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November 2011
Got to love those artists who worm their way into your affections over a number of years and albums, it might not be the instant sugar rush but those doors that are harder to unlock often lead to more rewarding places. Catching Kurt Vile, just woken from a doze in a tour van was a right treat, proper gent and a smart feller too. Catching his show at the Kings Arms was good too – though I reckon, for one reason and another, it wasn’t quite the classic show he’s capable of and it could have been. Still way better than most, and that extra outstanding performance may juts have to be next time.

Where are you at feller?
“On our way to North Folk Virginia, we have a day off, we’re opening a few shows for the Flaming Lips.”

You’ve been double dipping on the tour roundabout of late…
“Yeah we did a lot but we’re over the major hump.”

With Adam (Granduciel) also having the excellent War On Drugs on the go and other band commitments is it hard to co-ordinate?
“Thats only Adam, I have all original members except for Adam and my buddy Rob (Laakso) who has also been playing with me for a while. It’s Mike (Zanghi) on drums, Jessie (Trbovich) on guitar and saxophone and Rob on gat.”

It’s been interesting watching your ascent from quite an underground aficionado type interest to some serious hype and the hecklers in the digital peanut gallery that go with it. The ‘overnight sensation’ tag has come up a few times of late, it always makes me think of the line from ‘Overnite Religion’* on ‘Childish Prodigy’
“That’s funny because when I wrote than song ‘Overnite Religion’ I used that line because i was feeling really inspired by songwriting, I felt like I’d reached a new place and that was in like 2005. It’s been a long night…(laughs)!!”

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