Back of the backest and weekenderation on all fronts

Back of the backest and weekenderation on all fronts

has been 3 weeks in the old country with familial fun and much kecthup of other good folks but back we is, and there’s plenty on the platter.

Tonight Auckland’s ARC are celebrating 3 years of late night shenanigans and it also serves as the (finally) album release gig-lette of Scratch 22’s ‘Distance From View’- the album that put the smoulder into slow burn. It’s all going on at the wonderful Basement Theatre and Rodi will be doing his audio-visual fandangulation around 10.30ish/11 at latest. The line-up is well tight and ARC events are notoriously over-subscribed and popular so if you want to check heem (and having had a little preview last night I suggest you do)..get in early. Find out more at ARC’s facebook and see you there.

Tomorrow night The Vietnam War are playing their last Auckland(-ish) assignation at the Leigh Sawmill alongside Smoking Daggers, before their album release which we’ll be announcing up here real soon. The album is dropping on July 4th and it is going to blow minds…big time. Best record I’ve heard this year, with no disrespect to any others… you have been duly warned! This will be the last chance to see TVW before one and all are unmistakably made aware of their brilliance, what a hopportunity… once again, see you there and mine’s a pint if I’m not driving.

Sunday sees a fundraiser for our good friends at Hum in Grafton (just over the bridge if you will). Don’t know about it?? Well you will soon and this is a great chance to find out, full line-up of largeness including the Rt Hon Scratch 22 and yours truly, let’s hope the weather picks up. Flyer below… I’ll be spinning outside from 7-9pm and am looking forward to it like a candy encrusted kid on Xmas Eve..

Back to normal service on Stinky Grooves next week, big thanks to Pat and Gin for manning the fort.

Where’s my rocket?

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