Stinky Grooves 13.11.18

Them Versus Us- G36 (Pressure bandcamp)
Face 2 Face – LORD TUSK (LORD TUSK bandcamp)
Fruits – Smith & Mighty (Punch Drunk/Tectonic bandcamp)
Speaking Dub To Power – Strategy (Zam Zam Sounds)
Part Of My Dub – O.B.F (O.B.F./Dubquake bandcamp)
Summer On Mars – Marina P & Stand High Patrol (Stand High)
Bath Tub Skank – Christoph El Truento (Cosmic Compositions)
So Kleer – Christoph El Truento (Cosmic Compositions bandcamp)
Royal Ting – Fanau Spa (Fanau Spa bandcamp)
Muertos Beach – HydroSelekter (soundcloud)
No quiero morirme – Borametz & Hnry (soundcloud)
El Coraquenque – Ciego Silvio Astier  (Boomarm Nation bandcamp)
Mingler – Shit & Shine (Rocket Recordings bandcamp)
Adjust – Bendik Giske (Smalltown Supersound bandcamp)
Your – Mulana (Trikk Numero Fim Dub) Chaim (Disco Halal)
Stop Faking Sense – Autarkic (Höga Nord bandcamp)
Lebanese Red Bird – Mytron & Ofofo (Multi Culti bandcamp)
Sunrise Sam – Shit & Shine (Rocket Recordings bandcamp)
Blue Bullet – Andrew Weatherall (Byrd Out)
Stalagnate – Smith & Mighty (Punch Drunk/Tectonic bandcamp)
Sweet Dreams of Nightmares – LORD TUSK (LORD TUSK bandcamp)
Trans Love Vibration (Eris Goes to Church) – Eris Drew (Naive)
Arjun – Zarate_Fix & DJ Sotofett (Sex Tags Mania)
Radian – Kelly Moran (Warp)
Summer Fungus – Orchestra of Spheres (Fire Records bandcamp)
Fantasma (For Jasmine) – Vessel (Tri Angle bandcamp)
Cherry – manonmars (Young Echo bandcamp)
Feed Me To The Fader – Fanau Spa (Fanau Spa bandcamp)
L.S.D. – Popera Cosmic (Finders Keepers bandcamp)
Argo (For Maggie) – Vessel (Tri Angle bandcamp)
Enin – BFTT (Whities bandcamp)
Pile Up – Demdike Stare (Modern Love)
Adjust (Rezzett Remix) – Bendik Giske (Smalltown Supersound bandcamp)
Organs & Drums – Pistol Disco (Höga Nord bandcamp)
Tais Toi – Baxter Dury, Delilah Holliday, Etienne de Crécy (Heavenly)
Samouri Swords – 48 Chairs (Finders Keepers bandcamp)
Pusher – The Exorcist GBG (Höga Nord bandcamp)
River – Fanau Spa (Fanau Spa bandcamp)
Never – manonmars (Young Echo bandcamp)
The Man with the Golden Arm – Barry Adamson (Mute)

It appears there was a problem, at the bFM end once again, with the Stinky Grooves transmission tonight. The mixcloud link up above is the full show that I spent all weekend putting together…grrrrr.
I’ll be at Love Bucket on Friday from 7 where there will be pop-up kitchen palaver again from Chimera who will be dishing up oysters, tasting plates and natural wines….fancy! They’re at it Wednesday & Thursday too, from 4.

