Stinkmix 16 – Teddy Boy’s Picnic

Stinkmix 16 – Teddy Boy’s Picnic

Right after last weeks veritable epistle let’s keep this short’n’sweet. This looks like a 2001 mix from a quick reference check and it flirts around with a few styles from a loungey/library in to a moodstrumental exit. Inbetween there’s a missing track (grrrrrr), some seriously under-rated biz from the Beta Band Exodus 77 (aka Sean Reveron who only appears to have done this one EP under that name – what a shame , it’s a killer and he went on to do good thing with David Holmes/Free Association, the Rockers clothing label and much more – what a chap! a renaissance chap at that!) then there’s Roots Manuva’s most populist moment rendered in version excursionary vision, a choice spag west beat from Skitz and about the only decent song of Timbaland’s where he appears on the wrong side of the mixing desk. Throw in European Tribe casualties and proper ‘eadz Urbs & Cutex, some epic lovelyness in a mind the gap fashion from the King of Woolwoths and Ian Simmonds (The Sandals/Juryman and other hexcellent projects) and even Simian before they was a Mobile Disco (yes same peeps with extras and a very different MO) and before you know it you’re in the Votelosphere with Dakota Oak and it’s all over Rover….




…………………..enjoy……. bing bong

Stinkmix 16 – Teddy Boy’s Picnic by Stinky Jim on Mixcloud

Download here for the right now

01 Richard Pine & Company – Left Right
02 Walter Wanderley – Protons, Electrons & Neutrons
03 Supsonic – Mach 2/2
04 Piero Piccioni – Puppet On A Chain (Main Theme)
05 ?? ??
06 Terry Cox – Savannah
07 Malcolm Catto – Vibes
08 Beta Band ft Exodus 77 – Won
09 Readymade ft Juice Aleem – Lonely Boy
10 Roots Manuva – Witness (One Hope)
11 Roots Manuva – Witness (Dub)
12 Skitz – Cordless Mics At 20 Paces (Instr)
13 Exodus 77 – Just Time
14 Timbaland & Magoo – Indian Carpet
15 Urbs & Cutex – Up & Down
16 King Of Woolworths – Bakerloo
17 Wise In Time – Slowfall
18 Kings Of Convenience – The Weight Of My Words (Four Tet Remix)
19 Simian – Doo Be
20 Dakota Oak – How Danny’s Sorrowing Friends Defied Convention

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