Mexicans With Guns….with guns! Shots fired.

Mexicans With Guns….with guns! Shots fired.

Love this video for Mexicans With Guns ‘Dame Lo’, what can I say …ay papi..

It’s probably, ok definitely, NSFW (I think that may be the first time I’ve ever used that term on stinkinc, how grown-up) if you earn your quids in an uptight environment.

However for my money this is an all too rare example of using violence, sex and what have you in a really good, non-titillatery way. What’s more the storyline moves like Bolt on crack without a bad back, the use of colour is exemplary and it completes the song (which is actually the one I’ve probably played least from the EP – I no wobble so much these days) in a way that only very best clips can. I raise my Kangol aloft to director Duey FM from System D-128 and the man behind the mask Ernest Gonzales aka Mexicans With Guns, job well done.

It was actually the mellow, odd and undoubtedly brilliant remix of Oy’s Snake with it’s threatening bassline and enveloping keys, that first fully shivered my timbers on the M.W.G. tip, but I found plenty of perverse pleasure on the ‘Me Gusto’ 12″ (which also includes Chico Mann and Ghosts On Tape, a couple of names you can trust) which can be found waxically and digitalnomously at this dusty cupboard in the Stones Throw empire here.

Rey of the remix Toy Selectah got his grubby mitts on ‘Me Gusto’ from the EP of the same name and it’s a right corker, XLR8R have the handle on the download link for that. There’s a stonking and fruity Sonora remix floating around too, and he’s another crucial contender and Stinky Grooves play recidivist too. Actually it’s here (with only 8 free downloads left before it reaches its limit…as I type) and check out the rest of his tracks while you’re there too, there’s some belters.

Dame Lo – Mexicans With Guns from System D-128 on Vimeo.

Three posts in 15 hours, time for a cup of tea and a lie down.

Nurse..the screens.

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