Stinkbombs 606 – King Pong

Stinkbombs 606 – King Pong

Well about a week later than first intended but that’s the seasonal …er season for you. I wouldn’t have put money on me getting anything posted today after the unmitigated mightyness of the Lion Rockers HiFi session at 420 last night (and what a joy it was to get a chance to select on that system… huge!) but most of the work was done yesterday so here goes…

From 2008, and well cosmopolitan, this sizzling simian stinkfest commences with Onra’s unofficial Vietnamese national flanthem before jetting off to Argentina for a spot of the modern cumbia hooha and hootenanny. Up after that are a couple of under appreciated and delightfully unclassifiable gems from graphic designer Bruce Lenkei and Parisian fodgather Uncle O repping for Cosmo Vitelli’s ever awesome I’m A Cliche label. Next up is a slew of weirdbeards, psych stragglers and just the sort of miscreants we like to find lounging in the greenest green room at Stinkbombs Central. Richard Norris shows up twice with the motoric majesty of ‘Zeitghost’ and one of many highlights from his Beyond The Wizards Sleeve project with Errol Alkan ‘Ready To Fly’. As might be hoped there’s a semi-psychotic remix from the auld master J Saul Kane in his Depth Charge robes, alongside yet more under appreciated and apparently quiet rare jewelry from MRR/ADM . From one of the finest double remix packs you could ever wish to find local yokel Shocking Pinks ‘Cutout’ gets the frankly phenomenal Expanding Head Band Tussley treatment before a spot of sampladelic Pilooski and the predictable poifection of Harvey dishing it out to El LCDs. On the home lap Quiet Village get up to their periodic perky pilfering, there’s a slovenly Belgian oddity, both sides of the best track Erykah Badu will probably ever do, Darkstar’s high tide mark so far, and finally a completely and utterly brilliant Julian Cope cover from another under-rated artiste The Oscillation. Phew…

Download link and tracklist after the mixcloud player malarkey…

Stinkbombs 606 – King Pong by Stinkyjim on Mixcloud

Download here for as long as it is

01 The Anthem – Onra
02 Bombon Asesino Version – El Hijo De La Cumbia
03 Bosques Via Temperley – Chancha Via Circuito
04 Moonlight Zombie Dance – Bruce Lenkei
05 Huey & Dewey – Uncle O
06 Ready To Fly – Beyond The Wizards Sleeve
07 ? – MRR/ADM Feat Malcolm Catto
08 My Busted Knee (Depth Charge Rmx) – Overlast
09 Zeitghost – The Time And Space Machine
10 Cutout (Expanding Head Band Version) – Shocking Pinks
11 All My Friends (Harvey’s Mix) – LCD Soundsystem
12 Pillow Talk – Quiet Village
13 La Valse De La Vie – Jean Marie Aerts
14 The Healer – Erykah Badu
15 The Healer (Instr) – Madlib
16 Need You – Darkstar
17 Head Hang Low – The Oscillation

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