Drowning or Heatwaving..?

Drowning or Heatwaving..?
Roight as promised, the word is im doing a 7-10 stint at the Vibe Bar tomorrow night and I am rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrready like Tony The Tiger on a sugar overload.
Upstairs At The Ritzy was VIP business, intimate but rocking, the combination of Bank Holiday, Reading and Leeds…let alone the summoning up of powers for Carnivalistic delight and crowdcrushery, always meant this would be one for the heads…but we did have a few bodies through by the end of the night too. Top notch, even if I did have to resort to a frikkin iPod when ‘puter dramas made a spicy start to the night. Just as well I did dash to Soho for necessary vinylisation this morning……. and picked up some scorchers!!!
Talking of Carnival, I’ve been meaning to give a plugotito to Heatwave’s Sunday night after shindig when they go toe to toe with LostBahnhoff. The promotionally savvy Gabriel was keen for me to post a track with this flyer featuring their erstwhile MC Rubi Dan getting a a bit house and garden on it. To be honest the track wasn’t really in my metaphorical olfactory yard and plenty more efficient bloggers than I have answered Gabriel’s klaxon call and posted it already….some time ago…come on, I’ve had an ocean or two to cross and a hemisphere to straddle.
So flyer below for what should be a monstrous evening (Heatwave are on early….it’s the new black) and check the track elsewhere if you fancy a bit of doofery. We’re really hoping to make it but it may possibly be a tall order after consecutive gigging nights, a day of Carnival with the fam and a foolish and reprehensible journey down south in the morning (which is frankly far closer than is polite right now, in time and space terms) in search of 2nd hand goodness.
It’s obviously late…and I’m obviously rambling, so lets wrap this up before I take someone’s eye out..most likely my own.


post London post soon, once present London calms down a little………………………………….

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