get the ‘I Put A Record On’ album here
Gudrun Gut
Thomas Fehlmann
Check this post for a tres petit warble about this French DJ ledge.
Buy from here or here, but theys running out
Mas mas on Rog Rog above in the 1 slot.
Here’s a little bonus, this track was on Stinkmix 5 ‘Mystery Mistura’ which is last millenium business.

With over 10,000 songs to her name Noor Jehan was bound to have at least one crucial cut of contrition and this is it. Amazing lady, and a brilliant song that appeared on ‘This LP Crashes Hard Drives’, this was the only tune that was guaranteed to end up on the mix, it simply had to!

At frikking last – the toppa top 10 of 2008… the odyssey ends…..


Well this has certainly been a lesson in biting off more than you can chew for the novice blogger, originally I intended to have this list over by the end of January. It’s March. Next time something more manageable, or a lot more preparation. This albatrossesque list has kept me from doing a lot of other stuff on the blog (like whopping up some more posts with Jason’s JA pics, getting round to half the things I’ve promised etc etc) especially because these posts have taken a fair bit of getting together, and my apologies for that. Honwards and cupwards from here on in.
divSHARE was playing up when I was finishing off this lengthy post, so there’s also a link to the files on Mediafire on the titles of all the posted tracks. Let’s get this done.

10. On The Rock – Mavado (Baby G)

Yet another that technically may have been an ’07 release but really came through strongest in ’08, especially helped by its Barrack Obama version for Green Lantern. Mr Brooks may have flopped out in his (somewhat ludicrous and not that entertaining) clash with Vybz Kartel at Sting, but on the right tune (and in the right key) he can be unstoppable. Written about the police bust of his birthday party this is a modern dancehall classic that I was compelled to play loudly and frequently for quite some time, much to the chagrin of my better half who is not such a big Mavado fan. Points and prizes to Jammy’s and sons (Baby G in this case) for the mightyness of the Mission rhythm too, even if it is only a sliver away from the also excellent Shootout. Strangely I can’t find the 7″ available from any of my regular lurking spots but it’s on a number of comps, so get yer google on.


Mavado sneakers, like you do.

09. Honey (Moody Boyz Remix) – Erykah Badu (White)

For one reason and another I feel a special attachment to this one and personally I rate it up there with the very best from Mr Tony of Thorpe. Curiously enough the original is one of my least favoured tracks on the excellent album it’s taken from, though the video really made the song. I would chuck it up (ooh err) but you’re not allowed to embed it, because you know promoting the music and stuff is a bad idea according to someone or other. The saucy, sold out white label 12″s were limited to a 300 run  however eagle eyed spotters can still find the 7″, which has a very usable edit, though sadly no dub.
You get some interesting results when searching for moody boys. Here’s the Tibetan moodmesiters.
The 12″
The 7″

08. A Trader Of Furs Living In Exile (Quiet Village Rmx) – Luger E-Go (Crue-L)

This could almost as easily have been the original A side version by Kenji Takumi, a subdued housing rumble with cat cries and depth…..deep, deep.. unfathomable depth. However there would be something severely amiss if there wasn’t a Quiet Village remix on the top shelf of this seemingly endless listeration. I really like the way Quiet Village have followed two distinctive paths for remixes and their ‘original’ tracks.  It’s their more modernist and relentlessly spaced out remixes that mow my musical lawn (not to denigrate the excellent ‘Silent Movie’ in the slightest). Speaking to Matt Edwards around the time of their album release he said that the latest material they were working on was more in the vein of their remixes, which will definitely keep my #1 fanboy enthusiasm flowing. Unfortunately this fortified fifth of an hour seems exceptionally hard to find now though Matt did mention the possibility of a QV remix album (well actually I hassled him about it, especially as I have already done my own double disc version in the Stinkmix series), in the meantime have a taste below.
07. Gullybrook Lane – Joker (Terrorhythm)
What to say about this HUGE tune? Joker simply makes tracks that sound like no-one elses, refuse to sit neatly in anyone’s genre trap and appear to be flown in from some part of the future no-one else is imagining. I dont think I’ve heard a track by this geezer that hasn’t blown me away yet, nuff said.