Stinky Grooves 06.11.18

007, A Fantasy Bond Theme – Barry Adamson (Mute)
Stormy – Christoph El Truento (Cosmic Compositions??)
Mo’Ether – LORD TUSK (LORD TUSK bandcamp)
Soundbad – Schlachthofbronx (ZamZam Sounds)
Ishe Roots – Sunun (Bokeh Versions bandcamp)
Las Llamadas del Tambor – Silvio Astier (Boomarm Nation bandcamp)
Ranamua_Escuchar – Sonido Mamalon (soundcloud)
2 Face – LORD TUSK (LORD TUSK bandcamp)
Trouble – Christoph El Truento (Cosmic Compositions bandcamp)
Theme II – Roman Flügel (ESP Institute)
Geckos – Yoshinori Hayashi (Smalltown Supersound bandcamp)
The Grim Whim – Beau Wanzer (L.I.E.S)
I Feel Space (Andrew Weatherall remix) – Marius Circus (Marius Circus bandcamp)
Spasm – Yoshinori Hayashi (Smalltown Supersound bandcamp)
Spitting Brass – Demdike Stare (Modern Love)
At It Again – Demdike Stare (Modern Love)
Termina – Max Graefe ft Gerry Franke (Tartelet Records bandcamp)
New Age Of Intelligence (Edward Version) – Rolf Trostel (Die Orakel bandcamp)
Strange Alliances (Rebolledo Take) – Autarkic (DGTL)
Quito (Arsene Wenger Tribute Mix) – DJ Python (On Loop bandcamp)
Only My Honesty Matters – Baxter Dury, Delilah Holliday, Etienne de Crécy (Heavenly)
Highlife in GOMORRAH – LORD TUSK (LORD TUSK bandcamp)
Vacate Or Annihilate – upsammy (Whities bandcamp)
BELLY – Joy O (Toss Portal/Hinge Finger bandcamp)
Uranium – Simo Cell (Brothers From Different Mothers bandcamp)
Amazing Camping – Front de Cadeaux (Front de Cadeaux bandcamp)
Do Not Wear My Coat – John Parsley (Wonder Stories)
In My Own Particular Way – Marianne Faithfull (Panta Rei)
Death in Midsummer – Deerhunter (4AD)
White Coats – Baxter Dury, Delilah Holliday, Etienne de Crécy (Heavenly)
Fly Away – Baxter Dury, Delilah Holliday, Etienne de Crécy (Heavenly)
Septembers – Peter Gordon (Foom bandcamp)
Christmas Time Is Here – Khruangbin (Dead Ocean bandcamp)
Black Velvet – Menahan Street Band (Daptone bandcamp)
Nothing Is Perfect (Andrew Weatherall Remix) – Field Of Dreams (Field Of Dreams bandcamp)
Theme IV – Roman Flügel (ESP Institute)

Love Bucketery on Friday, on Saturday Dub and myself will be going B2B (as the cool folks have it) kicking off the night at Galatos for the Mad Professor, don’t have any more details on that yet but I’m sure you’ll figure it out if needs be.

