Stinkmix 15 – Under Mi Bling Ting

Stinkmix 15 – Under Mi Bling Ting

Taking top posi on the menu this time around is some no quarter taken genetically reconstituted and manically modified audio ackee & saltfish in the form of a dancehall romp with a little chicanery over on the NYC/Tdot axis….yum yum! I think for once I managed to say what I meant in the Mixcloud blurble, so that is below.

‘Bashment business from 2001 when Timbaland was ruling the roost and rhythms like the Buy Out, The Itch and Thunder were sending out genial (and downright awesome) warning blips about the tacky roads dancehall would later be led down. Back then though, this was exciting stuff as folks like Dave & Tony Kelly and Frenchie, and plenty others experimented with pop shapes and created something new in the process. At the same time there was a good (almost last) gasp of hip hop reggaematical flavourisings from New York with Ayotollah etc and of course the long time stinking favourite Kardinal Offishall dishing out the damage over the border in T dot. There’s a rare sighting of a Stinky Special taking the air outside of the crates with Cham’s all purpose BdB dub Heading For The Top and shedloads more on a quick fire dancehall round that takes no prisoners and accepts no apology. Forward!!!’

Next round from the dusty old racks of the Stinkmix Cellar/Jim’s Country Bunker is Stinkbombs 606 – King Pong …I’m not even sure what is on that from memory right now – so that should be interesting… or at least revealing. I have a hankering to put something fresh down, maybe before Xmas if house hoo-ha, work and willingness allow and I’m leaning towards a ruthlessly rocking set of the wood & metal, musical meat & psychedelic potatoes, gat & vox variety but I’m just guessing really…….

Stinkmix 15 – Under Mi Bling Ting by Stinkyjim on Mixcloud

Download here (for the meantime)

01 Real Bad Man – Hawkeye
02 Too Much – Mr Vegas
03 The Itch – Frenchie & Shams
04 Straight As An Arrow – T.O.K.
05 Don’t Play That – Italee
06 Like Glue – Sean Paul
07 Drive Me Crazy – Mr Easy
08 Gal Dem Everytime – Sadeki
09 Money To Burn – T.O.K.
10 Real Niggaz – Spragga Benz & Twyce
11 Miss L.A.P. – Beenie Man
12 No Shame – Bounty KIller
13 Real Bad Man – Tanto Metro & Devonte
14 Success – Frisco Kid
15 She Likes It – Sean Paul & Mr Easy
16 Thunder Rhythm – Jeremy Harding
17 Acid Rock – Richie Stevens
18 Question – Bounty Killer & Richie Stevens
19 Summer Flow – General Degree
20 Serious Attack – Frisco Kid
21 Fright Night – Red rat
22 Eyes Wide Shut – Ward 21
23 Bakardi Slang – Kardinal Offishall & Bounty Killer
24 Ole Time Killin’ – Kardinal Offishall & Busta Rhymes
25 All Massive – Tek of the Coco Brovaz
26 Spread Love – Mike Zoot
27 Massive Spread Version – Ayatollah
28 Rising To The Top Special – Baby Sham
29 One Minute Instrumental – Timbaland
30 Massacre – Ricky Rudie aka Bling Dawg
31 One Minute Man – Missy Elliot
32 Bulls Of Chicago – Bounty Killer
33 One Minute Man – Missy Elliot & Ludacris
34 Speedy Love – Nitty Kutchie & Hawkeye
35 Entourage – Bounty Killer
36 One Minute Instrumental – Timbaland

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