06. More Hardcore – Lenky Don (Starlight)

This was a big tune for me, and I’m still not quite sure how an American based artist (of T’n’T origins) managed to buck up on such a grimey rhythm before furnishing it with a phenomenal flow. I was so taken with it, I ended up hailing Lenky through the potty portal that is MySpace and interviewing him for Real Groove alongside the similarly forward 77Klash. Based on this track alone (and there’s an as yet unfinished, autotune one-drop version that aint half bad too, and got folks asking when I ran it on Stinky Grooves) we ended up getting Lenky to do a vocal on a forthcoming Unitone HiFi tune, which is a potential right scorcher that was put down on a very, very hazy October morning in East Brooklyn. You’ll be hearing it here first but in the meantime check this gem from a lovely geezer who is well worth keeping a proverbial eye on.



05. The Anthem – Onra (Favourite)
A monstrous slip of a tune from the French beat-homme with the Vietnamese heritage. We had a good old rah bout Onra here. Brilliant to see this has been issued on 45 especially as I think the vinyl album pressing is sold out and done. Don’t want to make this the sycophantic section of the list but Onra is yet another luvverly feller.
(buy 7″)
(buy album)
Onra and the Coke debacle with this song. From the excellent Pinglewood.
This is the new Onra album, is good.

04. Sweet Love For Planet Earth (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) – Fuck Buttons (ATP Records)

Just listen as the Bristolian duo get their already monstrous tune gently doofed by the Son of Slough. Took me a while to track this down but apparently the linked spot below has it. Best of everything in one mix, genius stuff.
There could have been a whole heap more Busy throughout this list, as Joker is to dudestep, Signor Signal is to dancehall…. basically totally on another level. This tune astounded me…no drums, like none. And are they missed? Are they necessary? Not in the slightest. Apparently he wrote the basis of this rhythm (and there isn’t much more to it than the basic basis) himself, even though it’s credited to Shawn Scott and the mighty SSMG label. If that’s the case (and I have no reason to doubt it) then I want to hear more from this prodigiously talented geez so long as it doesn’t preclude him from cutting sides with his manager Shane ‘Jukeboxx’ Brown, Daseca or any of the little Jammy’s. I have woffled on about the greatness of Busy here previously (about every 3d post) and no doubt will be doing again so let’s leave it at that. Due to hassles has with takedown notices on gear that appeared on his VP album (you find it, I aint promoting it for them peoples anymore!) I’ve only posted ‘Caan Beat We’ which is his 2nd cut on the rhythm, and though it didnt cause quite the same splash it’s no less of a farkin ripper.
(buy) ‘Caan Beat We’ from here ‘Cool Baby’/’Kool It Baby’ is no longer easily about.


02. The Crash Theme – Bot’ox (DC Recordings)

At the time when I was also foolishly proposing to do a top 30 albums of ’07 ‘Death Before Disptemper 2 – Revenge Of The Iron Ferret’ the DC Recordings comp was duking it out for the top spot. It’s definitely one of my most played and loved albums for the year, especially as it stretched the definitions of the the DC organisation even further with impeccably picked-out and surprising tracks from non-label artists. ‘Heal Us’ from 69 Crayons was a proper little (actually quite big) hit on the 95bFM playlist and didnt make it in this list through nothing but my own stoopidity and trying to juggle priorities, but this atmosphere drenched masterpiece is truly the pick of the bunch without a shadow of doubt for me. Cosmo Vitelli and Julian Briffaz are Bot’Ox and there is an album on the way, how incredibly exciting that is. There’s a real theme (beyond the automotive) and feel to their gear, and it’s little surprise that DFA picked up their excellent Babylon By Car/Tragedy Symphony 12″ for release, don’t sleep on their ‘Crashed Cadillac’ track either (there are vinyl and mp3 links to buy at the Bot’Ox MoiSpace page below) there’s absolutely no toxicity here. If you haven’t heard this track, I urge and implore you to check the mp3, and then point your monetary device towards the nearest vendor of this compilation, which is more mint than an explosion at the Colgate factory.

Here’s some blurbulation I wrote about this splendid record for the Listener.