Stinky Grooves 30.10.18

Who Me (Duppy Gun Remix) – Laps (DFA bandcamp)
Untitled Dub 12 – Dub Surgeon (Ark To Ashes)
Kidney Version – Mosca (Air Texture bandcamp)
Dead Meat Dub – Lee “Scratch” Perry (Upsetter)
Las Llamadas del Tambor (Gulls’ Boomarm Dub) – Silvio Astier (Boomarm Nation bandcamp)
Summer On Mars – Marina P & Stand High Patrol (Stand High)
Red Ants Genesis (Equiknoxx Remix) – Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement (Hospital Productions bandcamp)
Dark Just (Kinlaw Remix) – Sunun (Bokeh Versions bandcamp)
DRK BLNT – Sunun (Bokeh Versions bandcamp)
81b – Joy O (Toss Portal/Hinge Finger bandcamp)
Making Friends With The Invader – Andrew Weatherall (Byrd Out)
Sometimes (Weatherall Dub) – The Sexual Objects (Triassic Tusk bandcamp)
Waves (L.U.C.A. Quirky Version) ROTLA (Edizioni Mondo/Running Back bandcamp)
Hex Alium – Curses (Dischi Autunno bandcamp)
Oasi Nella Giungla – Giuliano Sorgini (Four Flies Records bandcamp)
Do Not Wear My Coat (Inigo Vontier Remix) – John Parsley (Wonder Stories)
Tropifunkammammet – Minimal Afrika (E-Beamz bandcamp)
COYP – Joy O (Toss Portal/Hinge Finger bandcamp)
The Terrible Effect Of Purple Drank – Simo Cell (Brothers From Different Mothers bandcamp)
Taurus – C O N T R A (Lumière Noir bandcamp)
Meek – Bruce (Hessle Audio bandcamp)
Escape The Fate – Simo Cell (Wisdom Teeth bandcamp)
Phaze-Shift – Forest Drive West (Livity Sound bandcamp)
Human Waste – O/H (L.I.E.S. bandcamp)
Technology – Moontribe (Fortuna Records bandcamp)
Devil’s Angel (Killing Eve) – Unloved (Heavenly)
Low Rider – Ty Segall (In The Red)
(I’m Gonna) Cry Myself Blind (The Original Memphis Recordings) – Primal Scream (Sony)
Small Spaces – Micah P. Hinson (Full Time Hobby bandcamp)
Hanoi 4 – Unknown Mortal Orchestra (Jagjaguwar)
Above Us -The KVB (Invada bandcamp)
Pink Freud – Les Big Byrd (PNKSLM bandcamp)
Babash – ROTLA (Edizioni Mondo/Running Back bandcamp)
Serotonin Levels Low – Bruce (Hessle Audio bandcamp)

I will be at Love Bucket on Friday from 7, as I do, as we do, pon the regular. I believe I’m doing Influences at Ante Social on Ponsonby Road on Saturday from 11, though have yet to have that confirmed and seems to be a best kept secret online thus far.

Stinky Grooves 23.10.18 LongSongSpecial

Late Night Skanking – Superpitcher (Hippie Dance bandcamp)
Rogg’s Life Center (Dub Mix) – Elite Beat (Boomarm Nation bandcamp)
Women Voices (Samarana Edit) – Cuentan Y Cantan (soundcloud)
Azul – MADDOX (Quiero bandcamp)
Born, Never Asked (Intiche Edit) – Laurie Anderson (soundcloud)
Roast Ghost (Ultra Lavender Mix) – CS + Kreme (Wichelroede)
Polymari – Kelpe (Kelpe bandcamp)
Oenothera – Ground (ESP Institute bandcamp)
Die Ewige Nacht – Sordid Sound System (Invisible Inc bandcamp)
DYKWE (Thomass Jackson Remix) – MOTEL77 (La Dame Noir bandcamp)
Polymarh – Kelpe (Kelpe bandcamp)
Dissolve Into The Night – Bear Bones & Lay Low (Bakk bandcamp)
Geplantes Nichtstun – Schilfeule (Akumandra bandcamp)
Positions Half Speed – Rouge Mecanique (Rouge Mécanique Musique)
Pneuma – Yoshinori Hayashi (Disco Halal)
Alysha – Mehmet Aslan (Dischi Autunno bandcamp)
Afro Sirene – Hardway Bros (Throne Of Blood bandcamp)
Rubber Dust – JJUUJJUU (Dine Alone bandcamp)
The Sweetest Dub – Jay Glass Dubs (Berceuse Heroique)

And there you haves it, lengthy tunes of splendour and magnificence positively wallowing in their epic-ness and cocking a snoot at regular sized or diminutive tones that barely last the distance. Have wanted to do this show for a while, for some reason there has been many many monsterishly elongated tracks this last year or so that have demanded a replay or two – tonight was all theirs. The reason I was able to do that was that rare thing, a genuine holiday, no work whatsoever. Well pretty much, though I have been quietly preparing for the next sessions in the wee hours when the legs have given up but the rest keeps on trucking.
Those next outings will be this Friday night at Love Bucket (have some reet proper gems lined up) and next week’s Stinky Grooves (naturellement … the same). Do hope you can make one or both, in the meantime, between time…luxuriate and lose yer shelf in the lengthiness and doff your listening cap to these sonic stretchers who came up with the tunes that ate time so deliciously. Thanking you.

