Apologies for tonight’s repeat

Apologies for tonight’s repeat

Despite a brand new show being pre-recorded for tonight and delivered to bFM, it apparently took just a bit too much care and attention for it to be correctly loaded. That show will now run next week. Sincerest apologies for them running an old show that should have been deleted after it was played, I’m really not sure what else I can do in these trying circumstances. Happily I’m off air for 2 weeks, next week will/should be this week’s pre-recorded show (it’s a winner!), and Dubhead will handle the following week (always winning him!). Back live on air 8th of August..all being well. Again apologies for this totally avoidable debacle and waste of all of our time and effort.


Hey Jim, on the show they repeated this morning there was a track you were raving about but i didn’t catch the full name, double double or something like that ?! Can you remember it?

Hey Jeff
Thanks for the mail. Hmmmm not sure on that one – could it have been Devil Dance (Tolouse Low Trax Remix) – Michel Gonet (Tele Music). It’s suitably alliterated and an absolute stonker. If a moody, gentle guitar chugging, masterpiece was what had you entranced I’d suggest that may be it. Otherwise you might need to review the podcast.

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