Stinkmix 19 – Ghetto Gold

Stinkmix 19 – Ghetto Gold

There isn’t a great deal needed to be said about this one really. It’s the successor to Stereoscopic and reflects more (though definitely not totally) of the NYC end of that trip.
Very much of the time, and of NYC, there’s commercial hip hop of the finest order from the Neptunes and Timbalands of the world and some dancehall blends, bits and bobs to balance it out – and that’s about it.

As much as I’m a willing (or perhaps pragmatic) participant in the digitalamatization of music from every angle, and I love the reach it allows, and the aspects of democratization (countered by a lot of stuff too, that I won’t start on here) it really saddens me to think that these kinds of expeditions, defying baggage allowances and using every trick in the book to get the wax back home, can’t really happen now. Most of the shops aren’t there anymore and that thrill of ‘getting it on vinyl’ is a different sensation. I won’t say it’s gone completely for me, in the post today were 3 records from Juno that sent that old shiver down the spine ( if you’re asking….. Quiet Village’s epicalypsely excellent 24 minute DJ KAOS remix, Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeves Black Noise and a Romanian album of mind boggling magnificence that I was hipped to by the radio show of the dandy gent in the post below this…more on that later) …. as ever I digress…

So getting some of those tracks on vinyl, only 10 years ago, was just huge. Whether it was back of the van bootleg biz of Beyonce’s, yet to be fully released, but running all boro’s 24-7, Crazy In Love, which was scored hours before departure, or primo promo hooha – it was gravy, and an ocean of gravy at that. There was a shedload of stuff from this trip that never made it onto any of the mixes (Amoeba was on the way home and there were a bunch of soul, ez, jazz, library, psych & elsewhere records that didn’t fit) because they kind of demanded to be the sort of mixes they are…know yer limits son and don’t argue.
It’s all good clean fun, except it isn’t because Pitman popped up as the hidden track on this one..and he’s filthy… and juvenile… and it still makes me laugh. It would be guaranteed to pervert and pollute young minds …so fair warning, don’t blame me and get a brew on.

Stinkmix 19 – Ghetto Gold by Stinkyjim on Mixcloud

Download here – may not last long

01 Spinmata – Beatminerz Ft Doujah Raze
02 Sounds Like – Dead Prez
03 Guiness (Remix) – Elephant Man
04 I Know What You Want – Busta Rhymes & Flipmode Squad
05 Frontin’ – Pharrell Ft. Jay-Z
06 Beautiful – Snoop Dogg Ft. Pharrell
07 Like Glue Remix – Sean Paul
08 Snake – R. Kelly
09 Straight (Remix) – Wayne Marshall
10 Chiney Ting – Elephant Man
11 Row Like A Boat – Beenie Man
12 Shake That Ass – Party Joint
13 21 Questions (Remix) – 50 Cent Ft Nate Dogg
14 Bad Company Riddim – Scatta
15 Shake That Ass (Reprise) – Party Joint
16 Clappin – Capleton & David House Crew
17 Why Remix – Heartless Crew
18 Mr Lover – Elephant Man
19 Bring It On – Beenie Man & Tok
20 U Good To Go – Vybz Kartel
21 Under Mi Sensi – Mr. Vegas, Alozade & Hollow Point
22 Under Mi Sensi (Remix) – Mr. Vegas, Alozade & Hollow Point
23 In Da Club – Estelle
24 Beware The Stopper (Remix) – Cutty Ranks
25 Cop That Shit – Timbaland & Missy Elliot
26 Magnetic – Foxy Brown
27 Uh Oh Remix – Lumidee Ft Busta Rhymes, Fabolous
28 Busy Diwali – Lenky
29 Work It Remix – Missy Elliot
30 Crazy In Love-Beyonce Ft Jay-Z
(31 It Takes Tea – Pitman   BOLSHY BONUS TRACK)

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