Stinky Grooves 16.10.18

Don’t Rock The Boat – Christoph El Truento (?)
草 Sou – 7FO (EM Records bandcamp)
The Honest Dub – Jay Glass Dubs (Attica230718 bandcamp)
Kidney Version – Mosca (Air Texture)
Saudação às aves do Brasil – Pigmalião (Voodoohop bandcamp)
Domingo a noite em Heliodora – Carrot Green (Voodoohop bandcamp)
Fe – Colossio (Calypso)
Verloren – dBridge & Lewis James (Air Texture)
T I E M P O – Plastic Toy Sound (soundcloud)
Last Night – Ground (Voodoohop bandcamp)
Watercolour Challenge Part II – Actress (Air Texture)
Dream Therapy – Spiritflesh (No Corner bandcamp)
Thames Television – Matt Berry  (Acid Jazz)
Are You Being Served – Matt Berry  (Acid Jazz)
Hugo – Eric Copeland (DFA bandcamp)
Like Glue – Julien Dyne (Soundway bandcamp)
The Seed (Edit) – Tony Allen & Jeff Mills (Blue Note France)
Show Dem – Christoph El Truento (Cosmic Compositions bandcamp)
Ydobirds – Christoph El Truento (Cosmic Compositions bandcamp)
The Friends – Surly x MoonDoctoR (Juke Bounce Werk bandcamp)
Moto (Jonathan Kusuma Remix) – Colossio (Calypso)
Suspiria – Simple Symmetry (Correspondant bandcamp)
Simi Rapp (Red Axes & Asaf Samuel Remix) – Blay Ambolley (Multi Culti bandcamp)
Slow Durk – buttechno (Cititrax)
Pasiris – Answer Code Request (Air Texture)
No More Law In Gotham City – Michele Mercure (Freedom To Spend bandcamp)
Sharp Tool in the Shed – Toma Kami (Livity Sound bandcamp)
The Mabe – Overmono (Poly Kicks)
Going West – FaltyDL (Air Texture)
FXK Ripper – Ron Morelli (Hospital productions)
Dazzling rays – Radar men from the moon & 10000 Russos (Radar men from the moon bandcamp)
Sleepers – Exploded View (Sacred Bones bandcamp)
Rescue (Transformed) – Echo And The Bunnymen (BMG)
C’est La Vie No.2 – Phosphorescent (Dead Oceans)
Drop – The Oscillation (The Oscillation bandcamp)
40 – Niagara (Principe Discos bandcamp)
US North – Joe Strummer/Mick Jones (Ignition)

Mighty Jabsco is holding it down this Friday at Love Bucket, I’m on holiday. Back next week and I have a ripping Stinky Grooves pre-prepped for next Tuesday with a delve into the bestest epic-est tunes of late, we’re talking 8 mins to 20+ mins in all their natural glory….