01. The Healer – Erykah Badu (Motown)

Another tune that I got well obsessed with for a longggg period of time. In all honesty I’ve never been a big Erykah Badu fan, there’s been tunes here and there over the years, this is some other business. From what I’ve heard Badu should also be getting credit on the instrumental alongside Madlib, but why quibble when the result is so unique and magnificent. Unfortunately I can’t post the track or embed the vid, it shouldn’t be hard to find out there if you somehow haven’t already acquainted yourself with it. Fucking brilliant record!!
Even better (buy) this 12″ and you have the instrumental….. what an instrumental!!
Me blahing on about Badu for the Listener
Living With Baduizm… seriously check this bit of Nah Right vintage pisstakery.
No mas!

49-30 of 08’s finest…. getting serious

And on (and on) it goes. I have long since realised that I bit off more than was easily chewable with this list, but in the words of Magnus Magnusson (the first celebrity Icelander) ‘I’ve started, so I’ll finish’! There were plans for doing similar with the album list but I fear that if I went down that road the best of 08 could be running till the end of ’09. The hope was to have this all sauteed by the end of Jan but Wellington (and more precisely THE bleedin BUG!!) are calling and I reckon the top 30 should be up here by this time next week, definitely, maybe….. hopefully.

49 The Rope Tightens…But The Bough Breaks – Shackleton (Skull Disco)
See this post. I could have filled this list with Shackleton triumphs of the last year from remixes to original tracks but this dark, dank and deadly track from the ‘Soundboy’s Suicide Note’ EP was a must.

48 The Mission – Stephen & Damian Marley (Tuff Gong)
Alongside the very similar, and also excellent, ‘One Loaf Of Bread’ this was a testament to the ‘….. & Sons’ power shift that has been going on in JA music with Bob’s nippers smashing it over a rhythm from the Jammy’s legacy. 


47 Spliff Dub (Rustie Remix) – Zomby (Hyperdub)

See this post
and this post for Rustie.


45 Miracles – Mala (Deep Medi)
There is a depth to every track that Mala releases, that guarantees they are always regarded as standalones. After a very quiet year from the DMZ camp this multi-leveled, unfathomably deep gem slipped out at the end of ’08 putting everyone on notice.

44. Minimoonstar (Shackleton Rmx) – Ricardo Villalobos (Perlon)
In all honesty it could just as easily have been the blinding original from the Chilean groundbreaker, but Shackleton’s mix was another sign of his growing prowess outside the restrictive mores and bpm straightjacket of the dudestep world. Villalobos continues to remind me of the fertile early-mid 90’s period when Burnt Friedman/NUF, Porter Ricks, Basic Channel et al drafted new templates for techno tones.

its cheap here (buy) it!!!

43. I Heard Wonders (Weatherall Vocal Mix) – David Holmes (Mercury)
There has already been much waxing lyrical about the largesse of the one lone swordsman on this list, but how about Holmes. Getting Alan Vega in for lyric writing is a stroke of genius, singing the songs himself could have gone horribly wrong (yet doesn’t) and both the original and remixed version of this are sublime, timeless pieces. The 7″ with this mix is still available but one would imagine there aint many left, get to it!!

42. Go Round Payola – Jahdan Blakkamore (Dutty Artz)

As mentioned before….big things in 09.
See this post. 

41. Ghost Note (Mark E Rmx) – Holy Jungle (Golf Channel)
A real, epic standout from the slo-mo shufflers scene amongst so many trifling, and frankly pointless, discoid dirges. This is right up there with Quiet Villagers in the school of not doing too much but doing it exceptionally well, always with a dab hand on the fx box. The mp3 doesn’t do the subsonic majesty of this slightly slept-on, 12″ justice – the wax is still havailable.

40. Township Funk – DJ Mujava (Warp)
Yes, yes this appeared in everyone’s top lists, and so it should. That it should end up on Warp is appropriate, as this really does sound like LFO taking a dip in a South African dancehall. The rest of Mujava’s tackle (that I’ve heard) doesn’t seem to have the x factor of this gratuitously remixed  and remodelled cut, who cares this is more than enough.

