An SJD shifty shufty

An SJD shifty shufty

This right here is the 11th SJD video, and it will be hitting the NZ screens and youtubulators of the world in a couple of days, consider this a sneak preview. 11 videos is an achievement in itself (and a hearty slap on the back to NZOA fer their part), but what I diggeth the most is that no two look or feel alike. I never cease to be amazed by what directors and crews can do with limited funds, and unlimited expectations and imagination. Chris White’s work on ‘No Telling Where’ is no exception, but once again quite exceptional. Here’s the video, and it’s one that I reckon captures the vibe of the song superbly and just gets better as it goes along, but I’m y’know very biased (but not always this happy about the end result!) As an after dinner mint there’s one of the many favourite tracks from ‘Dayglo Spectres’, I’ve had the good fortune to be listening to that pearler longer than most, and trust me it just gets better and better……


SJD – NO TELLING WHERE (Directed by Chris White)


As this is sneak preview business, and it’s like Tuesday and there’s a radio show full of exciting things to loosely assemble, this post is a tad truncated and will be getting updated with more SJD footage and linkage in a few days… promise!

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