Stinkmix 13 – Friday The 13th

Stinkmix 13 – Friday The 13th

There is indeed some spooky shit going on with Stinkmix 13 – I think there were a couple more heavily themed mixes planned, but life.. and Harry Mudie, and trips away and all that got in the road.

The vestibule of this haunted house, as it were, is yet more of that 2nd hand goodness from four of the favourites – Budd, Bonfa, Baxter and Lai with some of Raymond Scott’s brilliant forward looking lunar ads, a bit of horror chat and some 70’s Hong Kong tourism 7″s.The meat in this sandwich is a raft of hip hop gears that were residents in the going out box back around 2000 ranging from the big tune business of yer Kelis’s, Dre’s and De La Souls to pimply poms like Creators (with a killer instrumental that HAD to go on) and Aim. Then it’s a little dabble around the OST/jazzy/whatdoyoucallthat kind of vibe including Rodeo 69 a seriously overlooked classic from French geezer Rob (check his Don’t Kill album on Source… outrageously under-rated and ahead/out of time) and those long lost superlative souls The Sons Of Silence with the Flavour distributed scorcher Bobby Dazzler. The final lap is a put the jug on and rest your feet paddle in the rootsamatical dubwise pool…well where else would you want to be?
Will wang the tracklist and dl link up later/soon. have a monstrous Stinky Grooves session lined up tonight that requires full concentration first…

Stinkmix 13 – Friday The 13th by Stinkyjim on Mixcloud

01 Roy Budd – The Watcher
02 Francis Lai – Radio Music
03 Luiz Bonfa – Avocado
04 Les Baxter & His Orchestra – Peking Tiger
05 Kid Koala – Emeperors Main Course
06 Jill Scott – One Is The Magic Number
07 Dr Dre – The Next Episode (instrumental)
08 Kelis featuring Terrar – Good Stuff
09 Pharcyde – Aint Nothing Like (Nextmen remix)
10 Aim – Loop Dreams
11 Gangstarr – Full Clip (instrumental)
12 De La Soul featuring Indeed – Set The Mood
13 Creators – Kronkite (instrumental)
14 Killer Watts – The Persuaders
15 Rob – Rodeo 69
16 Thievery Corporation – Samba Tranquille
17 Sons Of Silence vs Black Helicopters – Bobby Dazzler
18 Karl Toppin, Fatta & Bulby – Soldier Rhythm
19 Laxley Castell/King Tubby – Jah Dub Is Sweeter
20 Jackie Mittoo – Sky King Jack
21 Roy Cousins – Dub For A Reason

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