Smashproof – ‘Brother’ South Aucks video fire

Smashproof – ‘Brother’ South Aucks video fire

Thems who knows me, I’m sure will fully understand that I’m not regarded as being an easily impressed, flag bearer for NZ muzak. It’s curious how I’ve probably copped more grief about having (what I perceive to be) the same standards for local yokel gear as I do for international malarkey, than almost (almost!) anything else. I find it odd when I’ve run Round Trip Mars, a record label that has released nothing but NZ muzak for 10 years now, and have played hundreds (actually way more like four figures worth) of domestic tunes that made the grade on Stinky Grooves (and Tranquility Bass), for nearly twice that amount of time. The same standards apply on StinkInc, and the same mates, associates and otherwise, will probably have the hump with me about not posting their gear up here.

Hanyways long story short, I’m not flinging this up for making friends points or any other reason, other than it’s simply wicked. This song entered my head (repeatedly) in NYC in October, and really it hasn’t left between now and then. I’ve been waiting to have it, and run it on Stinky Grooves, ever since, and tonight I’ll be doing just that …. at last. To my way of thinking this is a bonafide domestic classic, and if it isn’t treated as such I’ll be throwing my toys out the playpen, with some serious vigour. What gets me the most is Tyree’s sung part on the chorus, that’s not to say that Gin doesn’t slay it (big things on the way for her, no doubt) and the verses are choice, but while most current songs struggle to find a half-decent fishing-hook, this is like the backroom of the butchers! No autotune or oh-so-current hiphouse flim flam, just solid business on multiple levels, give this a couple of plays and see if it doesn’t lodge itself deep in your cranium and take up residency.
On the MTC tip I’m figuring Young Sid’s ‘Domestic Disturbance’ mixtape is close to droppage soonest, and their new combo Kids In Space have their first (very Kid Cudi-esque) track up which you can check by clicking that link back there.

So many Kids these days, where’s my goats at?…

(buy) the empeetree ici

(buy) the video here (do people do that ? I know I don’t)

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