Stinkmix 20 – Spikes, Quiffs & Rockets

Stinkmix 20 – Spikes, Quiffs & Rockets

It’s been a while, and it’s definitely long overdue, but I figured heading into ye olde yuletide season with the possibility of a bit of spare time it might be pertinent to get sticking some Stinkmixes and Stinkbombs up on Mixcloud again. So to kick things off here is #20 – Spikes, Quiffs & Rockets. There’s a little blah below and for a limited time (like a week from today) a link to a download of the whole thing at 320, please do check it out at Mixcloud and maybe even follow me for updates on the next mixes, as I may not post them all up here and it would be choice to get that Mixcloud account rumbling along.

Link to the mix on wetransfer here

Another one of the faves this here one from around 2003/2004. Basically it’s an off beat, off kilter and off early down to the pub meander through the beaty bison and groovy gazelle that like to sup upon the reggaematical oasis (no status quo-asis). Some big DJing out staples on here like Pablo’s dubwise dalliance with the Meter’s Cissy Strut, an overcovered cut that actually benefits from this re-rub and the Digital B lick of Queen Majesty graced by Sizzla before he started squeeking and swearing. There’s a few under-appreciated gems (Sporto Kantes, Revolvo and Fletch I’m looking at you), a little Studio One for the heart and soul and even one of my favouritest Unitone HiFi cuts that we ever made. Hope you enjoy it and don’t be afraid to hail up or share a comment, it really does make it all worthwhile and is much appreciaterated.
Title shout out to Mark & Decima, from a Xmas kard , an intensive and possibly unhealthy interest in Belfast slang may be required to work that one out.

Stinkmix 20 – Spikes, Quiffs & Rockets by Stinky Jim on Mixcloud


Checked the podcast on my phone and have been so happy to hear all of your selections. Thank you Stinky Jim for bringin it nice with no exception

This is awesome. Jim, I am living in Colorado these days but I pulled out some audio tapes of your old Tranquility Bass show that I recorded off b back in 1994. You got me into ambient way back then, I am currently digitising these tapes so I can listen to them in my car and have a trip down memory lane. I loved that show, I would sit by my tape player and press record when tracks came on that I liked and I always loved your voiceovers. Bure badness, Babylonian style. Pure niceness. Hearing the start of this mix and sound bites from the Apollo launch, that was on one of your shows which was celebrating the 25th anniversary of the moon landing. Here we are now at 50 years of celebrating that! Sheesh. Much love Stinky Jim, just loved TB.

Hey there, sorry for the slow reply. Thanks for your kind words and vibes. The old Tranq Bass tapes have stood the test of time alright I reckon, have been digitising some for Mixcloud Select subscribers to the show and it’s been a blast. If you want a digital copy of this mix for the car let me know and I can send you the file.

Woops! Thanks for the reply Jim, I actually just sent you another message because I hadn’t seen this response from last September. Yes please, if you could please send me a file of this mix (and if you have any other TB tapes that you have uploaded to MixCloud, please let me know!) Love your work always, I was just listening to a TB show from 1994 in the car this morning and loving it.

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