Stinkmix 007 – Easy Way Out

Stinkmix 007 – Easy Way Out

Has been a while between drinks at the Stinkmix saloon but fear not because the drought is breaking – though you might be best to expect occasional showers or a bit of shizzle drizzle rather than a regular deluge for the time being.

Getting things back on the right track here is a firmly focussed set in the loungey/library/exotica/jazz frame from 99/2000. Originally this’un came with a cover shot of a mashed up Jerry Lee Lewis surrounded by cover-less records – a splendid and appropriate image I hope you’ll agree but sadly time has not been kind to that file, the book it came from is in storage etc etc – so brand new cover & corrected tracklist…thanks Cherry Sprinkles!

The selection is predominantly pure op shoppery and delightful digging with a few Dusty Grooves, Real Groovy and elsewhere hunobtainables thrown in for good measure/treasure. Since it’s taken me forever to get even this far into this post I think it may be wise to dispense with the running commentary. There is plenty to note but I’ll leave yous to discover that yourself – though it would be remiss if I didn’t point out the gorgeousness of Mel Torme’s finest moment rubbing up alongside the mighty NZ composer/arranger/musician Oswald Cheesman, the Walk On by version excursion (as is often the case there’s a lot of restraint going on here, I have dozens of Walk On By’s – sadsack that I am), a brace of my favourite John Barry pieces (props going out to Steve Law for putting both of those on a cassette mix from around 83/84 I still treasure and am attempting to rebuild digitally) and loads more. I have to say these loungey excursions really do weather the test of time well in the mixtape stakes – makes me think about sticking another one together sometime – maybe when we have a new locale….

Stinkmix 007 – Easy Way Out by Stinky Jim on Mixcloud

Download link here

01 Intro – Charles Wilp
02 Harlem Nocturne – Mel Tormé
03 The Girl from Ipanema – Oswald Cheesman
04 Hurry To Me – Roy Budd
05 Kalahari – Les Baxter
06 Melancholy Serenade – Bob Crewe Generation Orchestra
07 Ando Meil Desligado – Os Mutantes
08 Like Troika – Peter Thomas Sound Orchester
09 Walk On By – Pucho & His Latin Soul Brigade
10 Walk On By – Enoch Light & The Light Brigade
11 Bond Street – Enoch Light & The Light Brigade
12 Moody River – John Barry
13 Diamond Head – Al Caiola & His Islanders
14 Like Waltz – John Barry
15 A Flower & A Butterfly – Pepe Jaramillo
16 Enchantment – Sabu Martinez
17 It Ain’t Necessarily So – Cal Tjader Modern Mambo Orchestra
18 Don’t Rain On My Parade – Arthur Lyman
19 Maria – Lalo Schifrin
20 Moonshot – Sounds Orchestral
21 Space Reflex – Dick Hyman
22 Cosmic Ballad – Jean-Jacques Perrey
23 Teen Tonic – Pierre Henry & Michael Colombier
24 Moog And Me – Dick Hyman
25 Unknown Title – Charles Wilp
26 Un Homme Et Une Femme – Francis Lai
27 Daydream – Gunter Kallmann Choir

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