Digging My Own Ditch

Digging My Own Ditch

Very soon we’ll have this mess of words, sounds and pics linked up to the Round Trip Mars site, there’s more developments (from the delightful house of Cherry Sprinkles) going on around there before the year is out. No doubt I’ll be shouting from the rooftops about that (and the last dance of the spacebots) when appropriate.
One thing I can’t get in trouble with ‘the man’ for, is posting tunes on my own label, and I’m hoping to be flinging up many more little exclusive drops and slices from the RTM fantastranauts in the near future.


Fer starters, here’s an unreleased, StinkIncsclusive gem of a remix from the mysterious and marvelous Phelps & Munro, whose wondrous ‘Slowpoke’ album is pictured above. Originally this was for a planned sneaky 7″ with ‘P’n’M’n’G’n’R’ (also know as ‘Live At The KA’) and a ballistic rework of Spazmobile, what with one thing and another, that hasn’t surfaced… yet. Dare I say that 2009 could be the year when we finally get to see another Phelps & Munro album or project?? OK, I did just say it, so there, no dare. Who knows with ‘Chinese Democracy’ yawning its way to the flop of the charts perhaps it’s a pertinent time to drop the legally indefensible ‘P’n’M’n’G’n’R’, we’ll see.
I know that there’s possibly no other record I’m queried more about from los punters, than the mythical next P&M, and everytime I’m I asked I have to confess that I share the feverish (and prolonged) anticipation.
Someday, someway this will come out, preferably on 7″ (if I have anything to do with it), and it will sound like a herd of bufallo galloping across the digital prairie. In the meantime enjoy this slightly crippled 192 mbps mp3 version.



This crisp biscuit was especially written to be pressed up in JA. When Nick D hit me up about his upcoming trip to the land of wood and water, for his ‘Making Tracks’ series on C4 (not findable on youtube yet), a cunning plan was formed. He could film 7″s being pressed up, something that may not even be possible in a few years, and we’d slap this, as yet unwritten, Unitone tune alongside Jefferson Belt’s nova-vintage ‘Green Termite’, for the 45 he’d go through the process with. Nick would use a few for his show, and bring us back enough to sell and promo, a simple plan. It didn’t quite work out like that. ‘Up To Eleven’ was impolitely truncated 30 seconds from its conclusion, and ‘Green Termite’ was given a somewhat crude cut. Fortunately, or not, Nick handed them out to a bunch of Kingstonites, most of whom probably hadn’t seen a turntable in 30 years, though he did pass one on to the ever delightful Derrick Harriot (who I have an interview with somewhere, probably on cassette or floppy disc). I do wonder what he would have made of it, he’s an open minded, legend on the quiet and STILL has his record shop!
Hanyways long story short, we swapped ‘Green Termite’ out for the sublime charms of ‘Gold Dust’ and Vinyl Factory in Australia did a primo job of the pressing up the 200 copies, most of the remainder of which are off to the UK, with a few left for mail order from RTM. I’m hoping to be coaxing something special for a post from Mr Belt in the nearest of futures.
Unitone HiFi on myandispace
It would be awfully decent if you decided to purchase said 45 perhaps from here


My own trumpet is now thusly parped…


hi jim. like this site. any chance live at the ka will be released? my tape recorded, of the radio version, isn’t sounding so great.


hey a-non-e-mouse
thanks for checking in and commenting. As mentioned still hoping to release it on RTM, will ping an mp3 up here sometime soon for immediate gratification in the meantime. In this age of excess availability and short attention span I kind of dig the idea of well worn tapes from the radio being treasured.
over and out

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