Selling Stinking Collection at Southbound’s Grand Opening Tomorrow!!

Selling Stinking Collection at Southbound’s Grand Opening Tomorrow!!


A few less items than this shot of the Record Fair bunch but you get the picture

Yes indeed to celebrate the opening of Southbound’s monstrous new retail palace on Symonds Street tomorrow I will be parking up at shady table at the back, and flicking on some of the records I don’t need anymore but you might. After a very successful and enjoyable stint at the Record Fair at the end of last year these are priced to sell which means the bulk is $2 Jamaican 7″s & $5 12″s and LPs. There are some $15 and $20 albums and even a very few $30 items but they are the exceptional exceptions and most is just aimed at getting it into a good home. Sales will be going through Southbound’s merrily ringing tills so unlike the Record Fair this won’t be cash only, eftpos, and kredit kard are all cool.
Shop opens at 10, Delaney Davidson is going to be serenading the sweaty palmed punters at some point and you know Southbound always do things right so there’ll be good scores and sumptuous friendly vibes like nowhere else.. Door opens at 10, see you then.


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