Stinkmix 11 – Eat My Dust

Stinkmix 11 – Eat My Dust

All over the show with a cover of the Horny Helmets from the movie ‘No Blade Of Grass’. Linked together by the wonderful Dr Akbar (who also appears on Jefferson Belt’s Table Manners album pop pickers) this is another of those what one of my sets from around the year 2000 might have sounded like hoohas.

So kicking off with some op-shop scores, the old powder blue 1967 Valiant did some serious miles around the lessers known charity shops and what have you in those days and it’s all on. Henry Mancini oft poured on the fromage but when it’s curdled right as it is on Something For Cat – delishimo. Louis Bellson has the drums of thunder, Erik Satin, another alias for Atom Heart was big round our gates then. Slinky Hula from Luke Vibert & BJ Cole appeared on some comp and was the absolute standout from their combination, Two Lone Swordsmen should need no intro but what fine fettle they were in at this point.Kid Koala, Kingsize and Blackalicious all bring the untypical hiphoppery and if I say so myself these tunes and the mixes hang together particularly well after all these years. David Holmes’ 69 Police remains a triumph decades later and he’s still bunging out the belters… magnifique & robust. I think I have every Mystic Moods LP still, I’m a sad case. This is the peak and one that back then was known by them that knew, rather than an internet scab for someone to pick at and not fully appreciate, obvs a well sampled tune and rightly so.

Ramsey Lewis and associates are another lifelong obsession, love how he gets the snob from the contemp cool jazz skool katz & funk feebles with their overpriced reissues and celebration of shite that was obscure because it basically sucked then and now – Do What You Wanna is a jam….and toast. Ocho’s best ever tune and worthy of inclusion for the concept and title alone. What can you say about Cedric’s Satta? Horns of Jericho biz, that is all you can say another that will never leave my crates…. virtually. RDK All Stars version of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Lord Creator’s Such Is Life is unusual in that when most take on such a gem they flop, this doesn’t. I see it got a reissue with Manasseh dubs later on, never knew that would love to hear. B-sides no slouch with the re-lick Homeless, kiss me neck indeed. The Stic was on Guidance subsidiary Subtitled Records and it’s very much in that Hi iFi Dub vein.

Unfortunately from here on we head into skippy CD territory and this has affected the master and all the subsequent copies, I’ve tried 3 different ones, all the same, my apologies. Good to have thee olde muckers Rockers HiFi in here with their low and slow take on Ella’s Sunshine and then it’s Oleg Kostrow with some lounging foolishness to finish it off before Dr Akbar closes out and then….the final insult Shaggy on the phone ℅ Deadbeats…worth waiting 72 minutes for!

Stinkmix 11 Eat My Dust by Stinky Jim, Mixcloud

Something For Cat – Henry Mancini
The Eel – Louis Bellson
Magnifique (I’m Going Out Of My Head) – Erik Satin
Slinky Hula – Luke Vibert + BJ Cole
Kist – Two Lone Swordsmen
Taboo Soda – Kid Koala
Precision – Kingsize
Nation Time – Blackalicious
69 Police – David Holmes
Cosmic Sea – Mystic Moods
Do You Wanna – Ramsey Lewis
Undress My Mind – Ocho
Satt-Massa-Ganna – Cedric Im Brooks
Such Is Life – R.D.K. All Stars
Homeless – Knatty P + The Radix
Setlle & Cease – The Stic
The Sunshine Of Your Love (Rockers HiFi Remix) – Ella Fitzgerald
Ein Kleines Betterleidchen – Oleg Kostrow
(??? Shaggy Prank Call Bonus mmmmmmmmmmmm) – Deadbeats

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