Stinkmix 1 – Disc Juan

Stinkmix 1 – Disc Juan

For the latest in the irregular upping of a whole heap of Stinkmixes and Stinkbombs to Mixcloud (and as long as my free account can handle it at Divshare) it’s time to go back to the very start, when the switch from cassette to CD become all too easy. The first three mixes were done so that I could take some breaks when I did a 10 hour + stint in my own dedicated ‘chill out chamber’ at the BDO in what I think was ’99 (took a bit of mild detective work to figure that out!)

These ones were made with the mighty Angus McNaughton up at Incubator, in a similar process to the Stinky Grooves Session I did for Polygram a few years prior. We’ll run the other two at a later date, there is no real rhyme or reason to the order of how these mixes are heading online apart from  it would be too dull to do them chronologically. Tracklist, limited time download link etc after the jump/mixcloud player.

Stinkmix 1 – Disc Juan by Stinkyjim on Mixcloud

Download here from divshare 320 mp3 as one track (165 MB) Link won’t stay up forever though)

01  Dirty Harry Theme – Lalo Schifrin
02  Path To Ascension – Yvess Hyatt
03  King O Trash – Marschmellows
04  Success (Kenny Dope Rmx) – Dj Cam
05  Give Me – A Tribe Called Quest
06  Travelling Man – Dj Honda Ft. Mos Def
07  Galactic Funk – Dj Spooky
08  Rip Rip – David Holmes
09  Whoops I’M An Indian – Hal Willner
10  Go Back In Time With Yr Mind (Si Begg Rmx) – Sluts & Strings & 909
11  Fototienda – Atom Heart
12  One Note Samba – Perrey & Kingsley
13  Slinky – John Murtaugh
14  Give It Up Or Turn It Loose – Dick Hyman
15  Superbad – Atom Heart
16  Windowlicker – Aphex Twin
17  Rancheeros – Dodo
18  Foot Tonics – Fat Masonics


Morning Stinky….I like all your other listeners would love to download the latest mixtape you got on offer…
Keep up the wicked work man!!!

Too Much

Hi Davita
Thanks for your mail and good vibes. Am just sorting out a coupla dramas with the downloading malarkey…will have 25 (the latest) and others available again for download soon and must be about time for a new mix or two…keep em peeled..

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