39. F.U.R. – Black Acid (Fitzrovian Phonographic)
Richard Fearless has always been a step out of time, getting lumped in with dubious scenes like big beat (gawd help us) and electroclash (I can barely believe I typed that term) when the reality is he has made consistently engaging and untypical music for many years. In cahoots with members of Coyote, NYMPH and others (I could have sworn there was some A Place To Bury Strangers link but I’m wrong, I think) he has formed some unholy alliance in Black Acid and this gritty r’n’r grind which came in typically stunning artwork  from Fitzrovian Phonographic, is tonal tease that is screaming out for a follow up.

Below is the cover though black on black on black makes for a serious eye test!


38. Don’t Unless – Romain Bno (Les Edits Du Golem)
So many edits this year, so few worthwhile. This fruity six pack of 50’s and 60’s re-shines was way above average and frankly foolish. Hurrah for that!
See this post.

37. Done Wid War – Busy Signal (Busy Signal Productions)
Posterations all over the place about Busy here at Stinkinc. This festive little boomshot from the Alliance camp lays on the fromage with a trowel, but what sort of a cold hearted cad couldnt find a place in their heart for this?? You can find his links and whatnot all over this blog like a rash…

35. Code For The Streets – 77 Klash (Klash City)
The man responsible for Turbulance’s classic ‘Nortorious’ and other fine tunes is poised for greatness. Interviewing him (via email) for Real Groove he was a proper gent and  a decidedly smart cookie too. Do smart cookies really exist? If so are there dumb ones? So many questions.
No need for me to put this up as the good folk at RCRDLBL have it here for you freely and legitimately like. Killer tune, NYC fire.

34. Clunk Click Every Trip – Peverelist (Punch Drunk)
Another end of year belter from the Bristol camp and a record that seesm to take on a different form every time you play it. A lot of the 2562, Headhunter etc technoeystep malarkey that people got all hot and bothered about this year was pleasant but failed to fully float my boat. Tracks like this need no justification and the b-side reminds me of the days of ‘ambient dub’ (apologies for the number of naff genre titles in this post) which is A-OK in my booklet.


33. Bosques Via Temperley – Chancha Via Circuito (ZZK)
For the amount that I’ve played and listened to it this year, the new school of cumbia gear coming out of Buenos Aries and the ZZK camp is probably underepresented. The vocal version of this featured on the excellent ZZK compilation (Digital Cumbia Vol 1), and the instrumental on its accompanying 12″, both are scorching. The Chancha Via Circuito album should be on the way to me as I type, and here’s hoping that this fertile scene gets the releases and distro it deserves in ’09, I’m loving this multidirectional gear.



32. The List – The Knux (Interscope)
Hip Hop album of the year no doubt for me and it’s criminal that lazy-ass journalists flung this in with the hipster rap dumpster. I’m not a man taken to rahing on about riffs, but it’s pretty damn decent when some of the best ones of the year came from a couple of New Orleans brothers now living in Hollywood. With this track it’s the very Peter Hook-esque bassline that should be taken in for questioning,  because it’s pure murderation…. launching this song into one of the great album openers of the year. (Doff of the cap to KH and Dart on this for the early listenings, you blessed us!)

(buy) in NZ


Below are the vids for ‘Cappucino’ and ‘Bang Bang’, which are two of my least favourite tracks from the album as it goes…but I’m not risking a ‘The List’ mp3 because it’s Interscope and it’s bound to cop flack.

31. Bad – Kode9 & LD (Hyperdub)
One of two excellent singles from the Hyperdub head honcho, who didn’t miss a beat with his label, this year, pushing boundaries with every release. Apparently this is ‘funky’ or some other foolish genre name (it’s the post for that, dont you know), well it is genuinely funky and quite remarkable, marking Kode9 out as a leader amongst  so many followers….. once again.

30. Vampire Blues – Wooden Shjips (Sick Thirst)
This Californian 4 piece have wormed their way into my affections with a sledgehammer approach to psychedelic caterwauling, that takes no prisoners. This was a tour only 7″ that can still be found (if you’re quick) and most of all the Neil Young cover reminds me of the Cramps at their finest. In this day and age that is something to be treasured! I’m not quite sure why, but man I love this band, what they do aint so new but they just seem to nail it time after time,  and anyone who’s prepared to indulge in a seriously headfuck version of Rabbie Burn’s ‘Auld Lang Syne’ (and then give it away on their website) is seriously in my good books!


