Mixcloud maniaaaaaaaaagh – lose a day or two with some glorious mix up & blendy busyness

Mixcloud maniaaaaaaaaagh – lose a day or two with some glorious mix up & blendy busyness

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Here is yet another post I’ve been keening to do for ages (yes yes I know keening doesn’t really exist as a a word in that sense – but I was going to say meaning, and then thought keenly, and then – before you know it – well …keening!) that could be construed as feast following famine on the blog tip and maybe even just a brief graze around the eye of the storm as I suspect things are going to get foolish again soon – so I’m making hay while the sun shines. OK I’ll stop with the proverby prattling and gratuitous waving of the old linguistic license, it’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to write casually… as you can probably tell!

Hanyways to the point… alongside the growing ranks of Stinkmixes and Stinkbombs there is a veritable plethora of superior ear nourishment to be found on Mixcloud. With Soundcloud seemingly becoming more babylonian. draconian and spirit-crushingly typical by the month, especially in regards to mixes/tracks/anything containing what their shitty detection gear thinks might, possibly be, on the right day, and in the right light – a copyright infringement – it feels like there is some slight usurping going on. I could rah on for days about folks worth following and mixes that will broaden your horizons as well as wining up your waist – but here’s a couple that deserve, nay demand, a bit of your luxurious lughole love.

Maiden Hong Kong | Watching Boys Cry by Cherry Sprinkles on Mixcloud

From the home team, and I can’t front, I helped out a little on the nuts and bolts of these.. Cherry Sprinkles/Maiden Hong Kong has got it going on..IN TRIPLICATE!! Changes from day to day but I think this Watching Boys Cry might be my personal pick o’ the bunch, they all have some faves and classics but this’un has got dynamite at every junction (**** – check Laila’s Dream by Frederic Klein originally from the Stereo Total album – it really doesn’t get much better)

Maiden Hong Kong | a bit of alright… by Cherry Sprinkles on Mixcloud

A Bit Of Alright goes some way back and has so many rosy cheeked scorchers amongst its ranks, it’s like graduation day at Charm School. No 2nd handyness for this selection but plenty of (then) contemporary high grade grooves (**** don’t sleep on the criminally under-rated and brill named DJ Bombjack – every one a stunner – his records were always hard to find but truly worth the pursuit… hard to say that about a digital file!)

Stalkeyes by Cherry Sprinkles on Mixcloud

Who knows what is going on with a title like Stalkeyes?? Not me..but the music is 110% understandable and muy simpatico (**** Dub It Red by Royal Appointment is a lurking gem on the Tummy Touch label, not sure that I’m really down with any of the other Royal Appointment stuff but this particular mix is straight out moida!)

Music For Lonely Bartenders / The Piano Has Been Drinking (And Me) by Rodi + Kava on Mixcloud

Was a delight to absorb this little gem from ex-pat good hats in Berlin – Rodi Scratch 22 and His Kava-lyness. Top shelf all the way, melodic single malt (**** whole heap of quality tunage but always especially good to see one of my top 5 Moondog songs sharing a palatial audio apartment with PJ Harvey, James Pants and Marvin Gaye etc etc!)

I should really try and do this more often..like so many things (time machine already, please) but fill your boots with the above, can’t go wrong. We may be on a roll here so if there are more postings in the days to come please don’t be alarmed.

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