Stinkmix 10 – Casual Slacks

Stinkmix 10 – Casual Slacks

Are you free this evening? Well I should hope so because this selection of op shop finds and spoken wordlement has ripened rather nicely over time. Once again a bunch of dialogue & sound fx re-used on Phase 5’s ‘Space Bar’ but crucially some absolute belting tunes on here, celebrated and not so.

Opening with a quartet of absolute gems that copped a lot of dancefloor action back in them days Peter Nero’s Soulful Strut may not be quite the match for Young Holt Unlimited’s all time Top Ten lick but it still comes correct. The great Jackie MIttoo and Derrick ‘musical chariot’ Harriot’s Crystlites bring a Jamaican lilt to give you the proper tint. The twanging gats of Xavier Cugat and Al Caiola give way to Aotearoa/Pacific sensation Bill Sevesi who joins magnificent mike Nock (a bit later on) in dishing out the domestic disturbance. Xav’s back with the perennial fav Sibonney before more ‘breaks’ I nicked for Brusied Beans on my darling wife’s immeasurably fine Froth EP, giving away the secrets now. Great Viva Tirado version (how many of them are there…many!) From London Stereo 70 Orchestra before we Leroy Holmes our way into a bit of classic John Barry biz, The Human Jungle is a little overlooked but why? Why? Why? Martin Denny is Mooging it up before Laila’s Dream, a slept on corker that can wig a dancefloor out in the first 16 bars. Jones, Nock and Dissevelt/Baltan move things jazzier then weirder not helped by some CD skippery, will see if I can find a better version anywhere otherwise consider this an additional dubbing device. Hold on a couple of minutes the end for the ‘hidden track/step too far with the dialogical hooha.

Stinkmix 10 Casual Slacks by Stinky Jim, Mixcloud

Meditation- Felix Slatkin
Island In The Sun – Pepe Jaramillo
Watermelon Man – Marcello Minerbi
My Favourite Things – Sergio Mendes
Soulful Strut – Peter Nero
Too Late To Turn Back Now – Jackie Mittoo
True Grit – Bongo Les Herman + The Crystalites
La Playa – Xavier Cugat
The Fugitive – Al Caiola
Tiger Shark – Bill Sevesi
Sibonney – Xavier Cugat
Charmaine Bossa Nova – Keith Campbell Orchestra
Piel Canal – Pepe Lopez
Viva Tirado – London Stereo 70 Orchestra
Live For Life – Leroy Holmes
The Ipcress File – John Barry
Human Jungle – John Barry
Peppermint & Incense – Martin Denny
Laila’s Dream – Frederic Klein
Soul Full Of Gold – Quincy Jones
Space Bugaloo – Mike Nock
Song Of The Second Moon – Tom Dissevelt/Kid Baltan
Look Of Love – Richard Hayman
Upside Down – Bruce Haack + Miss Nelson

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