Heartcial housekeeping – new Unitone HiFi Rmx and upcoming Lloyd Miller

Heartcial housekeeping – new Unitone HiFi Rmx and upcoming Lloyd Miller


Ahoy.. coupla things that deserve mention.
Our Floridian feller on the keys, K.E.N. (Kinky Electric Noise) has whanged up his remix of our Unitone HiFi track ‘Hang On’ on his soundcloud page. The timing couldn’t be better with interest in chicha running high with Vampisoul’s recent comp and the release of Roots Of Chicha Vol2 imminent on Barbes (and it’s very good btw, more on that soon). You know the story there’s a hundred downloads, so don’t ….erm…Hang On, if you want to get your hands on it. It’s embedded below and soon we’ll also unleash our remix of Kinky Electric Noise’s remix of us, does that sound confusing? As K.E.N. points out it’s kind of turned into a hinternational collaboration and that is a fine thing in this day and age.. A grand job was done on this by Ken, Tom Hernandez and Caballo (thanks!) so please have a graze and leave a comment on soundcloud should you feel driven to do so

Unitone HiFi – Hang On (Kinky Electric Noise Chicha Remix) by Kinky Electric Noise

Also the latest and last ever Real Groove is out and includes my chat with Wrongtom about his album with Roots Manuva, Duppy Writer, the usual Mixed Messages malarkey (covering CIAfrica, Aardvark and the Ninja Tune XX Anniversary releases) and the fascinating and throughly outlandish interview I had with Oriental Jazz supremo Lloyd Miller and his unlikely collaborator Malcolm Catto. As promised I will be running the bulk of the transcript up here and there’s some great stuff from Malcolm and Lloyd, I’ll endeavour to have that (or at least part 1, Lloyds interview was looooooong and involved) on these very pages by the end of the week, even later today if things don’t get too manic..
So hold tight and don’t come running to me if you miss out on Kinky Electric Noise’s chicha rub of our humble NZ cumbia because it’s just a click away.
Consider yourself PSA’d.


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