Stinky Grooves 09.10.18

Surely Turn the Tide – Johnny Osbourne (Reggae Vibes Productions)
Ah Mi Guide – Alter Echo, E3, Ishan Sound, Rider Shafique (Scotch Bonnet bandcamp)
米 Mi – 7FO (EM Records bandcamp)
Them Versus Us – G36 (Pressure)
No Puedes Volver Atras (Tribilin Sound Edit) – Victor Jara (soundcloud)
Academicismo – SeaDragon (Pakapi bandcamp)
El Espacio Y El Tiempo – SeaDragon (Pakapi bandcamp)
Simi Rapp (Multi Culti Edit) – Blay Ambolley (Multi Culti bandcamp)
Hope is the Thing with Feathers – Yula Kasp, MI.RO (Correspondant bandcamp)
Kundalini – Jlin (Planet Mu bandcamp)
Moto – Colossio (Calypso)
Paranoia – Colossio (Calypso)
Golden Gate – MR TC (Correspondant bandcamp)
Afelio (In Flagranti remix) – Daniele Baldelli (Mondo Groove)
Sub Conscious – Black Merlin (Correspondant bandcamp)
Sunlight On a Broken Column – Hodge (Houndstooth bandcamp)
Travel Paint – Young Paint & Actress (Werk_Ltd)
Carbon 12 – Jlin (Planet Mu bandcamp)
Tilly – Cairo Liberation Front ft Bagdaddy & Rizan Said (Byrd Out)
Sun Dials – Dust-e-1 (Lobster Theremin)
The Friends – Surly x MoonDoctoR (Juke Bounce Werk bandcamp)
Egrem Bata Jam (Hello Skinny Remix) – Ache Meyi (MANANA bandcamp)
Come On Honey – Exploded View (Sacred Bones)
One Trick Ponies – Kurt Vile (Matador)
Nothing Lasts Forever (Transformed) – Echo And The Bunnymen (BMG)
Christmas Down Under – Phosphorescent (Dead Oceans)
The Cool Impossible – Joe Strummer (Ignition)
Black Waves / Silver Moon – Phosphorescent (Dead Oceans)
竜のぬけがら Ryu no Nukegara – 7FO (EM Records bandcamp)
Beginning – Michele Mercure (Freedom To Spend bandcamp)
An Accident Waiting To Happen – Michele Mercure (Freedom To Spend bandcamp)
Ever Impending Doom – Spiritflesh (No Corner bandcamp)
GNT – Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs (Rocket Recordings bandcamp)

I’ll be at Love Bucket on Friday from 7 this week but not next (19.10.18) when I’ll be having a holiday. Back on the 26th. Stinky Grooves will continue as per next week and on the 23d we have a specially constructed show of predominantly long epic songs (8mins + to 20mins+ !!) that I really really wanted a chance to play again, truth be told it’s a bit of a ripper. Playlist & blog upload may be a touch delayed for next 2 weeks but hopefully not too much….

Stinky Grooves 02.10.18

Forward Down A Channel One – African Youth (Ver Records)
Forward Down a Channel One Version – African Youth (Ver Records)
Shame & Pride – The Mighty Diamonds (Teem)
Up Park Camp – John Holt (Channel 1)
Up Park Camp Version – John Holt (Channel 1)
La Vaca ( DJ Nirso Remix) – Scooby Dub & ABC Team (Cassette blog bandcamp)
Te vas (Qechuaboi Remix) – Scooby Dub & Las 5 Gatas (Cassette blog bandcamp)
Kaamos – Teemu Raudaskoski (Shika Shaka bandcamp)
Metal Man (Tapan Remix) – Die Orangen (Malka Tuti)
Polymarm – Kelpe (Kelpe bandcamp)
Polymarj – Kelpe (Kelpe bandcamp)
Diamonds – Sin Falta (Youth bandcamp)
Made of Steel. Made of Stone – The Field (Kompakt bandcamp)
6:30 – Niagara (Principe Discos bandcamp)
Iridescending – Bass Clef (The Trilogy Tapes)
99.9% (Andrew Weatherall’s 100% Remix) – Craig Bratley (Future Boogie bandcamp)
Changed Minds – DMX Krew (Breakin Records)
Castle Bound – LINNÉA (Unitiworld bandcamp)
Copernicus – Julien Dyne (Soundway bandcamp)
Cordial – DMX Krew (Breakin Records)
Kameo Casette – Château Flight (Versatile bandcamp)
Tea Rooms – Gazelle Twin (Gazelle Twin bandcamp)
Better in My Day – Gazelle Twin (Gazelle Twin bandcamp)
Tilly – Cairo Liberation Front ft Bagdaddy & Rizan Said (Byrd Out)
I, I – Sin Falta (Youth bandcamp)
Deity – Spiritflesh (No Corner bandcamp)
ORANGE SODA – Dean Blunt (WeTransfer)
mythbuilding exercise no.9 – Milo (Milo Raps bandcamp)
Abbots Leigh – Beak> (Invada bandcamp)
Sueños Lucidos (Edit) – Mareaboba (soundcloud)
The Willo – TOY (Heavenly)
The Wanderer – Warm Drag (In The Red)
Danny Nedelko – Idles (Partisan bandcamp)
Wasted Space – The Oscillation (Fuzz Club bandcamp)
Parasite Wreckage Dub – Warm Drag  (In The Red)
It’s A Shame – Delroy Wilson (Well Charge)
Ballistic Affair – Leroy Smart (Island)
Junco Partner – The Clash (CBS)

