Stinky Grooves 11.10.11 & a couple of look look lookeee things

Natural Dub – The Upsetters (Pressure Sounds)
Stress Silent Murder – Tarrus Riley (Stars)
Where Is The Love – Luciano (Stars)
Hear What I Say – Busy Signal (2 Hard)
Hard In A Earth – Busy Signal (Good Good)
Kung Fu Master – Solo Banton (Jahtari)
Music Addict – Solo Banton (Jahtari)
Arcade Addict – Disrupt (Jahtari)
Pokemon Dub – Drumcunt
If We’re Gonna Go – Fudge Fingas (Prime Numbers)
Kanga Dub – Kouyate-Neerman
IJustwannarumbearte – Qechuaboi (Cabeza!)
MicroKumbiaBurgues – AsagiSaundo.KaChaHa (soundcloud)
Look At Me Now – Sky’ High (Dirty)
Stereotype – Pritch & Trim (Planet Mu)
Berlin – Modeselektor ft Miss Platnum (Monkey Town)
WeWant Ca$h (Instro) – Cardopusher (Tigerbeat6)
Cumbia Arenosa – Doma Tornados (Hip Duki Muzik)
Cumbia UFO – AsagiSaundo.KaChaHa (soundcloud)
L’Ours Paresseux (1969) – Jean Claude Vannier (Finders Keepers)
Flight 2 – Angelo & Eighteen (Finders Keepers)
Moon Watching – Shin Joong Hyun (Light In The Attic)
Windy City – Delaney Davidson (Voodoo Rhythm)
La Girafe Au Ballon – Jean Claude Vannier (Finders Keepers)
Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart (Al Lover Rmx) – Ty Segall (bandcamp)
Bearded Lady Motorcycle Show – Bot’Ox (I’m A Cliche)
Cliche (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) – The Shoes (RCRDLBL)
Queens – Ital (100% Silk)
Culture Clubs – Ital (100% Silk)
Whisper Fate – Kuedo (Planet Mu)
Visioning Shared Tomorrows – Kuedo (Planet Mu)
Locked – Four Tet (Text)
21 Girl Salute (Extended) – Barrington Levy (Live & Learn)
Ethiopia – Carol Cole (Orchid)
Go Home Son – Ruddy Thomas (Ruddy T)
Version – Ruddy Thomas (Ruddy T)
Galaxy (Scratch 22 Translinear Rmx) – Christoph El Truento
Beeing – Carol Batton (Finders Keepers)

Coupla vids for you this week and I’m hoping that things will be ready for me to have a ramble again after the show in the near future but in the meantime this way certainly does get that playlist up there quicker! Big ta for all the well positive mails and texts tonight, what a luvverly lot yous are!
First up from Tourettes’ Tiger Belly’ album, check this!!

and also directed by Askew is this scorcher with a beat from P Money and certifiably inflammable vocals from Sydney’s Sky’ High….. EP coming in November, if it’s all as good as this we’re in trouble (No Wallaby)

Stinky Grooves 23.08.11 & totally Tourettesishness


Gwane Live Life – Cecile (Creative Noize)

Too Watchy Watchy – Collie Buddz (Upsetta)

Slow Wine – Busy Signal (Dutty Rock)

Dubbing Kingston – Alborosie (BBE)

Orbit Around The Moon (Noia Cumbia Remix) – Joe Meek (soundcloud)

Juanita – Bogote

Troposphere 5000 – Cumbia Cosmonauts (bandcamp)

Silbando (Dengue Dengue Dengue Rmx) – Los Riberenos (soundcloud)

Linda Yolita (Los Titanes vs Sonido Cordobestia) – Dengue Dengue Dengue (soundcloud)

Chinito Rulo (Dengue Dengue Dengue Rmx)- Ranil y su Conjunto Tropical (soundcloud)

Do It Now – Chong X (soundcloud)

One Of Life’s Pleasures – Paul White ft Danny Brown (One Handed Music)

A Weird Day – Paul White ft Homeboy Sandman (One Handed Music)

Indigo Glow (Instrumental) – Paul White (One Handed Music)

So Happy – Tourettes (Round Trip Mars)

Let It Rain – Jay Roacher (Breakin Wreckwordz)

UFO! UFO! UFO! – Alphabethead (Breakin Wreckwordz)

Everybody Loves Tourettes – Tourettes (Round Trip Mars)

Rotten Apples – Paul White (One Handed Music)

Mark Ernestus Meets BBC – Mark Ernestus (Honest Jon’s)

I See U – Lunice (Numbers)

Dickie Domecon – Faceplant (Bathetic)

The Day (Prins Thomas Rmx) – Mark E (Spectral)

San Dominico – Haunted Love (Round Trip Mars)

Motion – Balam Acab (Tri Angle)

Solitude Is Bliss (Time & Space Machine Rmx) – Tame Impala (Modular)

Black Wing – Clingtone (Clingtone)

Consciousness 1 – Bitchin Bajas (Bathetic)

Sweet Slow Baby – The Field (Kompakt)

A Woman Is A Woman – LA Vampires Meets Ital (Not Not Fun)

Sunporch (Holy Other Rmx) – Walls (Kompakt)

Tesla (Omar Souleyman Rmx) – Bjork (One Little Indian)

Vostok – Cumbia Cosmonauts (bandcamp)

Impluvium – Sun Araw (Drag City)

Water 3 – Bitchin Bajas (Bathetic)

Spider Man Dub – Errol T & The Matador (BBE)

Now that it has reached the point of errands to run after the show I may as well just even give up the pretense of writing anything more than the playlist for this blog.

Ah well…

By way of an apology, have a gander at the latest Tourettes viral vid (it’s all the rage as you’ll see) and even a free tune from Tiger Belly (but get onto it sharpish as it’s only free til the weekend!!)

I’m out

Free tune from Tiger Belly innit