Stinkmix 17 – Orthodox Boxology

Stinkmix 17 – Orthodox Boxology

Cover from the mighty amenable, talented and lovely Gerald Phillips on this one which was recorded on Xmas Eve 2002 in Beresford Square.

Kicking off with one of Tru Thoughts finest earlier moments (alongside Treva Whateva’s equally adorable Singalong) Spooked by Flevans. I can’t remember which UK DJ it was that played this at a 3AM session at Galatos but I do know I was pestering for a name afterwards and I got it. Tune. After that heraldic highlight it’s into some sweary hip hop bigguns like Nas, Jay-Z + M.O.P., Cam’ron, Erick Sermon + Redman and of course Busta Rhymes – was a fruitful time for saggy pants action. Bounty Killer, Spragga Benz + Mega Banton and Sean Paul chime in for JA in a very NYC style before things head trans-Atlantic with Blak Twang + Jahmali’s So Rotton which has the same origin story for me as Spooked, dynamite from a 3AM gig (DJ Vadim perhaps) at Galatos that had to be sourced with the quickness. Shy FX + T Power come with the ultimate version of PD Project’s Ruff Like We, late for the party/early for the revival jungling biz with Rodney P, minding that and his q’s. Ballistic Affair up next with Leroy Smart (who acted like the biggest egg in the Caribbean when I interviewed him in Kingston in 1995) and Bounty Killer who is all over this mix like a reggaematical rash. Capleton + Anthony Malvo, it says here there’s some rhythm next but I’m not so sure about that that is actually sandwiched between the two excellent vocals.

Then as it was the time of Lenky and Steely + Clevie et al taking bashment in some really progressive directions there’s a slew of dancehall gems uptempo before heading into a more slovenly and out there endtro. RJD2 and Kid Loco set the scene as they did so well before an absolute ripper ℅ lil Lalo, a heaping helping of Moogy Montenegro, some David Holmes Free Association and a chunky beat from Angelo Hectic round things off…or do they? Still a moment left for some spoken closery and a Cassette Boy ‘hidden track’ to leave things discombobulated. Heady mix!

Stinkmix 17 Orthodox Boxology by Stinky Jim, Mixcloud

Spooked – Flevans
Made You look – Nas
U Don’t Know (Rmx) – Jay-Z + M.O.P.
Oh Boy – Cam’ron
Rub – Bounty Killer
React – Erick Sermon + Redman
Show Dem Ladies(Rmx) – Spragga Benz + Mega Banton
Make It Clap (Rmx + Instr) – Busta Rhymes, Sean Paul + Spliffstar
So Rotton – Blak Twang + Jahmali
Ruff Like we (Shy FX + T Power Rmx) – PD Syndicate
Tribalism – Bounty Kller + Leroy Smart
Ballistic Affair Version – Real Music Crew
One Day Rude Boy – Capleton + Anthony Malvo
Arms Length – Cobra
Time After Time – Sean Paul
Cree – T.O.K.
Please Me – Tany Stephens
Whine And Wheel – Desperado
Wine Baby Wine – Danny English + Egg Nog
Raging Storm – Bounty Killer
Stress Free – Bling Dawg
Masterpiece/Masterpiece 2.5 – Lenky
Sot In the dark – RJD2
A Little Bit Of Soul (Paul Murphy Rmx) – Kid Loco
The Killer – lalo Schifrin
Moog Power – Hugo Montenegro
Paper Underwear – The Free Association
For All The Girls I’ve Loved – Angelo Hectic
+ Cassette Boy Bonus ‘hidden track’

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