SickNote –

SickNote –

Unfortunately due to a virus that is larger and nastier than the fat German shithead’s waistline  I won’t be playing at the Turnaround tonight. This was also the reason for the no-show at Verona on Friday and the lack of any Xmarse cheer… or anything else round these parts during what was supposed to be a well earnt break after a frantic December workload. Been proper laid up since Xmas Day, but I’m hoping to be well enough to minister the Magic Roundabout on Friday, though I’m not sure if my Dr shares the sentiment – will keep you all posted.

I’m absolutely gutted about this, losing Xmas was one thing but I had been hanging for The Turnaround and particularly Submariner’s anniversarial landmark for months. There is no justice…fuck this..


and humbug


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