Is it my cologne?

Is it my cologne?

This site has had its biggest stats by quite some margin over the last couple of days, heaps of clicks though to soundcloud and other external links and I’m a bit stumped as to why, where, who? Did I miss something?


Finally they have clicked Jim !!!!! Everyweek I check you and all the links it,s my number one source for music purchases. For example NP & BSBD i got it from you I gave it to my son (diver in Tasmania) now thats the number one artist played on his boat and they have turned there backs on yelawolf LOL so see my brother the stink moves around

Umm well moved up here from CHcH, finally found b95 at the muderaychun channel, so much to do…then there is the live stuff live D J Kaoss Quiet village…well things aint been quite the same since we heard that on some barren Tuesday….and that last stink mix 18 omg how good is that…next minute he’s makin tunes….it’s great…we intend to keep cliccking…the depth and breadth of the materials…this is amazing….

cause finally the world has realsied that you drop the stenchiest grooves around.
Is always on my daily goto list in when I get to work in Welly and love after listening online on tuesdays to check the playlist and buy what I can.
last mix was a killer!

wow! thanks Grant, Whyte Rushan, Jase and Lo Fi Sheriff – this wasn’t meant to be a fishing for compliments exercise but if it was it would have been a bumper trawl. Great to know that the olfactory efforts are appreciated though, so many humble gratitudinal tidings back at all of yous. What I actually was curious about was an unexplained couple of days of mad activity, looks and clickthroughs to soundcloud/free file downloads etc last week… things have returned to the more normal select groups of curious gazers, but for 48 hours it was downright odd. Jolly good as you were……

it.s good website mate you got the good smells in music i didnt even hear the songs first before download ,im vinyl man and only just firgred out how to use your website links, etcs so i went through got what i could my credit card burned by Indian ph scamers so i just got the free bees thanks so much…save me lots lots of tring to find more tunes ,im playing up at lumernate at the old gathering sitenear nelson over next week and will use use some of this lovly music a big hug to you my stinky good sort buy you a beer and if eva get a chance if can think of some music you might like i hook u up, churr froms Petes 😉

Nice one Petes. Sucks that your card got nabbed but awesome that you got onto some good tunes, and all above board too. Few memories of mine left on that Gathering site (braincells too possibly), hope you have a killer set. Always up for tunes, often up for beers – hope to meet someday.

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