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Looking at the date this is from around February of 2011, though I suspect it may be quite a bit earlier, the interview was conducted for Real Groove. Wicked long and involved answers on this one, I’d previously done an email interview with Mala before his first visit but his personality and passion didn’t really come across as strong over the ether. Having DJ’d with him a couple of times and been fortunate enough to sit down and  have a good old reason with the man, I maintain that he is one of the most important producers and DJ’s to emerge from the UK in the last decade. If there’s any doubt about that the Mala In Cuba album should clear that up and firmly establish him at the top of the crop.. Mediate on the bass weight and  maximum respect to a true original!

How are you feeling about the current state of dubstep? It seems to be heading down a bit of a rabbit hole?
“(laughs) Yeah, everyone just did the obvious.”

Do you find that disappointing?
“Not really. I never saw myself as dubstep, I never saw myself as any creator of dubstep, never saw DMZ or Deep Medi as dubstep I just saw it as soundsystem music, I just saw it as a continuation of what people were doing in the jungles days, it was that spirit, it was that continuation of spirit and attitude, more than a name or a particular tempo, even though we were all working around the same tempo. To me it was obvious that this was going to happen, I think about a lot of things that have happened and fair play to ‘em. A lot of people want to badmouth someone like Rusko but fair play, if thats what his ting is, thats his ting. You know what I mean, he hasn’t taken anything away from me. Sometimes I don’t know why people take things so personally cos its not like, I don’t know man, people say a lot of thing, people say a lot of things about Magnetic Man but I know where all of them man come from, I know how hard they’ve been working since day one. Benga and Skream were banging out tunes when they were 13 years old, their tunes were getting played in clubs when they were 15 and they were playing in clubs when they were 18, so of course they’re going to end up selling a million records and getting something in the charts because its their blood you know, its not like they’ve necessarily switched up their vibe or changed as people or anything like that.

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