Club Sandwich – next week – bout time

Club Sandwich – next week – bout time

Yes indeed, as the title suggests it’s time once again for those with a longing for some beaty bread & butter to have a flutter as Cian, Geezer Guy and yours truly delve into the sonic snack rack to come up with the meatiest musical morsels for your (h)edification.
OK enough food analogies and metaphorical mischief – the important hooha is that it’s this Friday the 14th at Good Time Not For A Long Time – which is a pop up bar that can be found at 152b Ponsonby Road – times is 10.30 – 2.30 twill be good.


Thanks for the comments and apologies, I wrote this heading out the door, away for a couple of days when I wrote this, only just back …doh! It’s this Friday the 14th. Hope to see you there, always a giggle & a privilege to play with Cian & Geezer Guy….

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