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Well .. after many years of being unavailable the stinkyjim.com domain suddenly became available this year and to not have at it and make a bit of a racket would have been churlish or possibly unseemly. Sooo with little more ado (actually an awful lot to do courtesy of web whizz Cherry Sprinkles – to whom …massive thanks), stinkinc.blogspot.co.nz is up on the blocks and this is the first and only place for all things stinking and jimmage related. With several years of bloggery under the belt I’m sufficiently wizened¬† to not rashly promise a post every couple of days… but there will be more going on weekly than just the playlists, and that will include some reviews and some more interview transcripts from the past. To kick that off there’s some worthy natteration and chin strokology with Kwes (on DRC Music and other stuff, this was never published anywhere for one reason and another), Mala of Digital Mystikz and Kurt Vile – all below this post. Look out for some reviews before sometime next Tuesday and to set things off right please assemble in the car park for the first Stinkmix in a couple of years, full tracklist and download link after the jump…..

Listen here, go to Stinky Jim soundcloud to DL…… 01…

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