Stinklinks & the proverbial, ubiqitous ting

Stinklinks & the proverbial, ubiqitous ting
I’m not a big fan of the endless re-posting of links malarkey, apart from thems that do it supremely well, but every now and then you’ve got to share a thing or two. I’ve got a few more hefty posts planned – right now, here’s some bits and places from around the place……………
Taliesin from those titans of tonal terrorism Dutty Artz pinged me a link to his ‘Samizdat Mix’ ,  which ranges from a bit of messed up dancehall including Busy Signal (and as you know we’re partial to that round here) through crucial cumbiafied cuts right up to some right undulating uptempo units and all sorts of messed up magnificence. Have a butchers below.


direct link to the mix
dutty artz has it all naturally
Dutty Artz is showing promising potency at the minute with scorching releases that get out there, but somehow remain criminally under the radar.. at least for now. The Jahdan Blakkamoore EP that dropped last year was ridiculously tight (look forward to hearing Asterix over a couple of beats from that EP on Friday night) and his new 12″ The General (nowt to do with the rhythm of the same name) is some totally top ranking, highly decorated business. Produced by Matt Shadetek and LionDub (the label isLionDub International), and touching down on wax last week –  the original is THE joint. The subsonically seismic remixes from Noah D and Marcus Visionary are none too shabby either, as it goes. I’ll be running at least one version tomorrow night (if not more), and I can only predict monstrously musically satisfying things from Mr Blakkamoore, and his upcoming album ‘Buzzrock Warrior’. No mp3, support the quality and score it already.


Cop a 22 minute slice of Jahdan mixtape business at XLR8R
And while you’re trawling a round why not have a squizz at……..
BAGnewsNotes is an excellent U.S. news pictures analysis site, check it…. particularly liked this one.

Oftentimes he can be such a nong, and his talent is more often squandered than done justice to, but on a good day Vybz Kartel is almost un-toppable and un-stoppable. It can only have  been a day or two after Sting when he recorded this hilarious broadside at Mavado, ‘Last Man Standing’.  At first I was just amused, and then for the last few months I’ve been severely hooked – on the daily style & fashion. There’s finally an official video which, even though it’s pretty standard fare, has a certain brusque charm. 

This track below is sending me right now, I would never ever have betted on this mob of fringe-farmers and ghoulish grinders to come up with something so substantial. It’s hardly a bundle of originality, but when it sounds this good – who cares. Thus far I’ve only listened to the full album in an intense reviewing frenzy for a couple of days so I’m curious to get back to it in a relaxed frame, who would have thunked it.  
Finally it’s been a bad spell for the curtailment of great minds with the loss of one of the very best, J.G. Ballard and also the razor sharp Clement Freud, we shall not be seeing their like again. I’ll leave you with a joke from the latter.

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