Stinkmix 2 – Disc Too

Stinkmix 2 – Disc Too

Another from the initial trio of Stinkmixes that were made up at Incubator with the indispensable help of the mighty McNaughton – so the story is much the same as Stinkmix Juan. Another brilliant cover image from the Pol Berry cards I picked up when I lived in Barcelona in the moody 80’s and maybe my favourite musical selction of the first three. Amongst the highlights are one of my all time ever, no contest, favourite songs ever ever ever – that being Young Holt Unlimited’s ‘Soulful Strut’, Gripper’s finest moment, Tortoise at their slovenly finest and of course me old mucker Kid Loco. Marc Brown’s ‘Woody Green’ is a tune that will forever be associated with that rhythmic rascal Lee ‘Digidub’ Berwick while Dennis Bovell’s ‘Manhunter’ is a straight out classic from the Babylon soundtrack. I’ve been lucky enough to meet a good number of my musical heroes over the years but I can only think of a handful of occasions I’ve been compelled to ask for an autograph – suffice to say that when I played alongside Dennis Bovell my vinyl copy of Babylon was whipped out and he did me the honour. That track kicks off a dubwise finale that ends with a track that I simply had to get on disc after Alex Patterson left me with just a tape of it after one of his very serious sessions (and I do mean session) round our gaff when I was supposed to be recuperating from pneumonia. He may be Dr Lx to some but trust me – he’s no friend if lungs are involved!

As ever download link and tracklist below the Mixcloud thingummyjig.

Stinkmix 2 – Disc Too by Stinkyjim on Mixcloud

Newest download link

01 Bullit Theme – Lalo Schifrin
02 Prostate Boogie – Gripper
03 A Taste Of Honey – All-Star Orchestra
04 Soulful Strut – Young Holt Unlimited
05 Pygar’S Persecution – Bob Crewe Generation Orchestra
06 Home – Fat Masonics
07 I Set My Face To The Hillside – Tortoise
08 Donauschingen – Rainer Truby Trio
09 Un Very Stylish Fille (Kid Loco Remix) – Dimitri From Paris
10 Woody Green – Marc Brown
11 Manhunter – Dennis Bovell
12 Way Back Home – Mystic Revelations Of Rastafari
13 Herb Man Dub – Skatalites Meets King Tubby
14 Every Tongue Shall Tell – Yabby You Meets King Tubby
15 Father For The Living (Mr. Scruff Remix) – Glen Brown
16 Armed Robbery – Junior Delagado
17 Underground / Underdub – Devon Russell / Manasseh
18 ?? – King Syndrome Sound


Hey Ian
Thanks for alerting me to that. First Divshare have cut me off because of too many downloads (though they don’t show up in my stats) and now Mediafire are acting the goat……… MIght have to go for one of those multiservice downloading hoohas as the time and bandwidth is doing my nut in.
I’ll get this one back up soon as poss.

Hi !

Wonderful mix !
Perfect for chilling night !

Is it possible to reupload the good quality audio file ? (Soundclound only gives poor m4a files…)

Thanks a lot !!!

Howdy Seta
Thanks for your kind comment. Have re-uploaded (Newest download link – up above) for your pleasure.
Enjoy and thanks for dropping in

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