Stinkbombs 101- Friendly Fire stream & free DL

Stinkbombs 101- Friendly Fire stream & free DL

Continuing the tonal trawl through the vaults of odiferous auditory mix delights, and following on from last week’s first out of the gate Stinkmix 1 – here is the starter of the Stinkbombs trail. This series was started basically because the Stinkmixes were getting bogged down with overly fastidious, manual scratch and crackle removal, and excessive spoken word and sound fx tomfoolery – let’s just say I was finding it hard to declare them finished. So .. I’m guessing around 2004, judging by what is on here, the Stinkbombs series was commenced. The idea was mixes that would be flung down quick as from vinyl, then bunged into Pro Tools to be dealt with in a single sitting/day, so no crackly finds from the depths of Paeroa’s second-hand retailers, and more of an emphasis on currents and classics from the crates. It didn’t hurt that back then this was the only way to lap up some of those 45s and 12″s digitally…oh how times have changed!

So this one has the evergreen Hard Times rhythm from the Gibbs camp, IWayne at his best, the fast emerging Vybz Kartel, several Bounty Killer cuts that remind how hard the Warlord used to rep, some Massive B mightyness out of NYC and a toe or two dipped into Tego’s then-groundbreaking reggaeton pool and MIA before … well before her fast turnaround, sell-by date was up. It also empties it’s barrels with a slew of classics from Cutty Ranks, Bounty (again), Barrington Levy (my favourite Here I Come lick from the original 12″) Serge G alongside Sly & Robbie and restoring the rootsometer Cornell Campbell and David Jahson – tunes for days basically! The nature of the process means that the Stinkbombs can (true to their name) be a touch messier than the Stinkmixes, but on the other side of the ledger there’s a spontaneity that you can’t get when you’ve spent an hour de-crackling a three decade old exotica record or grappling with dialogue!

The cover is once again by Jason Burgess (follow that link to good photos and yarns) and if my memory serves me correct (hopeful – at the best of times) was taken one day when we were ascending on the windy road to our Blue Mountain accom out of Kingston, after a day of interviews, photos and mild mannered hustling.

Stinkbombs 101 – Friendly Fire by Stinkyjim on Mixcloud

Download link (no guarantees on how long this will last)


01> Luciano – Silver & Gold
02> Capleton – That Day Will Come
03> IWayne – Living In Love
04> Gibbo, ET & Basi – Hard Times Version
05> Bounty Killer – No More Suffering
06> General Degree – D’Music
07> Shaggy – Stand Up & Fight
08> Morgan Heritage – Comfortable
09> Voicemail – Jamaican Jiggas
10> Loyal Soldiers Crew – Father Jungle Rock
11> IWayne – Can’t Satisfy Her
12> Capleton – Lie Dem A Tell
13> Tego Calderon & Yandel – Al Natural
14> Elephant Man – Rah Rah
15> Vybz Kartel – Push It To Me
16> Vybz Kartel & Diplo – Baby
17> Pantera Os Dnandhinos & Diplo – Percao
18> Sandra Melody & Diplo – Newsflash
19> M.I.A. – Galang (South Rakkas Remix)
20> Renaissance Crew – Stepz Rhythm
21> Bling Dawg – Idiot Ting Dat
22> Elephant Man – Seh Dem Bad
23> Bounty Killer – Killing A Killing
24> Tego Calderon & Voltio – Guasa Guasa
25> Kelis, Beenie Man & TOK – Trick Me Twice
26> Cutty Ranks – One Funny Move
27> Bounty Killer – Cellular Phone
28> Barrington Levy – Here I Come (Trouble Mixed)
29> Serge Gainsbourg, Sly & Robbie – Des Lads De Dub
30> Cornell Campbell – Whenever You Need Me
31> David Jahson – Natty Chase The Barber

This week/next mix we will have something completely different……….

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