Joe Fish On The Podium & Wonderfulness From Parallel Dance Ensemble

Joe Fish On The Podium & Wonderfulness From Parallel Dance Ensemble
And in news not just in. Well, just in to me anyway, as I’ve only just found out but our man Joe Fish, a director so elongated I’m surprised that they don’t require him to wear a flashing light hat to avoid aviation imperilment, WON the Best Editing category in this year’s Handle The Jandal Awards down in Wellytown. The video in question is of course the stunning ‘A Obvious’ from James Duncan’s impossibly wonderful ‘Hello-Fi‘ album. If you haven’t already, you can check it here without even having to put your internet coat on, and leave the StinkInc web premises. Suitably mentally unhinged props to Joe and of course Mr Duncan, without whom etc.
Almost as monstrously massive news, and a very deserved winner of the goldenest and grandest of all Jandals is our mucker Coco Solid (look for her guesting on an RTM release next year) who took out the top a top spot with her Parallel Dance Ensemble scorcher Weight Watchers. Parallel Dance Ensemble is her collabo with Robin Hannibal of Owusu & Hannibal fame, their first release ‘Turtle Pizza Cadillac’ was good but now I’m just fiending for more.
This song has been on serious rotate round our gaff (and I will be playing it tomorrow night fer sure) but the video is just brilliant too, Lisa Dunn has done an amazing job and it’s great to see it getting justifiably recognised.
You can buy the 12″ from Juno, and actually I must. Whole 5 track EP downloadable too from them too here. Don’t really feel the Yam Who remixes add much though.



Yeah, quite an amazing vid that one… do you know who the crazy falsetto guy is? Not Mr Hannibal himself?

I enquired on ze Youtube clip, but no luck.

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