New Weatherall alert!!! Man the headphones…

New Weatherall alert!!! Man the headphones…


Out right now digitally (including lossless here) and very soon on vinyl and ye olde compact disque (here) Ruled By Passion, Destroyed By Lust is 78 minutes of Andrew Weatherall and Timothy J. Fairplay indulging in 80’s coated, well oiled, robot soul music of the very highest order.
The pair undoubtedly have their own distinctive (and decidedly deadly) vibe but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is part, and a progression, of the continuum with A Pox On The Pioneers and .. if he wasn’t before…. Weatherall sounds like he’s hitting new peaks yet again. Blimey!
Maybe I’ll do a review when I’ve had a few listens or perhaps I’ll just rave and carry on like the dribbling fanboy I undoubtedly am.
There’s a new Weatherall mix here. Haven’t had a chance to listen yet as I’ve been wrapping my lugholes around the Asphodells but no doubt it’s bostin, or at the very least interesting and testing. Yay to all of that.
As the Asphodells picture below shows Weatherall is tres hirsute and quite the distinguished gentleman in the apparel area these days…. However I’ve been going through a few old snaps….


it wasn’t always like that. Check out this pair of cheeseballs !

Weatherall bfm

From when he guested on Stinky Grooves in 199? (and I’m wearing a T-shirt from NZ’s finest record store Ebony Records no less…so that dates it)
More posts and a new stinkmix soon……….

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