Stinkbombs 303 – Shaolin Fisticuffs

Stinkbombs 303 – Shaolin Fisticuffs

Kin ‘ell – having a listen now and there’s some right unmitigated niceness on this’un. From 2004 and 100% vinyl snaffled up on a trip back to the auld country – all London too by the looks. The Bathgate instro I checked in a shop, didn’t rate the vocal, loved the instrumental and bought it expressly to lead off the next mix – it does the job. From here  is a romp round the reggaematical shack with Rodders offsider and soundsystem veteran Ricky Ranking and evergreens Mz Stephens (and yeah that was well old by then but I slept on it initially while it was getting hammered by all & sundry) and Lukie D. Couple of cuts from the Paragons re-form record Return which flies in the face of the current run (and by run I mean runs) of mortgage hungry, reconstituted acts – flogging heritage when it should be hermitage for them. It’s a great record and I was chuffed to find a repress in Sound Of The Universe, the cut that comes later has well reprehensible lyrics but they are so sweetly delivered – well it’s a crucial confusion. More vintage viberosity from my favourite Knowledge song, a guaranteed party starter in a gospel gone style from George & Jackie, before we go all retro-present-futuristic-schtick with the classic 007 rhythm re-licked.

The S.N.F. is the Stiff Nacked Fools and apparently is a bit of a rarity. I didn’t know about that when I found it in the 7″s bin at the glorious old Rough Trade out West, but it’s got the perfect mix of old school respect with new school technique that bands hear should be taking some serious notes from. Couple more favourites from Willie ‘Armagideon Time’ Williams and that slightly sketchy Paragons cut and with a bit of bridge building from the Rt Hon JSt*r it’s into some slengtenging dancehall belters including one of Sizzla’s best of the new millennium and a scorchulator on the Indian tip from YT. I’ve always felt that Cornershop’s Topknot done over by the Sheffield steel of Caveman, was overlooked and listening back – it’s a cracking track and one of M.I.A.’s finest and up there with Cornershop’s numerous highlights. Penultimately – Lady Sov, before it all went horribly horribly wrong. Got the last copy of this from S.O.T.U. and it was getting rinsed hardout from the moment it made it back to Harrow Road, let alone NZ. Finally Tego & The Game, what’s not to love – huuuuuuuuge tune. Cover photo taken in Gerard Street on Chinese New Year 2004 by moi.

Stinkbombs 303 – Shaolin Fisticuffs by Stinky Jim on Mixcloud

Download ici… fer as long as it lasts

01 Badside (Instrumental) – Bathgate
02 Can’t Trick I – Ricky Ranking
03 It’s A Pity- Tanya Stephens
04 Too Long – Lukie D
05 Do Right My Brothers And Sisters – The Paragons
06 Good Luck My Friends – Knowledge
07 I’ll Take You There – George & Jackie
08 Things & Times – Tony Roots
09 What Happen To The Youths – Zulu
10 Man and Man – Easi B
11 007 Riddim – Players With Potential
12 Boy From The Country – The S.N.F.
13 Why Can’t I Have My Way –  The Paragons
14 Rocking Universally – Willie Williams & Cousin Marshall
15 Thug Fever Dub – JSt*r
16 Sleng Teng Ressurection – Wayne Marshall & Bounty Killer
17 Someone Loves You – Sizzla
18 Bills Fi Pay – Vybz Kartel
19 Duttey Cup – Kid Kurrupt
20 Pop Your Body – Antione Stone, Zumjay & Iceberg Slimm
21 Sex Drive – Zagu Zar
22 Feel The Buzz – YT vs DSD
23 Topknot (Caveman Remix ft M.I.A.) – Cornershop
24 Random (DJ Menta Remix ft Riko) – Lady Sovereign
25 We Don’t Love Them Hoes – Tego Calderon & Game


Loving the archived shows. I’m an ex-pat Kiwi living in the UK and remember you from way back when I left (1990s). In the late 90s I was on the graveyard shift doing dub shows at bFM and used to get a lot of abuse and nasty phone calls between 2am and 7am on a Sunday morning, so I am thrilled to see NZ develop into a dub-loving nation over the last 10-15 years.

Do me a favour and play a HUGE track. Heavy Duty by Herman Chin-Loy off the Aquarius Dub album. I cannot get enough of this one, and I love the “take away from” dub sound at the moment, as opposed to the “layer a whole load of delay’n’shit” approach. There is an early prototype of a dub standard on the album called Jah Jah Dub. I can’t figure out if it’s the original.


Hey Mike
Thanks for the mail. In my experience whatever you play some nong is going to ring up and want to hear Slayer/Beastie Boys/tunes that smell like a locker room…at 3.30 am. Nowadays those plums frequent the internet and comments sections, the joys of modern living.
I do love Heavy Duty and have played it on the show more than once when the vinyl re-issue of Aquarius Dub popped up in the early/mid 90’s. With only 3 hours a week and a constant surplus of material I rarely get to play new stuff more than once (or twice at max) so regretfully have to decline.
Hear what you say on the reductive rather than the additional and that is where Aquarius Dub (and things like some of the recent Phil Pratt re-issues for example) come into their own as real growers that reward repeat listens.
Live up and thanks for the vibes

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