59-50 the list trundles orn

59 Nautilus – Rune Lindbaek (Drum Island)
I have long harboured the softest of spots for the Vikingular vibes of leading nincompoop of Nordic niceness, Rune Linbaek. Many years ago I kicked off a mix CD for Remix mag with his Junta Jaeger, which is a masterpiece of sludgey discoid majesty, that I still fling in the box from time to time. The Bonat Synthesizer EP, for his own Drum Island label, snuck out towards the end of ’08 and is similarly top notch. I suspect will this also have a flextended shelf life round at chez Stinky and environs.


58 Forest Ghetto – Dub Delay Band (Tracky Bottoms)

I know next to nothing about the somewhat unattractively named outfit, on the brilliantly tagged Tracky Bottoms. Forest Ghetto was the initial standout for me, but all three tracks have something unusual and excellent going on. It’s pretty hard to find now, but the link below should be good, if you’re quick.

57 A Milli – Lil Wayne (Cash Money)
Enough has been written about this artist and this song, but it’s undeniable… and to not have it in the list would be frankly foolish.
56 A Manha Na Praia – The Alps (Type)
See this post for Alps guff and links.

55 Iceblock – SSR (From The Crate)
This was a delightful surprise from Auckland guitarslinger for all sorts of folk, Jeremy Toy, who comes on all shoegazi (his own term, from memory) for the mysterious S.S.R. You can check the moody blurred ‘Iceblock’ on his myspace (below) and I suggest an beady eye be kept on future activity from the S.S.R. camp.

54 Crying Blood (Andrew Weatherall Dub) – VV Brown (Island)
I had a ramble about this 10″ here and slung up the vocal version, here’s the Weatherall dub which isn’t available on the 7″ that has followed the sold out ten run. Large.

53Uptown (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) – Primal Scream (B Unique)
And there will be more Weathearall to come….. This sublime, somewhat nostalgic mix was only available with the ludicrously priced (50 quid) ‘Beautiful Future’ vinyl, limited edition, set, which was seemingly specifically designed for folk with more money than sense. I’m all for stimulating the market, and squeezing us last few foolish vinyl customers reasonably dry, but that amount is outrageous, and outside of the highly desirable, unavailable elsewhere 12″ of this mix, you’re paying for art prints and fancy packaging palaver. What a wanky waste of a good mix, and way to make music unattainable to your average sadass. Enjoy the mp3.

52 Le Valse De La Vie – Jean Marie Aerts (False Tuned)
This veteran Belgian guitarist unleashed a pearler of a 12″ for Tikiman’s label that won me over with it’s general Sergeness on this track, and an unusually high strike rate elsewhere. Oh and the ‘blah blah blah’ bits, get me big time.

This is another one I only have digitally by pulling it from one of my stinkmix cds, so apologies for any abrupt endage and stinking stings, c’est lavvy.
(False Tuned web)

51 Shoot Out – Mykal Rose

The exception that proves the rule, one of the great autotune tracks in a year of sooooo many lame ones. Like others in here it may technically be an ’07 track but until I have a proper copy in my grubby mitts.. it doesn’t really exist for me.


50 Wickedness – Cult Of The 13th Hour (Soul Jazz)

Interviewing Kevin Martin about the Bug album last year, Cult Of The 13th Hour came up in the conversation and he expressed disappointment that the identity of the Co13H (that’s quite a nifty ‘table of the elements’ kind of abbreviation right there) had been blown by a couple of British record shops. I was tickled by the thought that he imagined people might think this could be anyone but him and Spaceape. Both of these fellers have sonic signatures a mile high and fire for your soul, an album would be most welcome.


Top 100(ish) Songs of ’08 ….100-91

And so it begins. As much time as I’ve spent going through playlists, reviews, piles of discs, crates and the rest, it’s a very unscientific process and the numbers or rankings are pretty meaningless in all honesty. I’ve already remembered some stuff I’ve overlooked, so there will inevtably  be omissions and what have you. Some 10’s will have more tracks to try, some less, avoiding anymore attention from the pullers down of posts is a must right now. I’ll be trying to fling the next 10 up within a day or two, and so on, till we get to the albums. Enjoy.