Ay, ay – Love Bucket on Friday from 7, I shall say no more…

Stinky Grooves 25.09.18

Passages (SKRS Batta&BruiseVIP) – Om Unit (Cosmic Bridge bandcamp)
Repatriate Your Dub – Alpha Steppa & Nai-Jah (Steppas)
The Freezer – disrupt (Jahtari bandcamp)
Anger (Skinup Dub) – Keith Hudson (Joint International)
I Am The Toughest – Peter Tosh (Soul Jazz)
Psychedelic Rock – Ernest Ranglin (Soul Jazz)
Esmeralda – Joaquin Cornejo ft Wabi Sabi (Shika Shaka bandcamp)
Shiri – Ditti (Shika Shaka bandcamp)
Yabaal – Dur-Dur Band (Analaog Africa bandcamp)
Youmala – James Holden & Maalem Houssam Guinia (Border Community)
Burn – Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band (Big Crown bandcamp)
CHANCER – Dean Blunt ft A$AP Rocky (WeTransfer)
White Grrrl Wasted – Dean Blunt (WeTransfer)
BEEFA – Dean Blunt FT Poison Anna (WeTransfer)
nominy – Milo (Milo Raps bandcamp)
mid answer trying to remember what the question is – Milo (Milo Raps bandcamp)
Take You Some Time – Shit & Shine (Diagonal)
Dry Dub – Jay Glass Dubs (Ecstatic Recordings bandcamp)
Ndi Mukazi (Debmaster Instrumental) – MC Yallah (Hakuna Kuala bandcamp)
99.9% (Andrew Weatherall’s 100% Remix) – Craig Bratley (Future Boogie)
Yaranabe (Live Mix) – Die Orangen (Malka Tuti)
Design – Julien Dyne (Soundway bandcamp)
Isotropo Funk (Clap! Clap! Remix) – Daniele Baldelli (Mondo Groove)
Gqom 6 (Remastered 2018) – Griffit Vigo (GQOM OH! bandcamp)
The Well’s Son – Bear Bones, Lay Low (RHD)
Bubblegum – Anne Dudley (Buried Treasure bandcamp)
Preparing the Body – Klon Dump (No Corner bandcamp)
amsterdam experience – Shimshon Miel (Fortuna records bandcamp)
Januarys Child – Paddy Kingsland (Buried Treasure bandcamp)
Lets Be Honest – Connan Mockasin (Mexican Summer)
Allé Sauvage – Beak> (Invada bandcamp)
Whirling – Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan (Sound Miracle bandcamp)
Bella Ciao (Goodbye Beautiful) – Marc Ribot & Tom Waits (Anti- Records bandcamp)
Bella Ciao – Akkordeon Piccador (Hörwerk)
Cave Crawl – Warm Drag (In The Red)
Homo Sapiens – JK Flesh (Electric Deluxe)
The Plaque – Giant Swan (Whities bandcamp)
Umbro Dub – Jay Glass Dubs (Ecstatic Recordings bandcamp)
You Were Very High – Shit & Shine (Diagonal)

This week I will be mostly at Love Bucket, 7 till whenever, big bout ya.