100.  What Im Gonna Do – Bugle (Daseca)
This boy can whine (and I’m not talking about dancing) on some tracks, but when he’s on…phew. There’s a lot of aaite but ultimately average sub hip-hop rhythms running around JA these days, Daseca ALWAYS shine.

99. Usain Bolt Nuh Linga – Elephant Man
The tribute track came almost as fast as Bolt’s record breaking Olympic fun run, and it’s unspeakably fine to see Jamaicans having something positive to cheer about. However by the end of the year its back to business as usual with Ice, the originator of the Gully Creepa dance favoured by Bolt after demolishing the opposition, shot and killed in Kingston. Of course that bit of news ends up in the national press. Plus ca change.
This is a good bit of written Bolt Olympic commentary from them that were there.

Usain Bolt Nuh Linga – Elepehant Man

Nuh Linga (Original) – Elephant Man
Gully Creepa – Elephant Man

98. Soft Cheese – Natural Yoghurt Band (Jazzman)
Soft but definitely not sloppy, this 45 (the b-side of the nae bad ‘Voodoo’) from Gerald Jazzman’s eponymous label is a scorcher. First introduced to me by that man Grant in New Plymouth ( I believe they call him The General or suchlike) on a scorching night, mid-WOMAD at some bar gig that turned out real nice with Cian also on the decks, and not a little bit of sessioneering amongst some hearty back-to-backery.

97. Gemini – Del Shannon (Dirty Edits)
Check this post

The late, great, oft slept on and somewhat troubled Del Shannon. There’s a lot more to this man than just ‘Runaway’!

96. Fuckaz – The Bug ft Spaceape (Ninja Tune)
Wrote a lot about the Bug for various mags and whatnot this year so I shall not ramble too much, but man it was good hearing this track blasting out on the bFM playlist (without a single complaint I believe) like a righteous burst of wake up-ness to all and sundry. In case you didnt know (NZ readers) the end of January is looking seismic, with The Bug and Warrior Queen visiting at the same time as Rhythm & Sound with Tikiman (if he’s still allowed to be called that), personally i cannot fucking wait!! The word on AK is at Bacco Room on 31st, I’ve been asked to play, not sure who else, should be a stonker but I cant find a flyer anywhere. Here’s the Welli haps (respect to Nice Up) …..

95. One Two Order – Tarrus Riley (VP/Deadly Dragon)
When he’s not submerged in Dean Frazer’s occupationally hazardous saccharinicity or veering too far down the mild side, Jimmy Riley’s son is right on the money. This little gem from the ‘Parables’ album was put out on 7″ by Deadly Dragon (check this post) and VP, so no audio!
(buy) the 7″ from Deadly Dragon
(buy) Parables

94. Last Saloon Swagger – Forsaken feat Joker and Ben Blackmore (Soul Motive)
A record that mentions swagger that isn’t lamo-ip-op boasting, and a dubstep concept 12″ to boot. There’s more Joker on the way down the list, but nothing quite like this Wild West themed business from Bristols out-westest one-off combo. The Soul Motive label has kicked off hard, and the cover, with a fair steed borrowed from the local constabulary, is a welcome change from the usual dryballs dubsteppery malarkey.


93. For Hoped – Black Devil Disco Club (Lo Recordings)
Yet more pulsing nonense from the BDDC, marvelous.


92. Through The Robot Chicken Shed (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) –Le Sarge On Board (Rotters Golf Club)
Frustratingly the vinyl of this has yet to be unleashed on Weatherall’s Rotters Golf Club, and unable to hold out any longer I relented and bought the sappy mptrees from Bleep. This is from the ‘Andrew Weatherall vs The Boardroom’ release which is another indicator that the sly prince of Slough is on some of the best form he’s had for years. Keep an eye on the Olfactory One Hundred for more of his superlative ’08 mixes.

91. Tempered – Rustie (Kapsize)
Check this post, more Rustie to come….  as we proceed.
Mas countdowneration in the next day or so…..